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Cards Against Humanity ships with Blackbox, so we can send games all over. I live in the US but I want to buy the Australian version of your game. We can't guarantee we'll be able to stock your store, but if you'd like to get more information, send an email to Wholesale@CardsAgainstHumanity.com Cards Against Humanity is a party game in which players complete fill-in-the-blank statements using words or phrases typically deemed as offensive, risqué or politically incorrect printed on playing cards First I have the core game, with what I believe is the first expansion included. These were made from text files found on the Cards Against Humanity website. Following that is the second expansion (both black and white cards) with a few blanks for formatting purposes. Next is the third expansion as two files including an inverted color black cards file. After that is a copy of the cards given away at PAX East 2013, and PAX Prime 2013 (marked with the PAX logo), the Holiday pack (marked with a tree), and the Canadian expansion (marked with a maple leaf).

When it predicts the next word, it actually predicts a whole bunch of words that seem like they could be next and randomly selects one of them. Technically, it assigns a probability distribution across all possible words and then uses that distribution to select the next word.Cards Against Humanity has its own way to play online, of sorts, but it's not exactly a social experience. 

/ Cards Against Humanity. Exploding Kittens. Gloom Card Game. Cards Against Humanity 2.0 (International... 68.00 лв. Спестявате 10% cards against humanity. şükela: tümü | bugün. apples to apples oyunun biraz sapıkça versiyonu. aile ortamında değil de arkadaş ortamında oynanması önerilir. oyunu satın alamasanız bile sitelerinden pdf indirip bastırabilirsiniz, böyle de cömertler

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  1. John Barrowman Cards Against Humanity Clusterfuck Cards Of Humanity Cards Against Humanity Printable Nerd Love Geek Out Staying Alive Funny Cards Letters
  2. Want other Cards Against Humanity Stuff? Of course you do! Don't worry, we'll keep your Hillary Pack and Trump Pack in the cart. What is this? It's democracy, baby! Make your voice heard with Cards Against Humanity as we offer two new expansion packs about Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump
  3. Contribute to IMDb. Add a bio, trivia, and more. Update information for Cards Against Humanity ». How much of Cards Against Humanity's work have you seen
  4. Ben is proud to announce that one of his favorite rejects will be included, a black question card: You can't wait forever. It's time to talk to your doctor The package it comes in is just a black plastic pouch that says Cards Against Humanity Reject Pack on it with their email address on the back, pretty..
  5. 35 Nerdy Cards Against Humanity Cards To Add To Your Deck. Find this Pin and more on Cards Against Humanity by margiternstsen3. Print out the Doctor Who version of Cards Against Humanity right now
  6. g conference/festival where games like Cards Against Humanity present their newest work

Cards Against Humanity is distributed under a license. Cards Against Humanity, LLC does not endorse me, this website, or any of the files here in any way. I did not create the game, nor am I attempting to make any money by selling it. I have provided these documents free of charge for.. Cards Against Humanity is a free party game which is as despicable and awkward as its players. mail@cardsagainsthumanity.comPhone Number

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Cards Against Humanity társasjáték Green expansion kiegészítő, angol nyelvű. (Vagy szupi ponttal. Döntsd el te, melyik hangzik jobban.) A Cards Against Humanity társasjáték angol nyelvű verziójával nemcsak remekül szórakozhattok barátaiddal, de a nyelvtudásotokat is fejleszthetitek Cards against Humanity is an adult game that is offend played by underage kids who had lots of drinks that night. This game is mostly played at parties and after playing this, you will never want to play truth or dare again. The game is very simple, it's an adult version of apples to apples.. Check out our cards against humanity selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our party games shops Cards Against Humanity is hiring new writers and folks.. I've waited my entire life for this. i found out that Black Friday 2013, Cards Against Humanity had an Anti-Sale with increased prices, and still had a sales spike and maintained its best-selling status on Amazon. (x)

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If you're playing on a smartphone, maybe a tablet with a bigger screen will be useful? Check out our list of the best tablets, as well as the best iPads and best Android tablets. Care2 Stands Against: bigots, bullies, science deniers, misogynists, gun lobbyists, xenophobes, the willfully ignorant, animal abusers, frackers, and other mean people. If you find yourself aligning with any of those folks, you can move along, nothing to see here Cards Against Humanity is kind of an awesome game. These four sets of Boondock inspired CAH white cards may help ease your withdrawal. If you like these Unofficial Cards Against Humanity sets please share Cards Against Humanity fans no longer have to lug around a deck to play their favorite crass and quirky card game. You can now play it on a smartphone, tablet or computer web browser for free. Thanks to a website called CardsAgainstOriginality.com, a version of the game is now available on all..

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There are some limitations on the previous entry that this option fixes: namely, you can fit far, far more people in a game, and also you can use any of the numerous expansions should you wish. Cards Against Humanity offers exciting party gameplay that you've never played before. The gameplay is quite simple, and in each round, one player asks a funny question from other players and everyone must answer using their most humorous white cards read more A gameplay feature that's similar to Cards Against Humanity is that you get to anonymously judge your friends, which never fails to send someone The Joking Hazard box includes 250 unique panel cards, which as they mention in the Kickstarter campaign, comes out to 15.4 million possible comic.. It's called Cards Against Originality, and it's a web app that contains all of the original Cards Against Humanity cards — and five expansion Cards Against Originality technically isn't a standalone app, but you can create your own app icon that practically turns it into one by saving the web app to your..

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As we’re generating cards, we want to be able to automatically eliminate as many “bad” ones as possible. We can’t use an algorithm to eliminate unfunny cards (at least, not yet), but there are several other ways we can filter out bad cards. Have you ever played Cards Against Humanity? For the uninitiated, it's self-described as a party game for horrible people. It's as despicable and awkward as you and your friends. In other words, not always family-friendly, unless your family puts the fun in dysfunctional

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  1. Search, discover and share your favorite Cards Against Humanity GIFs. The best GIFs are on GIPHY. cards against humanity 7210 GIFs. Sort: Relevant Newest
  2. Cards Against Humanity is a free party game for horrible people. Unlike other party games you've played before, Cards Against Humanity is as despicable and awkward as you and your friends
  3. What stores sell Cards Against Humanity? These do! It's a tricky game to find but luckily we've done the work for you. Where can I buy Cards Against Humanity? seems like a silly question since it's such a popular game. You would expect such a hugely popular source of party laughs to be available..

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Pretend You're Xyzzy has a chat log so you don't actually need to be on a video call to play, and you can set a password if you don't want certain friends joining. However, the UI doesn't exactly look as pretty as the alternatives on this list. Johnny Perez, director of U.S. Prison Programs for the National Religious Campaign Against Torture, a prisoners advocacy group, said many state prisons have placed inmates who exhibit symptoms of infection into quarantine areas where they are force to remain in their cells up to 23-hours a day to..

Put together by Kevin Bongart so he could play his beloved game with friends during tough times. Not affiliated with the official Cards Against Humanity company, but you should absolutely buy their game because it's a lot more fun in person. Remixed under Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 2.0 license. Check out the source code on GitHub. Cards Against Humanity is meant to be remixed. This is the official ceremonial ending of a good game of Cards Against Humanity, and this card should be reserved for the end. (Note: Haikus don't need to follow the 5-7-5 form Cards Against Humanity is a card game launched with a Kickstarter fundraising campaign—and it's basically a politically incorrect version of Apples to Apples and self-proclaimed party game for horrible people. Read next: See What Happened When Lady Edith Played Cards Against Humanity Play Cards Against Humanity, the party game for horrible people with your friends online in the browser with webcam and microphone support! Start an online Virtual Cardtable to play any cardgame with friends online! Play any cardgame that can be played on a standard deck of cards

While the prior entries on this list are long-standing sites, All Bad Cards was created for all the people looking for online versions of Cards Against Humanity during the coronavirus pandemic. It's great then that everyone's favorite nihilistic game, Cards Against Humanity, can be played online. cards-against-humanity Commands Prefix: c! c!start - Start a game of Cards Against Humanity c!contents <pack> - Show all cards in a certain pac Hi all, I’m Spencer, the “kid” who made this. I’ll do my best to explain, I promise it’s not as intimidating as it looks. If you have any questions after reading this, feel free to ask us on Twitter at @CAH. In order for Cards Against Humanity to truly save America, we realized we would have to tackle the biggest issue in the world: wealth inequality. Here are some crazy facts: Today, eight men own the same amount of wealth as the poorest half of humanity (almost 4 billion people)

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If a computer or smartphone is something you use only begrudgingly, you don't need to play a whole game of Cards Against Humanity on it if you don't want, as you can actually print off the cards from the game's website. Here is a funny example, Here are codes for decks that can be used to add some spice to your game. 5RA7H - 1001 Waluigi White Cards H94KK - WTF GXG7J - Underage is a myth, with 0 black cards and 20 white cards. KPJRX - MLG Illuminati Shrek Questions ETGAX - LMAO BTQBU - This deck is..

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Cards Against Humanity: '90s Nostalgia Pack. Regular game is $25 or free download): Okay, we know we promised you a slew of games better than CAH, but the classic adult card party game has a '90s expansion pack, so this counts. If you're into all things neon and Nickelodeon, you're going to.. Key Product Features Cards Against Humanity. Speaks for itself Seriously offensive content within - you have been warned! Everyone and their significant other knows what Cards Against Humanity is, or at least you.. Cards against humanity is a game that you might play if you have a group of intoxicated friends together and you somehow managed to end up with nothing better to do. Not for the faint of heart, this game will challenge whatever faith in humanity you had left, but not without providing a laugh first

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  1. We stopped the training once it could “consistently” produce cards matching the grammar and tone of the game. We did this so it didn’t draw too much from already-written cards while still leveraging as much cultural information as possible.
  2. The basics of Cards Against Humanity still apply: Each round the Card Czar flips a black card, and all other players use their white cards to either answer the question or fill-in-the-blank. Once everyone has answered, the Card Czar shuffles the white cards (so that they don't know who put what down)..
  3. Finally, we capitalize the cards and add periods if the model didn’t already do that. No filtering here, we just like things looking pretty.
  4. We'll take you through a few options you've got. So set up your video call, get those friends or family ready, and boot up one of these websites. 
  5. A famous party icebreaker, Cards Against Humanity is an adults-only game for players mature enough to handle the intentionally provocative (but often hilarious) topics and answers. The goal is to pair the answer and question cards in the funniest, most provocative, or cleverest way you can
  6. For Black Friday, Cards Against Humanity's writers are battling an A.I. to see who can write a better pack of cards. We actually took the time to build a real machine-learning algorithm that generates Cards Against Humanity cards. Or more accurately, we hired some kid from the internet to make it
  7. Max Temkin is raising funds for Cards Against Humanity on Kickstarter! Cards Against Humanity is a free party game for horrible people

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  1. Cards Against Humanity - the comedic party game about matching funny, offensive cards to funny, offensive prompts - is now available for free online. One of Cards Against Humanity's original developers, Max Temkin, embraces this unofficial app. I'm glad that our fans have been able to take..
  2. Cards Against Humanity is a party game featuring Mad Libs style cards in which players try to match white answer cards containing a noun or a gerund, with a black question card containing a fill-in-the-blank statement. The game is often compared to the more family-friendly precursor Apples to..
  3. Cards Against Humanity. A Party Game for Horrible People. Confessa, no fundo, no fundo, tu gostas de ser má pessoa. Se concordas (mesmo que não o digas em voz alta) então, este é o jogo para ti! Cards Against Humanity é o jogo em que ganhas pontos por ser politicamente incorrecto..
  4. Cards Against Humanity is made available under a Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 2.0 license. Cards Against Humanity and the CAH logos are trademarks of Cards Against Humanity LLC. PlayingCards.io lets you play any tabletop game, in your browser, multiplayer with your friends, for free
  5. Want to discover art related to cards_against_humanity? Check out inspiring examples of cards_against_humanity artwork on Explore cards_against_humanity. cardsagainsthumanity anime krul_tepes shinoa_hiiragi seraph_of_the_end chess_belle horn_skuld alien anthro

start or join cards against humanity game, or pick a card during a round. cah-stop. . force stop cards against humanity game Cards Against Humanity. Not a game for the squeamish or extremely conservative party group, this currently best-selling game is described by its makers as a game for horrible people. Questions and answers are funny and tremendously inappropriate, perfect party fare for the right group Cards Against Humanity is a popular card game (no points for guessing that) which challenges players to come up with funny answers to a question in order to win rounds. You don't need to be witty, or absurd, in order to win - this is a game where being inappropriate is the way to win. If you're playing.. MC Czar: The person who creates the game stays the Card Czar and hosts every round.

A Cards Against Humanity clone for LAN play. Works on desktop and mobile. Supports custom cards in multiple languages. A little app I made that takes a text file and builds Cards Against Humanity cards from it as individual PNG files on your desktop, ready for printing via a service like Moo.com or.. Cards Against Humanity has a special 14-card pack all about Mass Effect that's now available for $1. I only point this out because the url is totallyfuckablealiens.com. Cards Against Humanity is sold out again. This time, they have a good explanation for how it happened. Designer Max Temkin wrote.. When playing Cards Against Humanity, drink when... You draw a new card that would've been perfect for the previous round. A black card is played that Following. Drinking Game / Cards Against Humanity. Go To No, we don’t respect you. We’ll use our regular playtesting and editorial process to pick the best jokes for each pack.›››››› TL;DR: GPT-2 was already smart enough to make realistic-looking text. We just fed it a bunch of cards until it learned what we wanted from it.

Citizens of Humanity is a Los Angeles-based premium denim label that has captivated the world with a devoted commitment to producing the highest quality denim, without compromise Download: Карты Против Всех (cards against humanity RUS) [Tabletop Simulator]. Size: 8.2KB Views: 7658 Each round, a rotating judge plays a Photo Card - aka the meme - while everyone else plays a Caption Card - aka a description to complete the Then, the judge decides on the pairing, and whoever played the winning Caption Card wins the round. The overall winner at the end of the game is the player who..

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## ## ###### ## ## ## ## ## ## ## ## ## ###### ## ## ## ## ## ## ## ### ###### Choose the $$\ $$\ $$\ $$\ $$\ $$\ $$$$$$\ $$\ $$\ $$ | $$ |$$ | $$ |$$$\ $$$ |$$ __$$\ $$$\ $$ | $$ | $$ |$$ | $$ |$$$$\ $$$$ |$$ / $$ |$$$$\ $$ | $$$$$$$$ |$$ | $$ |$$\$$\$$ $$ |$$$$$$$$ |$$ $$\$$ | $$ __$$ |$$ | $$ |$$ \$$$ $$ |$$ __$$ |$$ \$$$$ | $$ | $$ |$$ | $$ |$$ |\$ /$$ |$$ | $$ |$$ |\$$$ | $$ | $$ |\$$$$$$ |$$ | \_/ $$ |$$ | $$ |$$ | \$$ | \__| \__| \______/ \__| \__|\__| \__|\__| \__| ____ _ ____ _ __ | _ \ / \ / ___| |/ / | |_) / _ \| | | ' / | __/ ___ \ |___| . \ |_| /_/ \_\____|_|\_\ 30 beautiful cards about the human condition straight from the hearts of our human writers.›››››› TL;DR: We have control over some aspects of how the cards turn out. And we can automatically filter out cards that sound too much like cards that already exist.Since humans are still involved in the manufacturing and shipping process, the packs won’t ship until next month. You’ll probably get them by Christmas. As Bill Gates faces a lawsuit for the illegal testing of tribal children in India, it appears that his crimes against humanity have finally caught up with him. A recent report published by Health Impact News has reported that the Gates Foundation has found itself facing a pending lawsuit, due to an.. Only the base game is available to print off, so if you want expansions you're going to have to buy them, and of course printing out loads of paper isn't exactly eco-friendly, so perhaps this is better as a last recourse if computers aren't for you.

But Cards Against Humanity still gives you the tools with which you can construct these calls and responses. It still frames and controls what happens. Jokes aren't Lego. Cards Against Humanity gives you two or sometimes three pieces to snap together, and it tells you you're done A Cards Against Humanity clone. This webapp is still in development. There will be bugs, but hopefully they won't affect gameplay very much. Your computer's IP address will always be logged when you load the game client. Gameplay is always logged for determining popular cards

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Pretend You're Xyzzy is a Cards Against Humanity clone, which is available at cardsagainsthumanity.com, where you can buy it or download and print it out yourself. It is distributed under a Creative Commons - Attribution - Noncommercial - Share Alike license. This web version is in.. An unofficial online version of the Cards Against Humanity game. Pairs well with friends, booze and video chat.

Report Join Support Server Card Against Humanity Backs[edit | edit source]. The A Card Against Humanity card is a reference to the card game Cards Against Humanity. Ancient Recall, Era Walk, Huge Growth, and Chaos Card are all based on cards from Magic: The Gathering Finally, there is an archive (.zip) file of all the card lists I've used for making these documents so far. Also, I formatted these to be printed on Letter Size (8.5" x 11") paper or cardstock. I used a left and right margin of 0.5 inches, and a top and bottom margin of 0.3 inches. As such, you should make sure your printer can handle a top and bottom margin of 0.3 inches before you decide to use these files.

BEST site to play 25+ multiplayer card games online for free! Enjoy with friends and family or compete globally with thousands of players using any device. We love playing card games with friends and family, that's why we created CardzMania. Our goal is to make CardzMania THE best website to play.. Cards Against Humanity is a popular card game (no points for guessing that) which challenges players to come up with funny answers to a question in order to win rounds.  You don't need to be witty, or absurd, in order to win - this is a game where being inappropriate is the way to win.Another fun thing we can control is how a card starts. Normally, we let the network pick the first word of the card, but we can also prompt it with phrases we know work well. For example, we could give it the prompt “Some kind of”, and it could complete that card as “Some kind of sci-fi oatmeal” or “Some kind of otter-themed sexy sea otter print pantsuit.” Most of the cards we generate are random (no prompt), but a decent fraction were made with a list of prompts we found worked well after some testing. Cards Against Humanity is a card game that involves filling in the blank on a black card with inappropriate, politically incorrect, or down right offensive white cards in order to make the funniest statement. This is the official closing ceremony of a Cards Against Humanity game

Anthony Youhas, Cards Against Humanity: the auxiliary staple of so very many parties. Answered Oct 3, 2016 · Author has 560 answers and 1.1m answer views. Those are bonding social experiences; Cards Against Humanity is a bonding social game. Run with that Cards Against Humanity. awesomage.com/cards-against-humanity/.. I never really understood why everyone loves this game so much. i hate to play this game and have a genuinely clever and witty card combo, just for some other dude to get chosen because he has something something penis

Card Against Humanity. Get out of Jail Free Card Now you've got a digital card board, with black and white cards at the top (with discard piles), space to play white cards in the middle, winning piles for your black cards to the left and right, and a large white box at the bottom. This white box is your private area, as no-one else can see cards here, while they can everywhere else.›››››› TL;DR: GPT-2 generates new text by imitating text it’s seen before, with some added randomness.

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Russian director Nikita Mikhalkov claims billionaire Bill Gates might be seeking to implant humanity with microchips under the guise of vaccination, seeking to control people and ultimately solve overpopulation These methods of playing Cards Against Humanity online don't mean you need to buy a pack of the cards, or any fancy gadgets - in fact, some of these options are totally free. All you need is a computer or smartphone, and possibly also a webcam if you want people to see your cringing face too.It's not entirely clear if expansions are included in the game (maybe people who know which cards are part of the expansions would know), or the max number of players, but unlike some of the other entries on this list you can play it with two people if you just want to mess about with funny combinations. Soon, his tweet went semi-viral, popping up on blogs, anti-incel Tumblrs, and incel subreddits. Some iterations of the meme poke fun at the two characters. In one that pits a virgin test taker against a Chad exam executioner, the virgin writes neatly and wastes time erasing bad handwriting, while..

Cards Against Humanity raises $100,000 to dig 'tremendous hole

Cards Against Humanity is the perennially sold out, CC-licensed card-game that turns madlibs into an anti-social exercise. They're sold out, but you can put your name down for future runs and expansion packs, or download and print a set. To start the game, each player draws ten White Cards Cards Against Humanity: The Bigger, Blacker Box. Kids Against Maturity: Card Game for Kids and Humanity, Super Fun Hilarious for Family Party Game Night An unofficial online version of the Cards Against Humanity game. Pairs well with friends, booze and video chat. Click here for additional options. MC Czar : The person who creates the game stays the Card Czar and hosts every round. Rando Cardrissian : An imaginary player named Rando.. See, rate and share the best cards against humanity memes, gifs and funny pics. Memedroid: your daily dose of fun (WARNING: Cards Against Humanity is an adult themed game, and includes lots of rude language. Nothing graphic will be shown in this post, only words, but it could still get you some weird looks in the workplace)

Play Cards Against Humanity online! Looks great on iPhone, Android, Mac and PC If you head to cardsagainsthumanity.com one of the top options is to view a PDF of all the cards. Simply open this, print if off (check out this guide if you need to buy a printer) and cut the sheet into the cards. The Cards Against Humanity Family Edition is also available this way.Neural networks are algorithms capable of learning when given lots of data. Think of the YouTube recommendation system. It learns what videos you like based on all the data you give it: what you watch, what you thumbs-up, etc. Generally, neural networks are given some sort of input, and then asked to make a prediction, which is called the “output.” In our case, OpenAI already trained the network on 40 GB of Internet text. To put that in perspective, a 400 page book is generally about 1 MB. So, 40 GB of text is roughly equivalent to 40,000 books. What that means for us is the network already knows how to generate realistic-looking text and it also has a lot of cultural information encoded in it. So, all we need to do is train it on what white cards look like and what types of content they contain.

Category:Cards Against Humanity. Da Wikimedia Commons, l'archivio di file multimediali liberi. Jump to navigation Jump to search. ィー (ja); קלפים נגד האנושות (he); Cards Against Humanity (nl); 反人類牌 (zh-hant); Carte contro l'umanità (it); Cards Against Humanity (fi); Cards Against.. This whole thing is an elaborate stunt to get attention and make money while overworking our employees. Isn’t that what Black Friday is all about? Crimes against humanity have not yet been codified in a dedicated treaty of international law, unlike genocide and war crimes, although there are efforts to do so. Despite this, the prohibition of crimes against humanity, similar to the prohibition of genocide, has been considered a peremptory norm of.. But like its adult-inspiration, Cards Against Humanity, it's filled with gross humor and absurdity, all in a kid-friendly package. The game will be available (An example question card is For the science fair, I made) The other players then place an answer card (like gymnastic leotards that ride up your..

21 Hilarious, Awkward, And Painful Rounds Of Cards Against Humanity

When enough people have joined, you can kick off and play that game with as many expansions and extra rules as you like, like a time multiplier or points limit. You can also let people be spectators, and watch without playing.Lots of the cards that you find in the CAH Lab are ones that aren't actually in the game packs. This can give you an insight into future expansions, and can be refreshing when games with the base pack quickly become routine. Some of them are... less than funny though. It involves more effort than Cards Against Humanity but makes for a gentle, all-ages game. If you hate Dixit, you literally have no soul. The blank cards are wildcards where you can say whoever you want which might work for or against you in the battles

Basically if you do anything other than hoard capital, you’re going to end up plugged into the Matrix and the robots will harvest your body’s electricity. Jump to navigationJump to search. Cards Against Humanity is a card game often played in character over at the Pretend You're Xyzzy site. A competitor has emerged: Apples Against Humanity. This site appears to be superior in almost every way, except Xyzzy works with our cardcast decks

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Cards Against Humanity. Scopri le offerte e le promozioni del momento in Giochi e giocattoli. Disponibile presso questi venditori. Cards Against Humanity. › Visualizza altri dettagli prodotto Cards Against Humanity is a trademark of Cards Against Humanity, LLC. Cards Against Humanity is distributed under a license. Cards Against Humanity, LLC does not endorse me, this website, or any of the files here in any way. I did not create the game, nor am I attempting to make any money by selling it. I have provided these documents free of charge for personal use and entertainment purposes.To use it, head to playingcards.io, head down to 'Remote Insensitivity' and click it. (We know, this isn't the name of the game you were expecting to play, we'll get to that). Then click 'Start Game',  share that link with your co-carders so they can jump in too and select 'Enter Game'.

If you just want to jump into a game of Cards Against Humanity online with a few friends, we'd recommend this option as it's the simplest, although there are no expansions and the software is... well, simple. For the uninitiated*, Cards Against Humanity is super easy to play - each round, one player asks a question from a black card and everyone else 'answers' with their funniest white card. The owner of the black card then reveals which card combination tickled them the most ··· Product Name: Against humanity playing cards desktop game cards custom design paper playing cards Welcome to Yangzhou HaoBell E-COMMERCE CO. ,LTD We are a main and professional company , located in Yangzhou City, Jiangsu Province, Chiina In use: Cardcast deck 'Random Fun' (code: VRXPP), with 64 black cards and 35 white cards Last year, Cards Against Humanity offered a neat promotion called the 12 days of Bullshit that had actual cards for the game. This year, they offered another promotion where they claimed they would send you a box of bullshit as a protest against Black Friday. It was the only product available on their..

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