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Color Mode also offers an 8-step LEVEL control varying the effect of the chosen matrix, with 1 being close to the STANDARD matrix and 8 being the full-on Color Mode matrix. Four threaded mounting sockets allow for top-mounted accessories (like an articulated arm for a separate EVF, nudge nudge), and the top accessory shoe can be relocated to the aft end of the handle if so desired. In playback, you get a full complement of touch-sensitive onscreen controls, as well as shooting data. In this example, I had a Nikon prime attached, so there's no aperture, zoom, or focus readout, but if I'd used a compatible Sony lens, those readouts would appear.

Then Art Adams brought over a DSC Labs Xyla-21 chart, which offers 20 stops of dynamic range. Here's a shot of the Xyla shot with the FS700, in Cine Gamma 4; each step on the Xyla is one stop, and I pulled a frame where the brightest step had just fully clipped: NEX-FS700 head-on. I characterized the NEX-FS100 as a short, stubby brick with a Dixie cup glued to one end. The FS700 uses the same brick, but glues it to The SEL18200 zoom lens supplied with the FS700UK package is an 11:1 kit lens designed for Sony's NEX line of compact system still cameras

It's clear from this view how far off to the side the handgrip is; it's pushed out to the right by the need to clear the offset filter wheel housing. Sony NEX-FS700RH - Мнения, Sony Цифрови видеокамери Оферти, Стандартна гаранция-12 месеца. Sony NEX-FS700RH Цифрови видеокамери. Какво е Вашето мнение? 12 400,00 лв “Why not put the FS700 on a full-fat shoulder-mount rig”, you ask? Why not, indeed; the camera is quite suitable for that sort of work. I touch on it briefly in the companion article on third-party accessories for the FS100; the rig makers I discuss therein are actively working on build-up kits for the FS700. The zoom is a directly-coupled mechanical zoom; it's most compact at 18mm, and extends considerably at 200mm, doubling the length of the lens. The camera can use either Memory Stick PRO Duo or SD/SDHC/SDXC media. Class 4 SD cards are required for normal recording, class 10 for S&Q and SSM recording (or PRO-HG Duo Memory Sticks). Alternatively (or in parallel) Sony's HXR-FMU128 Flash Memory Unit can be fitted on the right-hand side of the camcorder, offering up to 11 hours (!) of continuous 24 Mbps recording.

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The camera's single media slot can accommodate either Memory Stick or SDHC media. Video can be recorded in parallel to a card in the card slot and to the Flash Memory Unit, if installed. If one destination fills up, recording continues on the other medium. Relay recording—bouncing between the card slot and the FMU as one or the other fills up— is not supported. There's a big, ribbed metal ring coupling the camera section to the recorder section. It looks like the World's Biggest Focus Gear, but it doesn't turn; it appears to be a heatsink/radiator. At its base, nestled away from fumbling fingers, is a HOLD slide switch. It can be set to lock all the controls, everything other than record start/stop and PHOTO buttons, or everything aside from start/stop, PHOTO, and camera-mode controls. Super Slow Motion grabs video faster than the camera can record it: it captures frames to an onboard memory buffer, then (more slowly) writes the frames to your storage medium. A couple of slides from my Cine Gear Expo presentation tell the story: The Sony NEX-FS700 features a super 35mm CMOS chip, super slow motion capability up to 240 fps at full HD, or 960 at lower resolutions, interchangable E The FS700 also features a highly adaptive modular design, so you can build up the camera for corporates and feature film production, or strip it.. Pressing VISUAL INDEX switches from camera mode to playback mode, displaying a, well, visual index of clip thumbnails. The currently-selected clip's metadata is shown below the thumbnail array. This screen, like all the playback screens, is navigable by touch (yes, it's a touchscreen) as well as with the four-way rocker.

480fps line-skips, reading out only 432 scanlines according to Sony, because the sensor simply can't read out its entire contents at 480fps. The frames are buffered as 1920×432 and then expanded back to 1920×1080 for AVCHD encoding and recording. The smaller size of the buffered frames allows a longer duration to be captured: 10 seconds of real time, playing back over 3 minutes 14 seconds at 24fps. Going into Super Slow Motion, as we've already seem, decreases the image quality slightly, leading to more visible aliasing and moir©. It's detectable but not distracting at 120 and 240fps; tolerable at 480fps; and, well, sub-SD-quality at 960fps, for reasons already discussed. One big deal with the FS700 is that it inherits cine gammas from the XDCAM EX line of equipment. These gammas provide a film-like, S-curved highlight rolloff, instead of a sharp-edged video knee followed by a hard crash into clipping. Not only is brightness more naturally represented by cine gammas, color is too: instead of suffering dramatic hue shifts at the knee and clip points, color smoothly desaturates at high brightness levels.

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B4-NEX Adapter For Canon Fujinon 2/3 Lens to for Sony NEX NEX-VG30 NEX-EA50 FS700 NEX-VG10 NEX-VG20. (Ship from US) NP-F550/570 Digital Camera Battery(2400mAh, 7.2V, Lithium-Ion)-Compatible with Sony NEX FS700, HXR NX5U, HDR FX1, NEX FS100 Best shop to buy Sony NEX-FS700RH NXCAM Camcorder with 4K/2K RAW Recording from this website with most competitive price. NEX-FS700RH: Overview A new multi-purpose camcorder offering exceptional image quality ready to maximize your creative potential as a producer Both HDMI and SDI outputs can be set to output native frame rates, e.g., 1080/24p; progressive segmented field (PsF); or normal interlaced 60i output with pulldown. The camera is supplied with a “viewfinder tube” converting the LCD to an EVF of sorts. It clips onto the LCD with two spring clips, and extends about 7.5″ back, with an adjustable eyepiece lens and a rubber eyecup. The tube provides a big, eye-filling image, large enough to see fine detail but not so large that your eye can't take in the whole scene for composition. It's just slightly smaller than the scene presented by the Panasonic DMC-GH2's EVF (one of the best EVFs available); it's equivalent to the view of a 42″ monitor from 6 feet away.

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  1. Most of the detail adjustments are fairly subtle and unobtrusive. The default levels on the FS700 were entirely pleasing to my eye, even when pixel-peeping; for the most part I left detail on full auto at its default level, and I was never unhappy with the result.
  2. The FS100 uses a single “Super35mm” CMOS sensor with a color filter array; it's 24.2 mm x 14.8 mm overall. It is said to be “4K Ready”, meaning that it has enough photosites for a 4096×2160 native image. A 16×9 “4K HD” or “quad HD” image of 3840×2160 resolution totals 8,294,400 pixels; Sony says the FS700 uses “approximately 8,300,000 pixels” in creating its 16×9 image, which is close enough (the sensor has about 11,600,000 pixels or photosites overall). This high pixel count means that the camera should have more than enough oversampling to render a very crisp, sharp HD image at the limits of what 1920×1080 can show: up to 1080 TVl/ph in both H and V directions.
  3. Super Slo-Mo seems to knock about 20% off the battery life. Even so, with two batteries you can shoot all day.
  4. HDMI, SDI, and component outputs are format-selectable, showing either the native recording format or downconverting it, e.g. from 1080p to 1080i, from 1080 to 720p, or from HD to SD. Downconversion from 16:9 HD to 4:3 SD can be displayed as anamorphic squeezed, letterboxed, or center-cut.
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Just above the cavernous battery well, a 3G HD-SDI output replaces the FS100's mike input 2, behind a flip-out rubber cap on the left. On the right, a flip-up door reveals a full-sized HDMI port. Color rendering combines a new set of matrices with the same sorts of adjustments as on the FS100 and earlier NXCAM and HDV camcorders.


That's the expected price of Sony's rumored NEX-FS700E, which could launch at NAB next month with a June ship date. EOSHD reports that the camera will pipe 4K video to a dedicated external recorder over 3G HD-SDI. It will reportedly use the same NEX E-mount as its predecessor, the FS100, and.. As on the FS100, LCD markers have their own button. Markers include a center cross, a rule-of-thirds grid, and a variety of aspect-ratio (4:3, 13:9, 14:9, 15:9, 1.66:1, 1.85:1, 2.35:1) and safety-area (80%, 90%) settings. Also as on the FS100, turning on markers makes all data displays aside from timecode disappear from the video outputs, if those outputs have data displays enabled—though the markers themselves aren't displayed on the video outputs.

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The 18-200mm kit zoom is about four inches long at 18mm, but it doubles in length as it's zoomed in: if you want to use a matte box, it had better be a clip-on. The filter threads are 67mm, and the front of the lens does not rotate as it's focused. It's very light for an 11:1 zoom: 18.5 ounces (524 g). The FS700's timecode generator has all the usual tricks: rec run, free run, preset, regen, and the ability to put time-of-day in the user bits. There is no genlock input or capability, nor does the FS700 have a built-in GPS for a time reference. Sharpness is quite good throughout the range, though the images overall aren't quite as crisp, contrasty, and “snappy” as the same scenes imaged with higher-end lenses—a comparison possible due to the FS100's E-Mount. A Sony Alpha-mount SAL2470Z 2-70mm f/2.8 Zeiss and a Nikon 17-55mm f/2.8 both gave me crisper renderings of the same scenes, but the former lens lists for $1800 while the latter is a mere snip at $1540 (those lenses are bigger and heavier, too, and their 3:1 zoom ranges don't match the 11:1 of the kit lens; they're not better choices necessarily, just different in their tradeoffs). HDMI 1.4 is used; it supports 1080/60p. The HDMI live signal is 4:2:2 uncompressed at 8 bits. Timecode can be sent out HDMI for offboard recorders. When shooting 24p, 3:2 pulldown markers are embedded in the HDMI signal so that properly-equipped HDMI recorders can extract the original 24p signal from the 60i or 60p feed.

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The stock battery, an NP-F770, is supposed to run the camera about five hours; the larger F970 is rated for 8.5 hours. I used both the F770 and F970s, and the stated numbers appear to be accurate. While the F770 sits well recessed in the battery compartment, the F970 fill it out flush with the back of the camera (images for this article were shot with an F960 battery, the same size as the F970). A focus hook at the “film plane” lets you attach a tape measure when using cine-style lenses. XLR 2 is conveniently placed to connect an on-camera mike, and a top-mounted mode selector lets you toggle the FS700 from motion picture recording to stills-capture mode.

It's worth noting that HDMI and SDI outputs are available simultaneously, something that some far more expensive cameras cannot do.   In addition, the Sony NEX-FS700E features the capability of super slow motion at 10x at Full HD or 40x at lower resolutions, making it ideal for pop promos, commercials, documentaries, and sports. The E-mount interchangeable lens system helps this Full HD camcorder to virtually accept all SLR and DSLR.. Audio can be captured as Dolby Digital compressed, or as linear PCM (LPCM) uncompressed. Both channels are sampled at 48Khz with 16 bits of resolution. The grip's EXPANDED FOCUS button came in handy while shooting; it was easy to trigger—and, thankfully, it works even while recording. Expanded focus can be set for 4x, 8x, or both magnifications in sequence, and the expanded area can be moved around on the screen in case your subject isn't dead-center. The zoom rocker is completely ignored by the camera.

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On the left, again, we see the card slot door; on the right another door hides RCAs for composite video and stereo audio output, as well as a Sony-proprietary D-shell jack for an analog component video cable, included, which terminates in three RCA plugs. The SEL18200 zoom lens supplied with the FS700UK package is an 11:1 kit lens designed for Sony's NEX line of compact system still cameras. It has 67mm filter threads and a “petal” style lens hood. The lens body is finished in bright, polished aluminum, with black rubber zoom and focus rings. (There's an all-black version of the 18-200mm that's supposed to be shipping Real Soon Now; I don't know if that black version of the lens will be offered in an FS700 kit or not.) In this video, Frank Tybush, Tonal Vision's Creative Director, gives an overview of shooting video with Sony's new NEX-FS700 camera. Slow motion features.. Oh, yeah: the image is taken from an 8-bit AVCHD clip, recorded internally. No fancy-schmancy 10- or 12-bit extended-range external recorders or nothin', just plain old 8-bit, highly-compressed AVCHD.

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  1. 25 140.39 TL'den. Sony NEX FS700 Özellikleri, Teknik Detayları. Temel bilgiler. Marka. Sony. Teknik özellikler. Özellikler. Dahili Bellek. Ekran. Görüntü Çözünürlüğü. Standart HD, 4K Ultra HD. 4K'ya hazır (4K ready) ve Super 35mm sensörlü Sony NEX-FS700EK kamera. Sony'nin kullanıcılarına 2012..
  2. The FS700 offers six pages of status display using the STATUS CHECK button, and the same style of menus as on the FS100 (see the FS100 review for samples of comparable displays—though the FS700 does not have the GPS that the FS100 does).
  3. The handgrip is orientable at any angle, but it's stuck so far off to the side that holding the camera level with anything but the lightest of lenses is problematic. Still, it's usable for short periods in this configuration.
  4. At the very bottom there's a push-in BATTery RELEASE button, and at the back, there's a flip-open door for the MS/SDHC card slot, with a card-access LED above it. The LED glows red when the card is being written to or read from: a stoplight letting you know when it's not safe to pop the card out.
  5. Knee affects highlights above a certain point. The camera selects the knee point and slope in AUTO mode, though you can set the MAX POINT of the knee from 90% to 100% and set the sensitivity to one of three levels. In MANUAL, you choose the knee point from 75-105% in 5% increments, and the slope from +5 to -5: essentially anywhere from an expansion of the tonal scale for dramatically-blown highlights, to completely flat at the knee point.
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  7. Sony NEX-FS700R E-Mount Overview. 1Description. 2Super 35mm Exmor CMOS Sensor. 3E-Mount Interchangeable Lens System. This makes the NEX-FS700R a high-speed, 4K camera ready for professional shoots such as indie films, commercials, corporate videos, and music videos

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XLR Input 2 sits just inboard of the handgrip mount. The front of the recorder has two pushbuttons, a PHOTO trigger and a START/STOP trigger. They're somewhat hard to locate by touch with the grip removed, and well-nigh impossible to get to with the grip in place—but as they're replicated on the handgrip itself, that's not really an issue. I count 14 stops of dynamic range, with perhaps 11 of them being “paycheck stops”. Crikey! It's clear that the camera's internal demosaicing isn't getting quite as much out of the 4K-ready sensor as theory says it should; it's not bad, but it's not as crisp and detailed as one might hope. In real-world shooting, though, the slight resolution shortfall isn't an issue; FS700 pix look very rich and detailed. As on the FS100, the histogram shows both the superwhite area above 100% (the bit to the far right; it has a darker background, though that isn't visible in this picture) and the current zebra setting (the yellow line). The zebra-level line remains on the histogram whether zebra is being used or not, though it can be turned off in the menus if you find it distracting. There's only one small inconsistency; while the zebra can be set at any 5% interval from 70% to 100%, or for “100%+”, the histogram shows the 100%+ zebra setting in the same place as the 100% zebra, making the line less useful as a current-setting indicator.

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Sony NEX-FS700 User Group. 5.5K likes. Twitter mirrors this content at www.twitter.com/nexfs700. Add your videos at www.vimeo.com/groups/fs700. See more of Sony NEX-FS700 User Group on Facebook The grip screws into a 1/4″ socket surrounded by an Arri-style rosette. The attachment screw uses a dual-winged plastic knob; on my demo camera it had been damaged, and no longer firmly held the attachment screw itself, but the rosette mount was so good at preventing rotation when the knob was even lightly tightened that I was able to quickly and easily adjust the grip and clamp it in place with minimal fuss and bother. NEW GENUINE SONY Microphone holder ASSY MADE BY SONY SUPPLIED MODEL:Microphone holder assy PART NUMBER :X-2342-570-1 For expample picture from model: NEX-FS700 Compatible with..

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  1. The NEX-FS700 is an NXCAM camcorder with a superior Super35mm CMOS sensor, super slow-motion capability and an interchangeable E-mount lens system, offering unrivalled flexibility and creative expression. The NEX-FS700EK is also supplied with the SEL 18200 (E 18-200mm F3.5-6.3 OSS)..
  2. The Place for Sony FS700 users to Share our FS700 Films. 3G HD-SDI & HDMI Output E-mount interchangeable lenses A mounts with an adapter 35mm sensor 60/50Hz switchable Compatible media includes SD & Memory Stick cards Comes with HXR-FMU128 flash memory unit 50p and 60p, 60i..
  3. All my comments about the viewfinder tube in the FS100 review apply to the FS700's viewfinder tube: it's handy in bright sunlight, but it's long and heavy, stressing the LCD's mount. It puts the eyepiece well aft of the camera, so that it moves around a lot during panning and tilting. It also prevents use of the touchscreen.

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The bulk of the right side is occupied by a pop-out blank. Flip its release lever forwards and pop the blank out, and you can pop in the same HXR-FMU128 memory unit used on the HXR-NX5 and on the FS100. Compared to the FS100, the relocation of XLR 2 to the top right corner of the camera (as seen from above) means that the physical layout of the XLRs more closely matches the arrangement of the channel control on the top panel; the left-for-right swap I lamented in the FS100 isn't present on the 700 (on the 100, XLR 2 is where the FS700 has its SDI output; the XLR inputs are reversed compared to the control payout on the top panel!). Finden Sie Top-Angebote für Sony NEX-FS700E Camcorder bei eBay. Kostenlose Lieferung für viele Artikel! Sony. Herstellernummer. NEX-FS700E. Modell [Interesting, isn't it? In ye olden days, a zebra would have been all we'd need for exposure. In this soft, decadent modern era, we have histograms as well… and we miss them when they aren't available!] NEX-FS700EK. 4K-ready Super 35mm Exmor CMOS sensor NXCAM camcorder with 11x Zoom E-Mount lens. Preliminary Information. The NEX-FS700EK is also supplied with the SEL 18200 (E 18-200mm F3.5-6.3 OSS) 11x zoom E-Mount lens, with the Optical SteadyShot™ image sta-bilisation..

The pre-production FS700 I tested for this article (and that Art Adams shot the Betabrand Food Fight with) had a base ISO of 640, 1/3 stop faster, and a 30dB gain sensitivity of ISO 20,000. I observe that the Canon C300's sensitivity range is also ISO 640 – ISO 20,000. I'm not saying that the FS700's analog gains got tweaked a third of a stop just to be competitive, but I do find the tweak to be interesting, grin. In my testing with a Panasonic BT-LH1700W monitor and a Zacuto Z-finder EVF, all three output modes worked when in normal recording modes, but when shooting Super Slow Motion, output had to be set to 60i with pulldown for an image to be displayed. The preliminary ops manual says that 720p, 480p, and 576p outputs aren't supported in Super Slo-Mo, but says nothing about 1080p or 1080PsF not working; I don't know if this absence of signal was a limitation of my pre-production prototype test camera alone or if it carries across into the production models. Even so, the grip is too far rearward and too far off to the side for really stable work. Moving the handgrip forward, down, and inward allows the back end of the camera to rest on your shoulder, with the right hand on the grip lifting and supporting the camera, and the left hand free to focus and zoom the lens. Overall, I'd rate recording quality on the FS700 (as on other current-model camcorders recording 24 Mbps AVCHD) as being perfectly fine for WYSIWYG imaging: it looks clean during normal playback, with scarcely any visible compression artifacts. Minor post-processing, such as gentle white-balance corrections or subtle tonal-scale adjustments, is usually possible without revealing the limitations of the format.

The recorded clips inherit the camera's current timebase. If you had the camera set for 1080/24p, a 240fps clip will play back at 24fps, ten times slower than real time. If instead you had the camera configured for 1080/60p recording, a 240fps clip will play out at 60p, a four times slowdown instead. Image quality is very good, bar the occasional false-color and edging artifacts on edges of overexposed highlights. These are reduced compared to the FS100's imaging quirks, but they're still noticeable on occasion. One could argue that the Canon C300 or RED Scarlet offer better-looking images (I'll discuss those arguments in a later article), but those cameras cost twice as much. PMW-F3? It has S-Log and 10-bit 4:4:4 capability, but cine gammas give much of the quality of S-Log without requiring viewing LUTs, and actually exploiting the F3's 10 bits and/or 4:4:4 requires a pricey external recorder on top of the $14,000 (street) price of the camera itself. FS100? It's still a fine camera for $5000, but the FS700's cine gammas make it a much better image maker, and the addition of NDs, SDI, and Super Slo-Mo tip the balance in favor of the FS700.


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There are a couple of exposure “gotcha”s with SSM recording: the histogram isn't available while in SSM mode, and the shutter speeds come from the 30fps / 60fps list, not the 24fps list: 1/125, 1/250, 1/500, etc. instead of 1/120, 1/144, 1/192, 1/200, 1/288, 1/400, etc. Because of this, if you're shooting with a 24fps timebase, you can't look at the histogram in normal mode and then transfer that exposure info into SSM: none of your shutter speeds match. Fortunately the zebra still works in SSM; use the histogram as needed in normal mode, see where the zebras fall, switch to SSM, and then dial in the same amount of zebra to get the same exposure. Anleitungen und Benutzerhandbücher für Sony NEX-FS700E. Wir haben 1 Sony NEX-FS700E Anleitungen zum kostenlosen PDF-Download zur Verfügung: Bedienungsanleitung I characterized the NEX-FS100 as “a short, stubby brick with a Dixie cup glued to one end”. The FS700 uses the same brick, but glues it to a comparatively massive, cylindrical camera section instead: With all data displays enabled, you can see battery charge in percent; record status and destination (here, it's the SD card; it could also be the flash memory unit); timecode or user bits; zoom setting (with an E-mount lens, that is), time remaining on the current medium at the current borate; recording format; zebra setting; whether or not peaking is engaged; histogram (with a yellow line at the current peaking setting); steadyshot setting (when using a compatible optical-steady-shot lens); audio settings and levels (showing manual control of both channels); manual focusing indicator; picture profile setting; f/stop (with compatible lens), ISO or gain setting (user-selectable); shutter speed or angle; white-balance setting. Hot Rod Cameras sent along a Tuner-S kit (PL mount adapter and baseplate), which I used for my studio slo-mo tests (“Fire & Ice”), and Shooting Machine lent me the Stub Clamp I used for attach the handgrip to the 15mm rods. All these accessories have been or will be returned to their makers.

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The lens release is on the lower left edge of the lens mount. There's a red tally LED at the upper right corner of the recorder section. A Super35mm sensor; 1080p resolution (if slightly soft); variable frame rates from 1fps to 960fps; adaptability to almost any lens available; stunning low-light performance; solid-state recording on affordable media (and up to 11 hours with the HXR-FMU128); runs half a day on the stock battery; cine gammas: there's a lot to recommend this camera. On the flip side, there are awkward aspects to the unusual design, some limitations in image processing and shutter speeds, telltale artifacts of an imperfectly-interpreted color filter array sensor, and the need for a third-party EVF. The only other notable delay is that incurred while shooting Super Slo-Mo: after recording a buffered clip to memory, there's a wait of a couple of seconds between the time the “recording” indicators vanish and the screen goes live again. When Art Adams and I were on location with director Ian McCamey for the Betabrand spot, Ian would often call for action as soon as the “recording” status disappeared, and Art had to restrain him until the camera started showing a live picture. RAW Viewer is a viewer application that can handle Sony RAW/X-OCN files recorded by VENICE/F65/F55/F5/NEX-FS700 with SR-R4/AXS-R5/R7. Users can check and playback the files, control images and generate several video formats

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The camera records HD as AVCHD, a long-GOP, 8-bit, 4:2:0 format with a variety of bit rates. The settings are labeled FX, FH, HQ, and LP, which run from 24 Mbps (max; average is 21 Mbps) down to 5 Mbps average. All record excellent-looking still-lifes, but when the camera or the scene moves, the lower the bitrate, the faster the image turns into blocky mush. With FX looking about as good as XDCAM EX HQ while consuming only 24 Mbps, there's rarely a need to select a lower-quality bitrate unless storage space is highly constrained. The camera has plenty of mounting points on its baseplate (and, unlike some of the sockets on the FS100, all of them are deep enough to accommodate almost any common tripod or baseplate screw). In 30p, 60p, and 60i recording, the speeds are 4, 8, 15, 30, 60, 90, 100, 125, 180, 250, 350, 500, 725, 1000, 1500, 2000, 3000, 4000, 6000, and 10000. Disclosure: Sony shipped me a pre-production NEX-FS700UK for review at their own expense, following their earlier shipment of a prototype NEX-FS700. The camera was returned to Sony just prior to Cine Gear Expo. In 24p, the FS700 allows shutter speeds of 3, 6, 12, 24, 40, 48, 50, 60, 96, 100, 120, 144, 192, 200, 288, 400, 576, 1200, 2400, 4800, and 10000 (where the shutter speed is the reciprocal of the number shown, e.g. “60” means 1/60 second).

The camera stores image tweaks in six customizable Picture Profiles. Along with Gammas and Color Modes, Picture Profiles allow a number of additional adjustments as well. Generally speaking, they cluster into tweaks that affect tonal scale rendering, color rendering, and image enhancement. Even so, if and when the 4K compressed raw output becomes available, it'll be interesting to see what additional quality can be wrung out of this sensor. The other gammas may lose as much as one stop of total range (oh, the horror of having a mere 13 stops!), and the contrastier ones may “only” have about 9 paycheck stops; overall, this camera does a great job of capturing as much of the tonal scale as possible and making it available through the cine gammas' S-curved compression or the video gammas' knee functions. Art has a full writeup on the FS700's dynamic range. If anything, cine gammas look better on the FS700 than they do on the higher-end XDCAM EX camcorders like the PMW-EX1, EX3, and F3. The S-curving sets in at a slightly higher level, so the desaturation of bright skintones is delayed. Skintones also seem to hold hue more accurately in the highlights, without that slight veering towards yellow that can sometimes occur on PMW-series cameras.

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Three standard and four cine Gamma curves control tonal rendering. STANDARD and ITU709 are both traditional “video” gammas. STILL replicates the tonal response of Sony Alpha still cameras; it's a snappy, high-contrast look with smoothly rolled-off highlights. The four cine gammas vary the contest balance between shadows and highlights, and all have a smooth, S-curved highlight response: You'll note that the mike holder appears to be sagging a bit. It's unsightly, but not problematic; the mike holder (as we'll see) can rotate a bit in its shoe mount, and the lateral arm can sag slightly as it's carried in a rubber shock-absorbing sleeve.

The FS700's claim to fame, at launch, was its high frame rate capability. Concentrating too much on that feature, though, distracts from the other nice things about the camera. As such, the Sony NEX-FS700 is Gear We Like, and a very worthwhile example for any manufacturer interested in.. sony nex-fs700e. sözün özü sony, dlsr ile uğraşmayın buyrun size uygun fiyata profesyonel kamera demiş. red scarlet ve canon c300 rakibi gibi gözüksede bu 2 kamera fs700 ün rakibi olamayacak kadar hem pahalı hem yetersiz kameralar. herkes canon'un nab 2012 de duyuracağı 4k dslr ini bekliyor lakin.. 50p, 50i, and 25p allow speeds of 3, 6, 12, 25, 50, 60, 100, 120, 150, 215, 300, 425, 600, 1000, 1250, 1750, 2500, 3500, 6000, and 10000.

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  1. In 2011, Sony released the NEX-FS100 as its first small-bodied, large-sensor video camera for the professional market. This year Sony is upping the ante even more with the NEX-FS700, featuring an improved 4K-ready sensor, super slow-motion, and several design improvements from last year's..
  2. Sony NEX-FS700 Service Manual. Interchangeable lens digital hd video camera recorder. NEX-FS700K/FS700CK/FS700EK/FS700JK/FS700RH/FS700UK are commodity that packed the Interchangeable Lens Digital HD Video Camera
  3. View here the free Sony NEX-FS700E manual. Have you read the manual but does it answer your question? Then ask your question on this page to other Sony NEX-FS700E owners
  4. Take the FS700 to a Whole New Level. Overview. The Odyssey integrates with the Sony FS7 and FS700 cameras more than any other monitor/recorder, greatly expanding their abilities. Utilizing the Odyssey RAW Bundle, the Odyssey7Q/7Q+ can record 4K60p RAW and 2K240p RAW
  5. [Art Adams defines the terms paycheck stops and gravy stops. Paycheck stops are those you have to capture, “otherwise your paycheck stops”. Any stops beyond those are gravy stops.]
  6. EXPANDED FOCUS magnifies the LCD image 4 times or 8 times, and the magnified view can be moved around the image using the four-way rocker. Expanded focus can be used while recording. There's also digital peaking available, in white, red, or yellow (but not green or blue), with three levels of edge sensitivity. Peaking and expanded focus can be used together. It's fast and easy to set or check focus using these aids; the high magnification that expanded focus allows on the FS700 is of great benefit given the sensitivity of large-sensor cameras to focus errors.
  7. The FS700 is said to include 3 internal ND filters yet retains the NEX E-mount. Looks like they found some space for those missing FS100 NDs after I can't help feeling that the FS700 will be a massive success and a real motivation for Canon to become more gutsy. Sony are the ones showing the spirit..

facebook pinterest The FS100’s new sibling adds Super Slo-Mo, Cine Gammas, NDs, and a new sensor. Handheld, the camera is less tractable, at least without accessorization. You can certainly use it like an old box Brownie, or a medium-format still camera, wrapping your hands around the blocky body and peering down into its LCD, but that's not a very common operating method. The camera cries out for a separate EVF mounted off the forward left side; I added a Zacuto Z-finder EVF on an articulated arm and found the package much more handholdable right off the bat. NEX-FS700K to kamkorder NXCAM z wysokiej klasy przetwornikiem CMOS Super 35 mm, trybem spowolnienia ruchu oraz systemem wymiennych obiektywów z mocowaniem typu E. Wyróżnia go niezrównana elastyczność i możliwości ekspresji twórczej. Model NEX-FS700K jest wyposażony w.. Yes, quality degrades at higher speeds; look at the res charts and video clips in the above-mentioned Cine Gear Expo press. 480fps is acceptable for subjects without too much fine vertical detail; the low-res, color-speckled 960fps is really a “special effect” mode—but if you need the speed, it's there.

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Sony NEX-FS700E - Specificatio

The NEX-FS700 (US$8000; $8600 with 18-200mm zoom lens) is an E-mount Large-Single-Sensor camcorder with the back end, user interface, and lens mount of the NEX-FS100, but with an entirely new camera section sandwiched between 'em. The FS700 still takes E-Mount lenses (and other lenses via adapters) and still records AVCHD clips to SDHC cards, Memory Sticks, and an optional 11-hour Flash Memory Unit, but those clips now come from a camera with ND filters, slow-motion options to 960fps, and up to 14 stops of dynamic range with highlight-friendly cine gamma rendering. The tube has a flip-up hinge allowing it to be opened, so that the LCD can be viewed from a distance without removing the tube. The chunk of the tube attached to the LCD acts as a hood, shielding the LCD from incident light; while the LCD itself is daylight viewable (and one of the best and brightest I've used in full sunlight), using the tube as a hood is helpful when shooting outdoors. The basic FS700U package is lensless; you use whatever E-mount lens you want; use a Sony LA-EA2 adapter for Sony's A-mount lenses; or use any of a variety of third-party adapters for Nikon, Canon, PL-mount, or other lenses. With an 18mm flange depth, E-mount cameras offer plenty of flexibility in mounting almost any interchangeable lens available, through appropriate adapters. 700 грн. Одеса, Малиновський Сьогодні 01:18. Видеокамера SONY DCR-TRV 140E. Видеокамера Sony NEX-VG10E. Донецьк, Кіровський Вчора 22:55. Видеокамера Canon LEGRIA FS200 But I found that my wits weren't about me whenever this message appeared; my reaction was to panic utterly: where's my bloody picture gone??? Now, I've calmly driven a car at highway speeds when the windshield was suddenly covered by a sheet of foamcore blown off the truck in front of me; landed a small plane when the runway ahead vanished in a burst of rain just at the roundout and flare; flown the pattern and landed smoothly when a crankshaft seal failed just after takeoff and coated the plane's windscreen with oil. Loss of forward visibility doesn't normally bother me much, apparently, which makes my panic at this scary-looking error all the more interesting. In those other situations, of course, there was merely a sudden and unexpected life-safety issue; here, I could no longer see what I was shooting! It completely freaked me out, all out of proportion to the seriousness of the problem.

On the recorder section there are two rows of three assignable buttons, labeled 1-6 in bright white. Default functions are shown in darker gray, and the defaults are mostly sensible, so you may not need to change them except in unusual conditions. The one probable exception is FACE DETECTION, an auto-face-finding focus mode only usable with E-mount (and possibly some Alpha-mount) lenses; if you're not using a compatible lens, changing #3 to something more useful is easily done (I picked EXPANDED FOCUS for my tests, and was well pleased). The FS700 is quite similar to the FS100 in this regard, with a clean and naturalistic image… as long as you don't overexpose. Sharp transitions between normal exposure and overexposure—edges of blown-out windows, sharply-defined specular highlights, and the like—show jagged, oversharpened edges and spurious chroma artifacts. I'm guessing that when a cluster of photosites is sampled and processed to generate an image pixel, having some but not all of the photosites in the cluster driven to their clipping values may be fooling the color-reconstruction algorithm used, just as channel-specific clipping in the highlights (on any camera) can cause a hue shift in the affected area. Pro Rentals NEX-FS700UK Super 35mm NXCAM R304452 includes FS-700 camcorder, SEL18-200mm f/3.5-6.3 OSS Zoom Lens, 2 batteries and AC power supply HiDef Camcorders Prosumer- Vistek - Rental Item Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton, Ottawa, Missisauga Canada

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  1. The FS700 comes a battery charger and a separate AC adapter that plugs into the camera on the lower right side, so you can run off AC while charging the battery. The AC adapter's camera-side cable is long enough to let the adapter lie flat on the ground while the camera is mounted at eye level on a tripod.
  2. The Sony NXCAM NEX-FS700RH is an update to Sony's NEX-FS700U that enables 4K/2K 12-bit RAW output and S-Log2 recording capabilities. It retains all the features of the NEX-FS700U, including the native 4K sensor, Super Slow Motion recording, built-in ND filters, and CineGamma..
  3. Sony claims that a future firmware upgrade may allow the output of “compressed 4K raw” on the 3G SDI port, recording to an as-yet-unannounced Sony recorder. As the sensor is said to be “4K Ready” (see next page), this is not beyond the realm of possibility—but delivery dates, prices, and limitations haven't been discussed.
  4. By default the camera uses START TRIGGERing; press the START/STOP button to start buffering slo-mo frames.
F-Stop Academy: 4K recording for Sony NEX-FS700 (two

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  1. ute 19 seconds. If you filled the buffer at 960fps, even recording it at 60p takes five
  2. eBay Kleinanzeigen: Sony Nex Fs, Kleinanzeigen - Jetzt finden oder inserieren! eBay Kleinanzeigen - Kostenlos. Handgriff für die SONY NEX-FS700 geht auch bei anderen Sony muss leider sein: Privatverkauf!..
  3. The camera's single display is a 3.5″ (8.8cm) LCD, mounted atop the camera on a tilt-and-swivel pivot. The LCD can be spun completely around to face forwards; spun 90 degrees in the other direction to face the right side of the camera; flipped up 150 degrees for low-angle viewing, or spun around and folded flat for looking straight down at, like the groundglass on a Hasselblad. It can also be folded flat, face-down, for protection during transportation.
  4. g from +12dB to -18dB (actual levels of -60dBu to -30 dBu, with a default of -48dBu) in 6dB steps; linked or separate AGC; separate per-channel wind filters.

Brand. Sony. Device. Digital Camera. File Function. ‍‍ Viltrox EF-NEX IV is designed for Canon EF Lenes to be used on Sony E mount series mirrorless cameras. It is compatible with Sony A7 series full frame cameras, featuring funtions of Auto focus(PDAF Sony NEX-5C/C3/5N/F3/5R/6/7K/FS700VG20/VG900/A7 series. Compatible lens

No material connection exists between me and Sony or any of the accessory vendors mentioned in the article. No one has offered any payments, freebies, or other blandishments in return for a mention or a favorable review. Beyond the simple fact that it uses a Super35mm-sized-sensor, the camera has many desirable features, such as six picture profiles, 1080/60p capability, S&Q motion (undercrank and overcrank, all the way to 60fps at full resolution), SSM (slo-mo to 240fps at full res and 480 and 960fps at reduced quality), 14 freakin' stops of dynamic range, gorgeous colorimetry and film-like cine gammas, and high-ISO performance all the way to ISO 20,000.

You can also configure the camera for END TRIGGERing: the camera constantly buffers frames, overwriting the buffer as needed. When you see the action you like, press START/STOP to record the current contents of the buffer; this is a great was to grab hard-to-predict events (as long as you don't wait too long after the event happens!). If the buffer size and resulting clip length is too much for your needs, there's also END TRIGGER HALF mode, which simply records the most recent half-buffer's-worth of footage. Black Gamma lets you tweak shadow rendering, almost like the inverse of a knee. Three ranges (LOW / MIDDLE / HIGH let you set the “inverse knee point” from around 20% to 50%, while an adjustment range of -7 to +7 lets you compress (-) or expand (+) the tonal scale below that point. The FS700 also offers a 28 Mbps (max data rate) format, called “PS”. It is only used when shooting 1080/60p. Looking at still frames, I found the resulting image quality to be roughly on a par with 1080/24p shot in “FH” mode (17 Mbps); in my spasmodic shakycam tests I was able to generate more visible long-GOP compression artifacts in PS mode than in FX. However, bear in mind that 1080/60p has rather a lot more frames per second than 1080/24p, so that any error is onscreen only 40% as long in PS as in FX. It all evens out: while single-framing shows more visible artifacts in PS than in FX, in normal 1x playback, PS-mode 1080/60p spasmodic shakycam looked just as good as FX-mode 1080/24p spasmodic shakycam… only a lot smoother due to the higher frame rate.

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Additionally, I purchased an “EzFoto Rail System Follow focus FF + 15mm Rod Rig Base Plate with Quick Release plate” for $300 from Amazon, and a refurbished Zacuto Z-Finder EVF Snap and accessories directly from Zacuto for $574.34, along with a couple of articulating arms from Amazon and FilmTools; all these bits 'n' pieces helped me evaluate the FS700 more fully and equip it for real-world shooting. This money was spent out of pocket and the full price was paid for all items. Sony has announced the NEX_FS700 pro-grade 4k-capable E-mount camcorder. The camera will initially offer 1080p video, switchable between 50Hz and 60Hz frame rates (including 60p, 50p, 60i and 24p). A later upgrade will enable 4k capture and Raw output from its built-in 3G-SDI connector The lens is an adequate if not stellar performer. At 18mm, there's noticeable barrel distortion; it straightens out by around 30mm, with slight pincushioning appearing by 50mm and persisting out past 100mm, straightening out again at 200mm. At 200mm there's maybe a pixel of green/magenta lateral chromatic aberration. Zoom out to 100mm or wider and it's pretty much gone.

The right side has another carrying-strap lug, and a cable clip for wrangling the cables from the included microphone and the removable handgrip. XLR input 1 has its own rubber cover, as does the USB port below it. The rotating handgrip attaches up front on an Arri-style rosette. At the bottom rear there's a DC power port behind another flip-open rubber cover. [Yes, the default buttons for ZEBRA and PEAKING are swapped compared to their placement on the FS100. The rationale behind the swap is a mystery. Shooters with both cameras can, of course, reprogram one camera to match the other, but relabeling the buttons with scraps of sticky tape is an inelegant solution to an inconsistency that shouldn't exist in the first place.]

The focus control is a free-spinning servo ring, with rate-sensitive gain: turn it slowly and it'll take at least 180 degrees of travel to focus from 0.3m to infinity. Turn it quickly, and that same focal range is traversed in 90 degrees or less. The focus ring turns in the right direction, the same as cine and video lenses. The ring is entirely inoperative in autofocus mode; there's no ability to just grab it and reset focus as many fixed-lens camcorders allow. Sony NEX-FS700E

1. NEX-FS700Full-HD Super Slow Motion NXCAM CamcorderNew Exmor™ Super35 CMOS Sensor Expands Sony's NXCAMLine-up to Create a Beautiful Super Slow Motion World !Sony is pushing the creative boundaries once more with the new NEX-FS700 Full-HD Super Slow MotionNXCAM.. Overall, it's a very nice kit-lens superzoom for a still camera, though it shows its limitations for motion work. Even so, you shouldn't dismiss it out of hand: it's inexpensive, lightweight, and covers a substantial zoom range. It performs quite well as a versatile, variable prime, especially in circumstances where extreme wide-aperture depth of field isn't required: wide shots, landscapes, tight telephoto work, and the like.

It has a LOCK switch to keep it at 18mm; superzooms of this sort, carried lens-down on still cameras, have a tendency to self-extend. The zoom turns in the “wrong” direction, like the zoom on a Nikon lens; it's the reverse of the normal direction for cine and video lenses. It has a short throw of about 90 degrees, and focal lengths are marked on the barrel in white. The LCD resolves about 400 TVl/ph horizontally, maybe 500 lines vertically (put another way, details on a resolution chart can be seen to those limits, inclusive of aliasing). It is bright, contrasty, and perfectly usable outdoors, even in direct sunlight. Normally, the false-color artifacts are about two pixels wide or high (the minimum size visible using 4:2:0 recording), and fairly unnoticeable unless you're actively looking for them. For the most part this seems to be an issue on vertical or nearly-vertical edges; horizontal edges don't appear to cause the same degree of artifacting. Sony NEX Speed Booster® Adapters are NOT fully compatible with full-frame Sony A7 or A9 series. When Speed Booster® is used with Sony A7 or A9 series, the camera is required to be used in APS-C Size Capture mode

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SONY NEX-FS700E is a superior Super35mm CMOS sensor, 3G-SDI interface and an enhanced exterior design, 11.6MP Total Pixels, 3.5inch LCD Monitor. Good day...SONY NEX-FS700E my company is looking for a very good camera. But my question po, is where can I find some features for.. On a tripod, the FS700 is perfectly at home. Its large, flat base and multiple tripod sockets allow a firm, stable mount. The LCD monitor can be swiveled to either side, spun completely around, and/or folded flat, allowing very flexible operation; the viewfinder tube can be useful in bright light to eliminate glare. The two new NEX-FS700R and NEX-FS700RH camcorders will replace the current NEX-FS700 4K video camera. According to Sony, there are only two changes has been made to the new camcorders. The first allows users to record 4K and 2K RAW videos on external recorders The FS700 offers the choice of Dolby Digital (AC-3) compressed recording, or LPCM uncompressed. Both are sampled at 16 bits, 48 kHz. Both sound clean and natural, though Linear PCM may be a bit more “open” and “spacious”.

You can always press the CANCEL button onscreen (or the EXEC button on the top panel) to abort the recording early. The clip recorded up to that point will be preserved, and any remaining data in the buffer will be discarded. Последние твиты от NEX-FS700 User Group (@nexfs700). User Group for Sony NEX-FS700 Super35mm camcorder Capture striking 4K HDR images with the FDR-AX700 Handycam from Sony. Its Fast Hybrid AF system is perfect for capturing fantastic shots of fleeting action. Designed for professional performance and ease of use, the FDR-AX700 captures every subject with the realism of 4K HDR (HLG) video, thanks.. The NEX-FS700 is a 4K-ready NXCAM camcorder with a superior Super35mm CMOS sensor, super slow-motion capability and an Additional A-mount lenses available The Sony LA-EA2 A-mount lens adaptor allows you to use the wide range of high quality alpha lenses and take advantage of the auto..

Along the left side are the usual audio controls: LINE/MIC/+48v selectors for both XLRs; input-to-channel routing switches, AUTO/MANual gain switches, and rotary controls for audio level. Sony NEX-FS700RH spada u klasu NXCAM kamera i karakteriše je moćni Exmor Super35 CMOS senzor, visoko razvijena mogućnost snimanja u slow motion-u, E-mount sistem koji omogućava menjanje objektiva, što joj sve donosi neprevaziđenu fleksibilnost i korisniku pruža velike mogućnosti.. There are, for obvious reasons, no focal-distance markings on the lens itself, but there is a distance readout on the LCD when the lens is being manually focused, though only within three seconds of actual focusing activity. The readout is in tenths of meters out to 10m, then in whole meters. Sony NEX-FS700. This device is in our compatibility list because it has a clean output i.e. no menu information on the sensor output. By understanding what your device can output in the terms of resolution, frame rate and connectivity you'll be in a better position to understand the best Atomos..

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