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Mandala tattoos are sacred designs that are mainly used for religious purposes. Meaning of mandala tattoo. These tattoos have special meanings that are mainly used by mainly the Christians The sight of a lotus mandala tattoo evokes a sense of spirituality and inspires people to live a less materialistic lifestyle.

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  1. Self-care is also important when it comes to a Mandala tattoo. You want it to last forever, so you need to care for it always so that it will always look good. Listen to your artist and make sure that you do what they tell you in regards to caring for your tattoo after. If you are out in the sun, then make sure to always put on sunscreen to protect the coloring of the tattoo.
  2. Small pointy shapes decorate the edges of each outer petal, while the heavily shaded outline highlights the lightly shaded inner flower.
  3. You've probably seen a mandala at least once in your life. If you've traveled to Asian countries, you might have encountered a symbol that is circular, with a lot of geometric details inside it

This mandala tattoo is not a traditional mandala design. The mandala tattoo was designed for the client by the tattoo artist, based on the symbol in the middle which stands for truth and honesty Mandala tattoos. Load more. Snake & Flowers Hip. We use cookies on Tattoo Ideas to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website The Mandala tattoo looks incredible with this mix of colors. The pinks and blues really work well together.A mandala tattoo evokes a sense of tranquility and brings a soothing sensation when stared at for a long time.

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  1. Both hands covered in these awesome mandala tattoo design. Mandala tattoo designs are the awesome tattoo designs which are so damn attractive that every girl wishes to have these kinds of designs. 
  2. Today's best 45 mandala tattoos offers: Find the best mandala tattoos coupons and deals from the most popular Temporary Tattoos stores for discounts. Dhgate.com provides exclusive offers from top..
  3. A larger tattoo that has a few Mandala’s connected. It’s elegant, and the design itself is flawless.
  4. A smaller version of lotus mandala tattoos, this delicate floral artwork adds interest and enhances the look of your back.

Mandalas as most know them stem primarily from Hinduism and Buddhism, but religious and spiritual scholars have identified mandala-type symbols in a variety of other religions, primarily Christianity. Mandala is considered to be tattoo art, among many. Mandala means very simply, circle. Another meaning behind the Mandala tattoo us that life has no ending and that's why the tattoo designs are.. Mandala tattoos have been quite popular for the last couple years. And it seems that its popularity is still growing. We’ve looked to hundreds of tattoos, and we can tell you that mandala is one of the most common types. Anyway, if you also like mandalas and would like to get a tattoo of it, you must know what it means. Mandala Portal 01 марта 2020 0 14

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Подписаться Подписки Отписаться. Lotus Mandala Tattoo. 30. Lotus Mandala Tattoo. Tattoo process design in Sketchbook Pro and finished on skin. 30. 4,5тыс Check out our mandala tattoo selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our tattooing shops The meaning of any mandala is often felt before it is known. Deeply spiritual people wear a mandala as a tattoo to represent their belief in the connection between all things. The mandala represents their consciousness, and the their consciousness represents the universe, and the mandala represents the universe. Though it is a permanent mark, they know that they themselves are as impermanent as the sand paintings of the Vajrayana monks, who upon completing each mandala, wipe the slate clean and start again.

90 Immensely Deep and Positive Lotus Mandala Tattoos to Express

  1. These designs always look perfect because of the intricate designs. They are all the same all the way around, so it all looks uniform.
  2. Australian Owned Tattoo Studio in Thailand STUDIO LOCATIONS Patong, Phuket (2 studios) Chiang Mai @bloodlinetattoophuket @bloodlinetattoophuket..
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  4. Inspirational mandala tattoo designs. When it comes to tattoo design, there is no limit how the imagery is drawn. However what the body art looks like is dependent on the style, size and placement of tattoo
  5. The mandala was introduced to¬– and popularized in western society by the psychologist Carl Jung, a student and colleague of Sigmund Freud. The first mandalas the Jung discovered were those created by himself. “I sketched every morning in a notebook a small circular drawing,” Jung wrote in his book Memories, Dreams, Reflections, “… which seemed to correspond to my inner situation at the time. … Only gradually did I discover what the mandala really is: … the Self, the wholeness of the personality, which if all goes well is harmonious.” Jung then related them to the similar spiritual images of Hinduism and Buddhism. Jung was the first to categorize these images as “mandala,” a word he took from an Indian dialect.
  6. A white lotus stands for peace as well as purity spiritually and mentally. According to the Buddhist religion, Buddha arose from a lotus flower, and his heart was white meaning his soul was pure and holy. Buddhists see the shedding of the flowers and seeds of a lotus as a sign of a virtuous soul guiding other souls toward Nirvana.

This unique wrist tattoo features only a half portion of a lotus mandala tattoo. This would make a perfect arm sleeve if the person chooses to add more tattoos to the arm up until the shoulder.Inked on half of the upper back, this floral tattoo instantly draws the eye. Thick black outlines, thinner outlines, and dark shading blend well together to create a meticulously crafted tattoo that doesn’t skimp on details. Mandala Vector Mandala Art Mandala Coloring Mandala Frame Islamic Mandala Mandala White Browse our Mandala collection with filter setting like size, type, color etc. Use these free Mandala.. Look no further if a Mandala tattoo is what you are looking for. We have compiled a list of ideas for you to look at your leisure. Below are 71 Astonishing Mandala Tattoos You Wish You Had:This Mandala tattoo is rather large but the detail is amazing and one of a kind. The size of it certainly makes it an eye-catching choice.

Become a patron of NBK Tattoos today: Read 22 posts by NBK Tattoos and get access to exclusive content and experiences on the world's largest membership platform for artists and creators This attention-grabbing lotus mandala tattoo easily captures attention with its dark color and rich bold shading.

50 Brilliant Mandala Tattoos You Wish To Hav

boomagazine/mandala-nastroisya-na-ispolnenie-zhelanii-142873 Shading is everything when it comes to this design. A unique and wonderful image that you are sure to love. Not only are mandalas beautiful on both men and women, they have deep-rooted meanings A colorful mandala tattoo design covering full left sleeve of a man. This is one of the best thinking for mandala tattoo designs. 

Tagged with blackandgreytattoo, chrisjones, mandalatattoo, vicmarkettattoo, finelinetattoo; Shared by establishedin1992. beautiful mandala tattoo The technical skill needed to form the intricate details of this mandala tattoo is almost off the charts. The intensity needed to create this artwork – each level radiating out from the last with a different degree of clear, precise, black work – is almost as impressive as the results. The upper part of the arm where the mandala cuts off to meet the previous work – including some J.R.R. Tolkien high Elvish – by flipping from light to dark across the diagonal shows an expert level of skill in shading and technique. This is poster worthy work by a master!

Now that you know a little bit of history about the mandala and lotus symbols, take a look at this vast collection of the most creative and meaningful lotus mandala tattoos. Get inspiration for your next tattoo, or simply revel in the beauty of these stunning designs.Mandala tattoos are inherently symmetrical. The shapes, whether organic or not, and the lines create a nice balanced look.

A lotus mandala tattoo is a perfect choice for women, as it symbolizes life, beauty, and spirituality. There’s something beautiful about the way a lotus emerges from murky waters and shows off its lovely bloom.We hope that you enjoyed the article and were able to find an image that you will love forever. Get a great artist and enjoy your tattoo! Please feel free to comment on your favorite image! Originating in India, the mandala got its beginnings as a religious and spiritual symbol, signifying the universe as a whole. The current mandala as we know it today has evolved in such a way that it's..

Mandala Tattoos: Beautiful, Simple And Meaningful

  1. Print, color, design and share mandalas. Many designs to choose from. Easy, fun and free. Color a mandala online. There's many to choose from and our app has a few nice tricks to help you out
  2. Mandala Tattoos PNG Images - High Quality and Best Resolution pictures and cliparts with transparent background. Download the Mandala Tattoos, Artistic PNG on FreePNGImg for free
  3. 3. Mandala Circular Style Tattoo Designs: The mandala tattoo meaning is a circle which denotes wholeness and balance. This is one of the best mandalatattoo that represents the perfection when..
  4. mandala tattoos - German tattoo artist Jessica Kinzer creates unbelievably detailed mandala tattoos with fine lines and dots. Many of her tattoos utilize the geomet..
  5. A lotus mandala never fails to be a popular choice when covering a small area like the wrist or embellishing larger parts like the sides or flank area, chest, stomach, and thighs.
  6. I love the bold colors involved with this tattoo as well as the 3D look. If you want your tattoo to pop then layer the images to create a look like this one.
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For women, a thigh tattoo looks seductive and adds a certain appeal. This lotus mandala tattoo showcases a lovely pink bloom that stands out against the green backdrop shading.This lotus mandala tattoo doesn’t have a definitive closed outline, giving off a more airy feeling. The shapes of the petals perfectly adorn a shoulder. #mandala #art #mandalaart #mandalas #tattoo #mandalatattoo #artist #drawing #artwork #mandalalove #handmade Best mandala hashtags popular on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Tumbl Extending from the arm down to the hand, this tattoo shows off a more complex design and fine details that onlookers would certainly appreciate.Many lotus mandala tattoos have small circular details, as if the flower has just emerged and delicately bloomed on a pond.

Three dots on the upper and lower sides of this lotus mandala tattoo add a certain symbolic meaning. The watercolor style makes this wrist tattoo colorful and attractive.The color red always makes for a bold design because it seems to pop off the skin and it draws attention.You don’t need a lot of colors to create a great looking tattoo. This Mandala design is dark and mysterious.Mandalas are often used to promote a sense of peace, calm, and tranquillity which is often useful in yoga teachings, meditation practise and various methods used to relieve stress while presenting a wide range of versatile meanings.  Contents. Mandala Tattoo Arm Designs. Sternum Mandala Tattoo Designs To Show All Your Beauty. Mandala Tattoo Ideas For Legs. Feet Mandala Tattoo Designs. Feminine Back Mandala Tattoos

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Buddhists are known to use the lotus flower as a symbolic representation of achieving peace and transcending into enlightenment. This tattoo is quite meaningful, as it depicts Buddha sitting on a blossoming lotus. If you believe in achieving spirituality through meditation or you simply appreciate the ways of Buddha, this tattoo is an excellent way to express your beliefs. Der Begriff Mandala stammt aus dem Indischen und bedeutet soviel wie Kreis. Ein Mandala zeichnet sich vor allem durch wiederkehrende Muster und Formen aus. Heutzutage sind Mandalas eine..

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  1. Mandala tattoos are not only unique but also carry sacred meanings and symbolism. A Mandala tattoo is one idea. Where does the word Mandala come from? It's simple; it means circle
  2. ently exhibits the face of Buddha surrounded by lotus blooms.
  3. Find mandala tattoo stock images in HD and millions of other royalty-free stock photos, illustrations and vectors in the Shutterstock collection. Thousands of new, high-quality pictures added every day
  4. Mandala Love Hearts Free SVG Files 1207
  5. monday mandala is a website where you can download coloring pages to print and share for free
  6. This lotus mandala tattoo is perfect for a woman’s foot, as it represents grace, beauty, and life.
  7. This feature chest tattoo is a cool piece of art. It moves out from the tiny central negative space circle, in layer after layer of tightly detailed, triangular patterns of black and gray shading. However, the mandala images don’t really fit the shape of the subject’s shoulders nor do they link up with clarity – it’s a bit of a mess of blackness. The success of the center technique is lost in the transitions of a different shaped canvas. A different pattern of mandala application for the shoulders may have resulted in more successful flanking images.
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Mandala or henna tattoo design ornamental round vector. Henna tattoo doodle elements on white background vector. Asian culture inspired by monochrome mandala vector I hope you like these awesome tattoo designs and probably get an idea as well for your next tattoo design.Mandala tattoos don’t always have to be meticulously detailed. This wrist tattoo looks clean, simple, and pleasing to the eye.When it comes to tattoo art, the sky is the limit on what you can have tattooed on your body. A Mandala tattoo is one idea. Where does the word Mandala come from? It’s simple; it means circle. When it comes to a Mandala tattoo design anything between circles is equivalent. These tattoos are circular in design which represents that life has no ending. Beautiful, isn’t it? Mandala also has a different meaning as well, “Life of a Flower.” If you love floral designs, then you won’t find a cooler looking design than a Mandala. If you like your flowers to be of different shapes and styles, then you are sure to love the Mandala tattoo. The Mandala is an eye-catching tattoo one that you can’t ignore. The Mandala tattoo can come in many different shapes and sizes so they can be placed virtually anywhere on your body. They can be tattooed in black and white as well as color, and there are other shapes and symbols that can be added to the tattoo. The Mandala tattoo has spiritual significance as well. It is often used as a tool in spiritual Buddhist and Hindus.

This Mandala tattoo is bold because of the big shapes that pop as well as the color choices. The reds and blacks always look well together. mandala tattoo. şükela: tümü | bugün. akil hastasi bir tattoo artist tarafindan isletilen mekan. hakaret olsun diye soyleyemiyorum; geldigi ulkede raporu bulunuyor ve dovme studyosu isletmesine izin.. Mandala Tattoo - The Sims 4. Add to Favorites. shared 1 year ago Amazing Black Mandala Flower Tattoo Flash. Black Ink Mandala Design With Feather Tattoo Stencil

The artist uses a combination of styles to create a nice chest tattoo mandala. Again, the versatility in its depiction helps to combine the piece with previous work. The artist has worked hard to complement thick black lines on the outer image, with varying circles of negative space tied in with time consuming levels of difficult dotwork. A mandala is one of the most popular themes when it comes to tattoo designs. The deep meaning and aesthetic beauty of this symbol make it a favorite among tattoo artists. Many artists combine lotus blossoms with mandala tattoos to add meaning and infuse floral beauty into the tattoo designs.

1.6Kshares. Share. Tweet. 1.6Kshares. Share on Facebook. Share on Twitter. If you are looking for a flower design to get inked on your body.. A great Mandala tattoo for those who want a flower. The colors are softer than the other ones but still very beautiful.A circle within a circle will create an eye-catching design to be sure. You will fall in love with this artwork.This lotus mandala tattoo lies just below the chest, giving the person the option to show it off by wearing cropped tops or to keep it hidden with shirts.

99 of the Coolest Designs for a Mandala Tattoo

Mandala tattoos are one of the most beautiful modern day type of tattoos. Mandala tattoos have been quite popular for the last couple years. And it seems that its popularity is still growing In essence, lotus is a symbol of purity. Different colors of the flower also convey varying meanings. The red lotus, which bears a similarity to the heart, depicts love and burning passion. A purple lotus somewhat symbolizes mysticism. The eight petals of a lotus are seen as the representation of the eight-fold path advocated by Buddhism. Another type of colored lotus is a pink lotus, which embodies divine devotion. A blue lotus, on the other hand, exemplifies intelligence and lifelong learning. Студия Мандала в Минске. +375 29 6999 248 viber, whatsapp, смс mandala.elaya@gmail.com. МЕНЮ This bold Mandala tattoo has some watercolor elements to it in the background. The colors are just so beautiful.Compared to other more complex mandala tattoos on this list, the wrist tattoo above looks rather more simplistic and features nice dotwork shading to add a faint silhouette to the floral design.

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Ich würde mir gerne ein Tattoo stechen lassen (Mandala, ca 10x10 - 13x13 ca) Hab mir in einem Tattoostudio einen Kostenvoranschlag machen lassen und die meinten dort es würde ca 2 1/2h.. Mandala tattoos on the shoulder is looking awesome. Mandala looks awesome on shoulder due to its unique shapes and sizes,  Advertisement Hindu and Buddhist mandalas differ slightly. In Hinduism, they are known broadly as yantra and are used in meditative rituals. Every yantra is unique and relates to a specific god. The subsequent rings of yantra help the individual call forth the qualities bestowed by a respective god, using it to summon him or her. In this way, the yantra connect to the heavens, but translate into lived practices of individuals and act as a guide.

Mandala tattoos, mandala tattoo designs, mandala tattoo ideas, for men, for women, for girls, for ladies, Mandala flower tattoo designs, best, awesome, cute,guy In Buddhism, mandalas function primarily in a religious context. Like in Hinduism, they act as a guide in meditation, but instead of leading their devotee in their daily life, they lead Buddhist monks in chant. They decorate temples throughout the Buddhist world. In the Tibetan sect of Vajrayana Buddhism, it is common practice to create intricate mandalas out of colored sand. Jung probably received his conception of mandalas from the teachings of Vajrayana which, as one scholar writes, portray the pure, enlightened mind through the circular symbols. Manadalas in Vajrayana portray the mind as “”a microcosm representing various divine powers at work in the universe.” Mandala & Flowers Arm Tattoo Process and Time-lapse #tattoo #timelapse #mandalatattoo Instagram: jg3_tattooedheart Instagram: jg3_365 Studio Website..

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This back tattoo looks quite fresh and appears to still heal due to the reddish marks around. Combining dotwork and blackwork styles, this lotus mandala tattoo gives off a traditional vibe. Use the numbers for swashes. For example: A1ngilla4 Tattoo8. For questions, please visit www.mn.sg/faq 9. Mandala Leaf Tattoo. This creative tattoo is quite interesting to say the least. This pre-tattoo sketch shows the Mandala drawn like a flower. It can be either simple small piece or a larger more..

Mandala Tattoo Gallery. Mandalas are particularly popular in henna tattoos. By definition, a mandala is any one of a variety of geometric designs that symbolize the universe Mandala tattoo design ideas that are anything but basic. Ultra-Detailed Lotus Mandala Tattoo This mandala design is so minute and meticulously inked, and it has an interesting meaning behind it, too

Yin yang is a popular symbol that represents the balance between good and bad in the Chinese culture. This tattoo holds more meaning because of the addition of the Yin Yang symbol to the middle of the lotus mandala design. Here are Mandalas that can of course be printed and colored, but that we have gathered in this gallery because Various styles and themes are present. Polynesian Tattoos : The Sun. Tattoo Idea tribal Find images of Mandala. Free for commercial use No attribution required High quality images. Mandala Tattoo Longer than traditional mandala tattoos, this piece of art features a grid backdrop, which adds a bit of dimension to the overall design.

The last thing you want is for there to be a mistake with your tattoo. You want to love it for your whole life, not have to worry about getting it corrected. It can be very difficult to correct a Mandala so the only option may be to have it completely covered up, which would be tragic indeed. Your Mandala needs to be a uniform and detailed design so just make sure that your artist is experienced in that.Mandala patterns and pictures start at a central point then radiate outward in a circle, with a variety of other images or patterns making up the whole. They are often very intricate, detailed sets of images when drawn together and make for aesthetically pleasing tattoos that many people respond to on a deeper level.  Download 8,166 mandala free vectors. Choose from over a million free vectors, clipart graphics, vector art images, design templates, and illustrations created by artists worldwide Mandala is a spiritual and ritual symbol originating in Hinduism and Buddhism, representing the Since the geometry offers endless possibilities, your mandala tattoo definitely can be unique The unique placement of this dotwork lotus mandala tattoo portrays your fun, creative personality. One half of the design is uniquely placed on the sole of each foot, so that they connect and make a whole when you position your feet side by side.

Mandala tattoos. Load more. Snake & Flowers Hip. We use cookies on Tattoo Ideas to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website Mandala tattoo designs can be large in size so rib cage can be a good place for having a mandala design.This is a funky mandala. I bet there are lots of people with stress issues just itching to take to it with a set of colored pencils. With no shading to speak of, this body art relies on clever patterns and directional changes to achieve the sense of unity and circle that mandalas are known for. This piece could either be left as is, shaded in black and gray or totally filled in with layers of bright color. In general, they comprise of intricate patterns and details confined within a circle. Subsequent circles have subsequent meanings, and specific meanings differ between regions, sects, religions, and the media by which they are created.The mandala is one of the most universal spiritual symbols of any religion. Coincidentally, most symbolize the universe, consciousness, and the self all reconciled within one image.

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How is a mandala tattoo designed? Mandala ink designs are usually designed from the center outwards. This gives them a better appearance, and is what many classify as a floral appearance Create. Make social videos in an instant: use custom templates to tell the right story for your business. For Hire. Post jobs, find pros, and collaborate commission-free in our professional marketplace Compared to other black and gray tattoos, this artwork flaunts vibrant colors. Orange, green, and yellow hues enliven the tattoo. Dragonflies lie side by side inside the mandala tattoo, infusing a touch of nature to the design.Wow. This is a truly remarkable black and gray expression of different tattoo styles worked together with masterful technique. The versatile mandala tattoos are deployed to create linkage with the more esoteric geometric pieces, such as the maze at the wrist or the black and negative space vortex high on the upper arm. This is a rich, interesting work of great quality that could be transferred to an adult’s stress reducing coloring in book!

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This series of mandala tattoos morphs into a successful sleeve tattoo. The image is a little far away for up close detail, but the body art flows nicely along, with the possible exception of the singular lotus that stands apart from the rest of the arm’s work. The upper arm sleeve stands out, with two bands of zero space central work bracketed by gradual changes in color and pattern as the mandala radiates outward.A beautiful piece mixing amazing layers of mandala imagery with the weird, abstract central bird image. The delivery is masterful, from the gray shading of the fowl’s feathers through the different sized mandalas all working in concert to cecome a brilliantly interlinked full back tattoo. Вся правда раскрыта: тату мандала значение (60 фото и эскизов). Tattoo |

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You won’t find a better design than this one with the multiple Mandala flowers. I just love all the detail involved with these tattoos. Tattoo You sells high quality temporary tattoos designed by famous tattoo artists. Here at TattooYou, the worlds of temporary and permanent tattoos collide, giving you a one-stop shop for.. To give a little twist to the traditional lotus mandala design, this arm tattoo adds circular shapes which appear to depict the moon. Two of the shapes portray the quarter moon, while the rest show either half or full moons with nice shading to create shadows. This was my official page for the Mandala Madness CAL which will start on Thursday 17th March 2016. About this pattern. Mandala Madness. by Helen Shrimpton. 3149 projects, in 5441 queues Featuring fully shaded interiors with contrasting white and black edges, this wrist tattoo looks like a permanent wrist accessory that embellishes the hand.

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Got the itch for ink, or just looking for some future tattoo inspo? Whether you're interested in the spiritual side of the symbol, ancient Eastern traditions and all, or you're simply a lover of the look and.. Tattoos - Elbow tattoos - Mandala tattoo back - Mandala tattoo - Trendy tattoos - Hand tattoos. Trendy tattoo mandala arm lotus tatoo Best Picture For traditional The word ‘mandala’ comes from the Sanskrit language, and it means ‘circle.’ It is a spiritual symbol in Hinduism and Buddhism, which represents the universe. However, the meanings may vary according to the form, color and other elements that surround the mandala. But generally, it’s a symbol of balance, vitality, and security. It includes all the energy of the universe and is a symbol with a very profound meaning.A great foot design that shows a lot of creativity with the Mandala tattoo. I love the shading as well as the colors involved in the tattoo.

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If you are looking for a Mandala tattoo, then we hope that the article helped you to find one. There are many different ideas to choose from and looking for a Mandala tattoo is often the easy part. Once you find a design, then you are going to want to find a talented artist to bring to life your Mandala creation. Because the Mandala is often detailed, you are going to want an artist that has a lot of experience and a great portfolio. Don’t trust your ink to just anyone that could be a huge mistake.This chest tattoo features a design that appears to have a reflection of itself, as if a lotus springing from the waters.Blue, purple, green, and yellow watercolor splashes instantly liven up this bold lotus mandala arm tattoo. If you want to make your tattoo more interesting and eye pleasing, a bit of color will definitely transform it into an eye-catching artwork.

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200 Mystical Mandala Tattoos & Meanings (Ultimate Guide 2020

In western culture Mandalas are used to promote balance and harmony. This idea extends to mandalas becoming a spiritually linked method of tattoo, body art, and peace in general. A faint outline adds emphasis to bolder inner outlines, and a hint of dotwork enhances the beauty of this tattoo.In Hinduism, mandalas also have political significance. The ancient author Kautilya in his political work, the Arthashastra, used them to describe the makeup of the state. According to Kautilya, the Raja-mandala places the king at the center, and each surrounding ring describes different factions and groups that makeup his kingdom.Eight-petal lotus flowers lie atop each other, adding depth and creating an amazing layered look that immediately grabs attention. The outermost lotus has finer petal details for a more complex design.

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Custom Tattoo Designs | Tattoo Ideas for Men and Women. This tattoo may also be a 3D version of a Mandala as it seems to just jump out at you. A great design that you are sure to love.What’s great about inking on areas such as the back is that you always have the option to conceal them or show them off depending on your choice of clothes. Back tattoos are perfect to reveal during summer months, especially when you frolic in the beach. ⬇ Download mandala design tattoo - stock drawings and illustrations in the best photography agency ✔ reasonable prices ✔ millions of high Mandala design tattoo - stock drawings and illustrations

The shape and appearance of leaves are more noticeable on this tattoo, which features organic shapes and fluid outlines.Besides the common eight-petal lotus mandala, many people believe that seven petals serve as a sacred number for this type of tattoo.In Chinese culture, the lotus depicts flawless beauty. Poets, writers, and artists use this flower as a subject of their work because of its enchanting beauty. When it comes to relationships, lotus symbolizes perfect harmony.

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