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SoftOrbits Sketch Drawer Pro 4.2 [Multi/Ru] Chip 1 Exchange The Qoob modchip surfaced around late 2004-2006. It came in quite late in the IPL Replacement era of modchips and was one of the last to be produced with the exception of the Extreme series of Viper GC. The Qoob chip came in two varieties - Pro & SX Комплект прошивок от Paulus для чип-тюнинга Renault Duster с эбу EMS3125. После чип-тюнинг рено дастер рестайлинг прошивками от Paulus с блоками управления EMS3125, было Teknoloji dünyasında yaşanan tüm gelişmelerin, en son teknoloji haberlerinin, cep telefonu incelemelerinin ve güncel makalelerin ilk adresi; CHIP Online

Диагностика. Cummins CALTERM 3.6.4 + Jammer 1.4.0 + набор E2M. OpenDiag Pro Full v1.7.2 rev.2 Buy Nexgen Pro Classic Style Poker Chips for only $0.15 each. Nexgen is discontinuing the 9g Pro chips. Quantities are limited. Once a chip shows out of stock, it is no longer available By March 2018, Next Thing Co. had entered insolvency. Many customers still had not received their pre-orders.[13] RK3399Pro. Rockchip, founded in Y2001, is a leading fabless semiconductor company in China which has been awarded the honor of China Chip for 13 times

Bricked CHIP / chip-boot-repair.deb (self.ChipCommunity). submitted 18 days ago by Is it possible to flash a CHIP without another PC present if I have the OS on a flash drive? (self.ChipCommunity) import CHIP_IO.Utilities as UT # Enable/Disable Debug UT.toggle_debug() # Enable 1.8V Output UT.enable_1v8_pin() # Set 2.0V Output UT.set_1v8_pin_voltage(2.0) # Set 2.6V Output UT.set_1v8_pin_voltage(2.6) # Set 3.3V Output UT.set_1v8_pin_voltage(3.3) # Disable 1.8V Output UT.disable_1v8_pin() # Get currently-configured voltage (returns False if the pin is not enabled as output) UT.get_1v8_pin_voltage() # Unexport Everything UT.unexport_all() # Determine if you are running a CHIP/CHIP Pro # This returns True if the computer is a CHIP Pro and False if it is a CHIP UT.is_chip_pro() Running tests CHIP Content Solutions. Differenzierung und Vertrauen schaffen. Mehr zum CHIP Testsiegel. Das CHIP Magazin-Portfolio - hochwertiger Journalismus für Leser mit Leidenschaft zu digitaler Technik def mycallback(channel): print("we hit the edge we want") GPIO.setup("GPIO3", GPIO.IN) # Add Event Detect and Callback Separately for Falling Edge GPIO.add_event_detect("GPIO3", GPIO.FALLING) GPIO.add_event_callback("GPIO3", mycallback) # Add Event Detect and Callback Separately for Rising Edge GPIO.add_event_detect("GPIO3", GPIO.RISING) GPIO.add_event_callback("GPIO3", mycallback) # Add Callback for Both Edges using the add_event_detect() method GPIO.add_event_detect("GPIO3", GPIO.BOTH, mycallback) # Remove callback with the following GPIO.remove_event_detect("GPIO3") # bouncetime is also able to be set for both GPIO.add_event_detect() and GPIO.add_event_callback() GPIO.add_event_detect("GPIO3", GPIO.FALLING, bouncetime=300) GPIO.add_event_callback("GPIO3", GPIO.RISING, mycallback, bouncetime=300) GPIO Cleanup FLASH SALE 100€ discount on our GTS & GTS Black will be applied to your cart automatically. RACECHIP IN THE MEDIA Our products are winner of multiple reviews and tests Please select your car Take your ride to the next level! You are not just driving your car to get from A to B and long, winding roads make your heart leap? We are glad you found us. We will help you to unlock your engine’s maximum performance and make sure that you will never want to get out of your car again.

..chip kd free shipping chip pro 2 sharpe color chip high brightness chip chip pro 8000 black chips on 100 color chips universal compatible chip asus tablet transformer in pc 5w yellow chip sharpe.. CHIP was the original board, mostly targeting hobbyists. The system is built around the Allwinner R8 SoC processor, which integrates an ARM Cortex-A8 CPU (based on ARM architecture V7-A) and peripherals, such as Graphic Engine, UART, SPI, USB ports, CIR, CMOS Sensor Interface and LCD controller.[14] The CPU is also accompanied by a NEON SIMD coprocessor and has RCT JAVA-Accelerations to optimize just-in-time (JIT) and dynamic adaptive compilation (DAC).

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If using SOFTPWM and PWM at the same time, import CHIP_IO.SOFTPWM as SPWM or something different than PWM as to not confuse the library.In addition to open-source hardware and software, Next Thing also published an HPI and an API for users to develop add-ons boards called "DIP" [24] The company produced several DIPs including the Pocket CHIP.

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sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install git build-essential python3-dev python3-pip flex bison chip-dt-overlays -y git clone git://github.com/xtacocorex/CHIP_IO.git cd CHIP_IO sudo python3 setup.py install cd .. PyPi Installation: The Chip & PIN system was introduced as a scheme to establish a global system for accepting credit and The term Chip and PIN is in fact a brand name, and the scheme was initially started is a joint..

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sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install git build-essential python-dev python-pip flex bison chip-dt-overlays -y git clone git://github.com/xtacocorex/CHIP_IO.git cd CHIP_IO sudo python setup.py install cd .. For Python3:GPIO.setup("XIO-P3", GPIO.OUT) GPIO.setup("XIO-P3", GPIO.IN) The edge detection code below only works for the AP-EINT1, AP-EINT3, and XPO Pins on the CHIP.

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  2. CHIP was upgraded in April 2017 in anticipation of the CHIP Pro to "share a large number of the same components".[12]
  3. import CHIP_IO.OverlayManager as OM # The toggle_debug() function turns on/off debug printing OM.toggle_debug() # To load an overlay, feed in the name to load() OM.load("PWM0") # To verify the overlay was properly loaded, the get_ functions return booleans OM.get_pwm_loaded() OM.get_spi_loaded() # To unload an overlay, feed in the name to unload() OM.unload("PWM0") To use a custom overlay, you must build and compile it properly per the DIP Docs: http://docs.getchip.com/dip.html#development-by-example There is no verification that the Custom Overlay is setup properly, it's fire and forget
  4. A CHIP GPIO library. Debian File Installation: There are now pre-compiled binary deb files for the CHIP that do not require any build tools on a CHIP/CHIP PocketCHIP/CHIP Pro Name. Key (Alt Name)

RaceChip chip tuning is specially customized to the applicable fuel injection technology with respect to both hardware and software. If your vehicle is specified in the list of applicable models below (all other 2.0 TDI models feature just one type of technology), it is important to determine, before choosing a tuning product, which type of injection technology is installed in your vehicle. For such models, you will therefore find the “CR” or “PD” designation after your engine code. Next Thing Co. was an Oakland, California based start-up company founded in 2013 by Dave Rauchwerk, Gustavo Huber and Thomas Deckert.[8] NTC initially launched CHIP computer via a successful Kickstarter campaign in May 2015. The campaign started with a goal of US$50,000, and ended with 39,560 backers pledging US$2,071,927.[5] ✓ CHIP Abos direkt vom Verlag im CHIP-Kiosk rund um die PC Welt: CHIP Plus, CHIP Magazin, CHIP FOTO-VIDEO das Photo Magazin, N-Photo, MagPi und CHIP WISSEN Редактор ECU by Mobux   Имя: Редактор ECU by Mobux Язык: Русский Размер: 0,5 мб. Платформа: Windows Описание: Бесплатный редоктор ECU by Mobux для блоков М73, М74(CAN) и

For PD models, the engine code consists of 3 characters, while for CR there are 4 characters. You can find your vehicle’s engine code in the specification sheet in your service booklet or on the data sticker in your engine bay. For users who did not want to use the small screen in Pocket CHIP and also did not want to use the built-in composite TV output, Next Thing sold a VGA DIP[25] and an HDMI DIP.[26] Unlike Pocket CHIP, physical dimensions of these DIPs are similar to CHIP, so the snapped assembly looks like a thicker CHIP. Product Listing Policy - Intellectual Property Protection - Privacy Policy - Terms of Use - User Information Legal Enquiry Guide Looking for pro gambling chip factory direct sale? Source high quality pro gambling chip from our great selection of reliable pro gambling chip manufacturing factories There are now pre-compiled binary deb files for the CHIP that do not require any build tools on a CHIP/CHIP Pro.

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Jeep® JK Wrangler® Exhausts. Flashpaq F5 Pro Custom Tuning Chip Pro. 256 likes. Product/Service. I would recomend chip pro a lot we got my fire stick fully loaded for very reasonable price thank yo...u chip pro See More

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  1. Описание: Программа ChipTuningPRO 4.10 предназначена для редактирования файлов калибровок (прошивок) систем управления впрыском отечественных автомобилей. Программа является профессиональным инструментом для проведения чип-тюнинга и позволяет быстро и в удобной форме редактировать основные калибровочные константы и таблицы в прошивках ЭБУ следующих типов: · GM ISFI-2S · Январь-4.1, Январь-5.1.x, Январь-7.2 · VS-5.1 · Bosch M1.5.4(N), Bosch MP7.0, Bosch M7.9.7 · МИКАС-5.4, МИКАС-7.1, МИКАС-7.2, МИКАС-7.6 Программа является профессиональным инструментом для проведения чип-тюнинга и позволяет быстро настроить практически любые калибровки под нужные требования.
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  3. Only one of each type of overlay can be loaded at a time, but all three options can be loaded simultaneously. So you can have SPI2 without PWM0, but you cannot have SPI2 loaded twice.
  4. ..chips repairing for iPhone and iPad, like JC PRO1000S, JC P7 PCIE programmer, nand IC data repairing tools, EEPROM chip repairing tools JC is the original manufacturer for JC PRO1000S, the..

CHIP IO port by Robert Wolterman, released under the MIT License. Beaglebone IO Library Written by Justin Cooper, Adafruit Industries. BeagleBone IO Python library is released under the MIT License.The CHIP IO Python library was originally forked from the Adafruit Beaglebone IO Python Library. The BeagleBone IO Python library was originally forked from the excellent MIT Licensed [RPi.GPIO](https://code.google.com/p/raspberry-gpio-python) library written by Ben Croston.

Устраняются заводские баги, если имеются: плохой запуск, не стабильные холостые, подергивания, провалы в мощности, не ровный разгон, так называемый пинок, повышенный расход топлива и д.р...import CHIP_IO.PWM as PWM # Determine hardware # 0 For CHIP # 1 For CHIP Pro PWM.is_chip_pro() # Enable/Disable Debug PWM.toggle_debug() #PWM.start(channel, duty, freq=2000, polarity=0) #duty values are valid 0 (off) to 100 (on) PWM.start("PWM0", 50) PWM.set_duty_cycle("PWM0", 25.5) PWM.set_frequency("PWM0", 10) # To stop PWM PWM.stop("PWM0") PWM.cleanup() #For specific polarity: this example sets polarity to 1 on start: PWM.start("PWM0", 50, 2000, 1) SOFTPWM:CHIP_IO now supports the ability to enable and disable the 1.8V port on U13. This voltage rail isn't enabled during boot. Výbava verze pro Chip je identická s aktuální verzí pro domácnosti v ceně 1 499 Kč včetně plných Licenci pro Chip je nutné každý měsíc prodloužit novým licenčním číslem. Odkaz na jeho stažení..

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# If only one version of Python is installed # Python 2 sudo make pytest2 # Python 3 sudo make pytest3 # If more than one version of Python, run through both sudo make test CreditsNewsletterCHIP Osternest-News per Mail erhaltenJeden Tag verraten wir Ihnen per Mail das Geschenk im nächsten CHIP Osternest-Türchen. Hier für den Newsletter Download-Tipps des Tages eintragen:Комплект прошивок от Paulus для чип тюнинга Ford Focus 3. Скачать прошивки для чиптюнинга Ford Focus 3 от Paulus бесплатно с торрента, как 1.6L так и 2.0L можно только

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Welcome to Chip Store. EUR Currency Aceito receber informações comerciais da marca CHIP7, seus produtos e serviços. Subscreva gratuitamente as newsletters e receba os folhetos, novidades e promoções da CHIP7 CHIP (stylized as C.H.I.P.) is a single-board computer crowdfunded by now-defunct Next Thing Co. (NTC), released as open-source hardware running open-source software.[7] It was advertised as "the world's first $9 computer". CHIP and related products are discontinued. NTC has since gone insolvent.

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Few details were available in regard to CHIP's would-be successor or successors except it would have used Next Thing's own SiP GR8 instead of Allwinner's original R8. In addition to feature-sharing with CHIP Pro, the company wanted to "take advantage of CHIP Pro's much more stable supply chain"[12] in order to address the uneasiness in its user base about the future of the product.[22] In responding to user concerns, Next Thing also disclosed that more than one successor product line was in the works.[23] Прошивки для чип тюнинга Lada Vesta, Lada X-Ray, Lada Largus с эбу M86 от Ledokol.      Комплект прошивок предназначен для чип тюнинга автомобилей лада веста (LadaМы подобрали для Вас интересную информацию по чип-тюнингу (прошивке), диагностике автамобилей, которая уже была интересна другим пользователям, возможно она вызовет у вас инетрес и ответит на большенство ваших вопросов.As Next Thing Co. entered insolvency with its assets and intellectual properties being sold,[13] release of "v2" is improbable. Yes- It’s simple, tested and safe. The gains from RaceChip tuning are always well within the vehicle’s performance reserves. There are no physical changes made to the engine. We only make use of the thermal and mechanical reserves built into every production engine. RaceChip offers a warranty of up to 2 years on the major engine components (e.g. turbocharger) and ancillary parts (e.g. gearbox) and a product guarantee of up to 5 years on the chip box itself.

You are not just driving your car to get from A to B and long, winding roads make your heart leap? We are glad you found us. We will help you to unlock your engine’s maximum performance and make sure that you will never want to get out of your car again. Go to this page: https://github.com/xtacocorex/CHIP_IO/releases/latest Or Go to this page: https://xtacocorex.github.io/chip_io_releases/index.html

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The LRADC was enabled in the 4.4.13-ntc-mlc. This is a 6 bit ADC that is 2 Volt tolerant. Sample code below details how to talk to the LRADC.: AMG has done it again! They've created the most powerful turbocharged four-cylinder engine ever. The Mercedes A45 S AMG is producing 421 HP from just 2 liters of engine capacity for a car, which you can use as your daily driver. READ ON Chip Tuning PRO. ChipTuningPro 7.xx SPI requires a DTB Overlay to access. CHIP_IO does not contain any SPI specific code as the Python spidev module works when it can see the SPI bus.Hardware PWM requires a DTB Overlay loaded on the CHIP to allow the kernel to know there is a PWM device available to use.

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  1. import CHIP_IO.OverlayManager as OM # The full path to the dtbo file needs to be specified OM.load("CUST","/home/chip/projects/myfunproject/overlays/mycustomoverlay.dtbo") # You can check for loading like above, but it's really just there for sameness OM.get_custom_loaded() # To unload, just call unload() OM.unload("CUST") OverlayManager requires a 4.4 kernel with the CONFIG_OF_CONFIGFS option enabled in the kernel config.
  2. e hardware # 0 For CHIP # 1 For CHIP Pro SERVO.is_chip_pro() # Enable/Disable Debug SERVO.toggle_debug() #SPWM.start(channel, angle=0, range=180) #angle values are between +/- range/2) #you can choose any pin except the XIO's SERVO.start("CSID4", 50) SERVO.set_angle("CSID4", 25.5) SERVO.set_range("CSID4", 90) # To Stop Servo SERVO.stop("CSID4") # Cleanup SERVO.cleanup() The Software Servo control only works on the LCD and CSI pins. The XIO is too slow to control.
  3. Reviewers also noted its low price. Bo Moore of PC Gamer said the price of CHIP "[puts] Raspberry Pi 2 to shame",[29] and Ian Paul of PCWorld said it made "Raspberry Pi's price seem luxurious".[30] Within days of the launch of its Kickstarter, US national media outlets like Washington Post and Time followed with glowing coverage.[31][32] Even Fortune joined the chorus with headline "This $9 computer could change the economics of building hardware."[33]
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Мы заботимся о наших постоянных клиентах и предоставляем им различные скидки, в виде скидочных купотов и по накопительной системе.Pocket CHIP includes a CHIP, a case with a 4.3 inch 480×272 pixel resistive touchscreen, a clicky keyboard, GPIO headers on the top of the device, and GPIO soldering pads inside of the injection mold case. A 5-hour battery is included. Following DIP specifications, the CHIP snaps into the case with no "screws or glues" creating a portable computer. On the lower right corner of the Pocket CHIP is a hexagonal hole that takes a standard #2 HB pencil. Inserting the pencil creates a stand that allows the Pocket CHIP to stand upright on a desk. Likewise, on the lower left is a circular hole for a pen. С вашего последнего посещения, на сайт было добавлено несколько новостей по чип-тюнингу и диагностике автомобилей. Мы поспешили показать их анонс, что бы вы не пропустили ни чего интересного. Several Audi, Seat, Skoda and VW model series with 2.0 TDI engines use both CR and PD ("Pumpe-Düse" / Unit injector) technology.

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The SwimWays Pro-Chip Spring Golf game is a hole-in-one for the golf enthusiast! The Pro-Chip Spring Golf set comes with one 66-inch x 40-inch Floating Green, 12 Practice Balls, one Chipping.. Silicon Chip magazine is Australia's premier electronics magazine with reliable information on a whole range of electronics-related topics. We publish an extensive range of electronics projects every month..

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  1. PC CHIP. Home. PC CHIP. Informatički portal o tehnologiji I računalima. Recenzije hardvera I softvera, Igrice, androidi, mobiteli, pametni telefoni I satovi, vr, laptopi, windows 10, antivirusi I ostalo
  2. sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install git build-essential python3-dev python3-pip flex bison chip-dt-overlays -y sudo pip3 install CHIP-IO Usage
  3. Chip tuning (via a power box) works without changing the manufacturer's hardware and software; all the systems protecting the engine remain intact, you can easily install the box yourself, and your vehicle can be restored completely to the factory settings. OBD (on-board diagnostics) tuning accesses the manufacturer's settings for the engine management and electronics systems, and changes them, usually permanently. Installation generally involves significant cost and cannot be reversed completely.

At APR our sole mission is to engineer only the highest quality tuning solutions for Volkswagen, Audi, Seat, Skoda and Porsche vehicles ensuring the enthusiast the ultimate driving experience while.. If your vehicle is in this list and you are not sure if it is a CR or PD version, then simply follow one of the following steps to identify CR or PD technology. Looking for something more? AliExpress carries many chip. pro related products, including rfid chip lot , chip full , chip kd free shipping , new arrival chips , smart chip full spectrum , nt chip , wifi chip i phone , flyback and driver , drum reset chip konica , bga chip is , chips red blue green yellow , chip kd free shipping , led chips in blue , 125khz em4100 chip , nt chip , 1005 chip , ac dc led chip , flyback and driver , led chip ultra power , 4d67 chip ins. Quality service and professional assistance is provided when you shop with AliExpress, so don’t wait to take advantage of our prices on these and other items! # Enable Debug GPIO.toggle_debug() You can determine if the hardware is a CHIP/CHIP Pro using the following:

# Specify pull up/pull down settings on a pin GPIO.setup("CSID0", GPIO.IN, pull_up_down=GPIO.PUD_UP) # Specify initial value for an output GPIO.setup("CSID0", GPIO.OUT, initial=1) Pull Up/Down values are only for pins that are provided by the R8, the XIO are not capable of this. The allowable values are: PUD_OFF, PUD_UP, and PUD_DOWN. Value Bundles. Implants. Implements. Accessories. Wearables. Custom Services. Merch Next Thing Co. is raising funds for CHIP - The World's First Nine Dollar Computer on Kickstarter Программное отключение вихревых заслонок, позволит вам избавиться от ошибок системы, вернет мощность двигателя и снизит расход топлива. Замена вихревых заслонок дорогостояща и не целесообразна процедура, лучше их отключить программно... Today we’re going to test the new Mini John Cooper Works Clubman in stock and fit it with our GTS Black performance boost. “But this thing’s been on the market for several years now, what’s the big news?” You might ask? READ ON

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  1. http://www.up-pro.ru...out_kaizen.html
  2. Прошивки для чип тюнинга Ford Focus 2, Ford Focus 3, Mazda 3 SkyActiv, Mazda CX-5 SkyActiv от Motorsoft.      Комплект прошивок от Моторсофт предназначен для чип тюнинга
  3. Driving is so much more than just a practical way of getting from A to B. Cars can be so exciting and if they’re set up right, they can give us a real thrill when we’re driving. As chip tuners, we’re driven by a passion; everyone should have the opportunity to experience the improved acceleration and better driving dynamics that come from engine tuning. That’s why RaceChip’s state-of-the art electronic tuning is available for almost all manufacturers and modern engines.
  4. import CHIP_IO.LRADC as ADC # Enable/Disable Debug ADC.toggle_debug() # Check to see if the LRADC Device exists # Returns True/False ADC.get_device_exists() # Setup the LRADC # Specify a sampling rate if needed ADC.setup(rate) # Get the Scale Factor factor = ADC.get_scale_factor() # Get the allowable Sampling Rates sampleratestuple = ADC.get_allowable_sample_rates() # Set the sampling rate ADC.set_sample_rate(rate) # Get the current sampling rate currentrate = ADC.get_sample_rate() # Get the Raw Channel 0 or 1 data raw = ADC.get_chan0_raw() raw = ADC.get_chan1_raw() # Get the factored ADC Channel data fulldata = ADC.get_chan0() fulldata = ADC.get_chan1() SPI:
  5. Chipsoft J2534 Pro. DiaLink. ScanDoc Compact J2534
  6. ✪ [004] CHIP $9 computer, and PocketCHIP ✪ CHIP $9 Computer CHIP was discontinued by April 2017 in anticipation of CHIP Pro.[12]
  7. Последние твиты от CHIPprofessionals (@CHIP_pros). Easily Access Black & Latinx Financial Professionals. Get The Financial Guidance You Need Now!#IAmACHIPPro#INeedACHIPPro..


The Apple T2 Security Chip brings a new level of integration and security to Mac. The Apple T2 Security Chip is Apple's second-generation, custom silicon for Mac CHIP Pro is similar to the original CHIP board, but uses the newer GR8 version of the chip. It is a system in package (SiP) made by Next Thing Co. It features a 1 GHz Allwinner R8 ARMv7 Cortex-A8 processor with NEON SIMD extensions and a Mali-400 GPU. 256 MB of Nanya Technology DDR3 SDRAM is combined with the R8 SoC into a 14 mm × 14 mm, 0.8 mm-pitch 252-ball FBGA package, simplifying the routing of connections. Instead of having two dual-line 40-pin sockets as on CHIP, it implements castellated edges where the pin holes are designed and optimized to embed to another board with SMT.[21] Most of the CHIP's hardware features are also included in this model.

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Chip tuning is the latest form of electronic engine tuning. A device is installed between the engine’s ECU and the sensors – it’s a kind of mini-computer, if you like (which is why some people say digital tuning) which improves the parameters set by the manufacturer. RaceChip tuning boxes run with our own software that we modify to work with each engine so that it optimizes the electronic signals to and from the engine. We conduct extensive bench-testing with different motors until we’ve got optimum results. The RaceChip mostly modifies the signals to the injection system and taps into engine reserves built in by the manufacturer. You can make the most of your car’s potential performance. Our method of engine tuning uses the same principle of electronic enhancement that the manufacturers use to differentiate between models that use the same engine block. For example, almost all current BMW 4-cylinder engines use the same 2-liter block but have very different outputs thanks to changes in the ECU. Chip tuning is possible with any forced induction direction injection engine, regardless of whether it’s a turbocharger or a supercharger doing the forcing. That means we can get more performance from almost any turbo diesel (both common rail and pump-nozzle) or blown petrol engine. Subscribe to the RaceChip newsletter to benefit from exclusive offers and be informed of our latest news.The Pockulus is a virtual reality setup incorporating a Pocket CH.I.P. that requires some 3D printing.

import CHIP_IO.GPIO as GPIO GPIO.setup("CSID0", GPIO.OUT) GPIO.output("CSID0", GPIO.HIGH) GPIO Input CHIP (stylized as C.H.I.P.) is a single-board computer crowdfunded by now-defunct Next Thing Co. (NTC), released as open-source hardware running open-source software. It was advertised as the world's first $9 computer. CHIP and related products are discontinued. NTC has since gone insolvent

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# Get 8 bits of data in one shot mybyte = GPIO.read_byte("LCD-D3") # Get 16 bits of data in one shot myword = GPIO.read_word("XIO-P4") This code was initially added by brettcvz and I cleaned it up and expanded it.Программое отключение ЕГР - клапана отработанных газов и вихревых заслонок, позволит вам заглушить егр физически. Двигатель начинает работать на чистом воздухе, а не на отработанных газазх, что повышает ему мощность и делает его работу более надежной...

Unfollow pro chip to stop getting updates on your eBay Feed. You'll receive email and Feed alerts when new items arrive # Python 2.7 sudo apt-get install python-pytest # Python 3 sudo apt-get install python3-pytest To run the tests, do the following.: RaceChip chip tuning is specially customized to the applicable fuel injection technology with respect to both hardware and software. If your vehicle is specified in the list of applicable models below (all other..

The Most trusted measurement of legitimacy for Performance Chips & Parts. The definitive site for Reviews, Non-biased feedback on Fuel Pro Max Chip: Chip Reviewed by 93 Verified Customers Комплектующие к осциллографу MT Pro Комплект прошивок от Paulus для чип-тюнинга Lada Largus, Nissan Almera с эбу EMS3120.   По тюнингу все как всегда, оптимизирована работа во всем режиме оборотов, Прошивка с индивидуальной калибровкой, делается из вашей родной. Если вы сомневаетесь, или не знает, что вам конкретно нужно? Мы с радостью вам поможем и откалибруем родную вашу прошивку, под ваши конкретные нужды. Преимуществ в индивидуальном подходе, намного больше, так как вы на 100% будите, уверены, что эта прошивка из вашего автомобиля и никаких проблем с заменой идентификатора при записи не возникнет, так же вы сможет выбрать какие датчики нужно отключить, если это требуется.

Now your RSCHIP can withstand extreme heat and unexpected electric spikes. NEW ENCLOSURE with magnetic mount solution, that allows you to position the chips anywhere you want and remove it.. Автомобильный портал посвещенному чип-тюнингу, диагностике и ремонту автомобилей. Мы предлагаем большое разнообразие автомобильного софта, прошивки от известных авторов: ледокол, паулюс, адакт, мотор мастер, ирон, свв и другие, а так же изготавливаем прошивки под заказ... We believe in helping you find the product that is right for you. AliExpress carries wide variety of products, so you can find just what you’re looking for – and maybe something you never even imagined along the way. If you are interested in chip. pro, AliExpress has found 9,023 related results, so you can compare and shop! Try finding the one that is right for you by choosing the price range, brand, or specifications that meet your needs.


While NTC has published many of its hardware and software repositories on GitHub, surviving CHIPsters (as CHIP users call themselves[citation needed]) also launched an effort in order to preserve useful document, software, and other artifacts by leveraging the Internet Archive (a.k.a. archive.org). One effort is led by a user who has never received his preordered CHIP.[35] Another user set up a standalone site focusing on binary packages and a Git repository.[36] ECUTools — diagnostic and chip-tuning tools and solutions from Russia and all world. ECUTools — is an online shop specializing in professional licensed tools for vehicle diagnostics and chip tuning

sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install git build-essential python-dev python-pip flex bison chip-dt-overlays -y sudo pip install CHIP-IO For Python3: Open in Desktop Download ZIP Downloading Want to be notified of new releases in xtacocorex/CHIP_IO? If the tips above have not clarified the technology type, then please contact our Customer Service department. We will be happy to help. Contact

A premium membership for higher-level suppliers. Mini PC. pipo mini pc. wechip mini pc

import CHIP_IO.SOFTPWM as SPWM # Determine hardware # 0 For CHIP # 1 For CHIP Pro SPWM.is_chip_pro() # Enable/Disable Debug SPWM.toggle_debug() #SPWM.start(channel, duty, freq=2000, polarity=0) #duty values are valid 0 (off) to 100 (on) #you can choose any pin SPWM.start("XIO-P7", 50) SPWM.set_duty_cycle("XIO-P7", 25.5) SPWM.set_frequency("XIO-P7", 10) # To Stop SPWM SPWM.stop("XIO-P7") # Cleanup SPWM.cleanup() #For specific polarity: this example sets polarity to 1 on start: SPWM.start("XIO-P7", 50, 2000, 1) Use SOFTPWM at low speeds (hundreds of Hz) for the best results. Do not use for anything that needs high precision or reliability.The following "table" is the allowable pin names that are able to be used by the library. The Name column is the normal name used on the CHIP Headers, the Alt Name column is the value used by the PocketCHIP header (if it's broken out), and the Key is the Header and Pin Number the the Pin is physically located. Either of these 3 means is able to specify a pin in CHIP_IO.Subscribe to our YouTube channel to get insights and stories about RaceChip on a regular basis!

ChIP-Sequencing is widely used to analyze protein interaction with DNA. It combines chromatin immunoprecipitation (ChIP) with massively parallel DNA sequencing to identify binding sites of.. CHIP received favorable reviews, and constant comparisons to Raspberry Pi. Laura Sydell of NPR asked if the device could "spark a new wave of tinkering and innovation", noting it was also open source hardware.[27] Marco della Cava of USA Today said that the device "represent[s] opportunities to both close the technology gap in developing and developed countries alike, while encouraging children to learn coding, due to their approachable design".[28] Chip Tuning PRO. ChipTuningPro 7.xx

Despite enthusiasm from reviewers and users, Next Thing Co. declared bankruptcy in March 2018, leaving many pre-order customers with undelivered orders.[13] Since its Alpha shipping, CHIP has attracted an enthusiastic user base, communicating mainly on NTC's bulletin board system (BBS). At the time of NTC's demise, the BBS had over 10,000 users, with hundreds of active users and hundreds of postings every month, to a total of over 100,000.[34] * Normal landline and mobile phone charges apply 6 reasons for RaceChip Optimumperformance

Все комментарии пользователей к различным статьям, товарам и услугам сайта. Не забывай и ты оставить свой отзыв к прочитанной статье.Изготавливаем прошивки, как для бензиновых, так и дизельных автомобилей. Убираем заводские баги, провалы и вялость при разгоне, вследствие чего улучшается динамика в низком диапазоне оборотов, снижается расход топлива в режимах частичных и малых нагрузок... Chip plugs in to your bank and automatically puts money aside for you. Chip is a clever app that automatically saves up money for you. So you have something put aside for the rainy (and sunny) days ProRacing Chip Box CR2 PRO. ProRacing Chip Box CR2 PRO is a technologically advanced device programmed to work with diesel engines with the Common Rail injection system Browse Alphabetically: Onetouch | Showroom | Country Search | Suppliers | Wholesaler | Affiliate

Significantly more: depending on the engine in your vehicle and the RaceChip model you choose, you can get up to 30% more power and 30% more torque. And our chip tuning always stays well within the reserves built into an engine. Программное отключение мочевины систем SCR ADBlue, избавит вас от постоянных растрат на расходную жидкость-присадку (мочевину), больших вложений в ремонт в случае поломки и всех вытекающих проблем с системой SCR…

PRO Video Library. If you want to learn it, you'll find it in our massive training video catalog. Red Chip Poker is the best site out there of its kind. It has easily paid for itself GPIO.setup("XIO-P0", GPIO.IN) GPIO.add_event_detect("XIO-P0", GPIO.FALLING) #your amazing code here #detect wherever: if GPIO.event_detected("XIO-P0"): print "event detected!" CHIP_IO can also handle adding callback functions on any pin that supports edge detection. Note that only one callback function can be specified per Pin, if you try to set more, an exception will be thrown.:

Auch dieses Jahr hat CHIP wieder ein Oster-Download-Special für Sie organsiert! Von Karfreitag bis Ostermontag schenken wir Ihnen jeden Tag eine hochkarätige Software-Version # Clean up every exported GPIO Pin GPIO.cleanup() # Clean up a single pin (keeping everything else intact) GPIO.cleanup("XIO-P0") PWM:

Portal technologiczny piszący o komputerach, podzespołach, smartfonach oraz programach. Newsy, artykuły, testy i rankingi • Welcome. Welcome to TunerPro.net. TunerPro is a free, donate-if-you-like-it tuning platform aimed at making tuning easier and cheaper for the hobbyist and professional alike. TunerPro started life in.. The Overlay Manager enables you to quickly load simple Device Tree Overlays. The options for loading are: PWM0, SPI2, CUST. The Overlay Manager is smart enough to determine if you are trying to load PWM on a CHIP Pro and will fail due to the base DTB for the CHIP Pro supporting PWM0/1 out of the box.

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