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Lets play with 100000 customers – that means those customers are spending INCREDIBLE 9 Euro per year on the card… Or 0.75 Euro per month….I am about join Cash Back World and just want to say, that I am from ex comunist country ( read: we have political crisis, the healt care system is colapsing, the big bureaucracy system, taxes are increasing, the per capita income is declining etc…).Your math is completely messed up, and no need for insults, no one is trying to convince you whatsoever. Lyoness is actually the definition of a pyramid scheme. They have found ways to work around the legal details ofc but its 100% a pyramid What you can and can’t do outside of the unit investment scheme doesn’t change the fact that majority of Lyoness’ company-wide revenue is attributable to the Ponzi scheme.

Lyoness is a multi-level marketing company established in Austria in 2003. According to Lyoness, the company was active in more than 40 countries, spread over six continents, and their shopping community consisted of more than five million members as of 2016 Lyoness is suspected to be a pyramid scheme in several of the countries it operates in. In its homeland Austria, Lyoness has been declared a pyramid scheme by four independent civil courts.. Gunung Padang could change everything we know about history. Proceeding with due caution, archaeologists are turning their attention to a Pyramid shaped mound located near Cianjur, West Java

Mailing List - See more. PopulationPyramid.net Population Pyramids of the World from 1950 to 2100 Both Hosp and Lyoness are seemingly aggressive and effective in suppressing damaging material, including by offering bounties for information on critics. Hosp, according to The Financial Telegram, scrubbed online evidence of his connections to Lyoness before the TenX ICO, and the Twitter account that first highlighted the video was booted from the service within hours. Another Twitter account collecting complaints about the scheme, @lyonessvictims, has also been long suspended. Most strikingly, a message board created to collect complaints about Lyoness, plattform-lyoness.at, has been taken over by the company itself and now redirects to the U.S. Cashback World portal.All the informations are out. People just think they will make a quick money. No it aint going to be quick but it will be permanent.If you share Lyoness/Lyconet with your friends and family, you can make money from their purchases as well.Check out this review. This company has been around for a long time and there is ZERO recruiting required.

Lyoness Scam Found Not A Pyramid Scheme In Australia

Is Lyoness a pyramid scheme? - Quor

Is Lyoness a Pyramid Scheme? Scam Busted? My Review Reveals All! Even if Lyoness is not a pyramid scheme, you must analyse various aspects to ensure if you can generate enough income.. What is the problem if you get money back? NOTHING! All people in 47 countries where CBW can be used are getting it back. The only decision is are you going to collect your own money or you will leave it to the store or the partner company. Die Lyoness International AG ist eine 2003 vom Ös- terreicher Hubert Freidl gegründete Schweizer Aktienge- sellschaft, die sich selbst länder- und branchenübergrei- fende Einkaufsgemeinschaft nennt

Lyoness / myWorld pyramid scheme absolutely torn apart in front of

  1. Скриншоты. Рецепты. Как установить Pyramid Plunder. Скачай и установи Minecraft Forge
  2. I have read all the posts and have come to the conclusion that you guys are supporting the statistic!
  3. The good news though is that if you are still looking to make money online then there are legitimate programs out there that you can do so with, such as Wealthy Affiliate for example which is one of my all-time top rated programs.
  4. Egyptian pyramids have been fascinating us since long. Despite a lot of research, there are still This list highlights some of the interesting facts about ancient Egyptian pyramids that you may not know
  5. However, I will spend the final sections of the review proving that the company has had a lot of bad press and conducted itself in a manner that is unacceptable.

Lyoness a pyramid scheme in Italy, fined 3

  1. If you have any experience with Lyoness, ask a question or leave a comment, feel free to fill out the form below.
  2. g Board is like a combination of the FTC and SEC as far as MLM regulation goes in Norway. I can’t speak to the other areas they regulate.
  3. Pyramids Temples of Egypt computer-generated reconstructions of what the pyramids and temples might have looked like when they were first built
  4. There have been several complaint lodged with FTC against Lyoness/Lyconet. Presumably, you were taken by Louise Hung or Pam Lewko who is remarried with a different name. You should file a complaint with Dianne Feinstein’s office as she is pro-consumer and here office is responsive.
  5. Dungeon-Level 0 to 65 The time has come to enter Sekt the Eternal's Fouth Dimensional Pyramid to fulfill an ANCIENT Prophcy
  6. This was a little disturbing because there is usually a company has at least a few loyal customers that can confirm that the program works.
  7. Regardless of Lyoness’ legal status, many of Hosp’s tips reveal an unethical approach to doing business. He advises Lyoness recruiters to refuse to provide any written material, which would allow careful reflection by prospective “investors.” “Never forget, it is not about telling the exact 100% truth,” he emphasizes.

Is Lyconet, myWorld And Cashback World A Scam? The Lyoness

What happened my money was suddenly discount vouchers and not cash. They are paid out apparently when you shop as a cash back. So when I use the card and buy stuff I get a drip of money from it. Those you hand cards out to will be recruited under you. You’ll tell them that just by shopping they can earn cashback. x 4. Pyramid Survival HardCore. Adobe style village with canyon, inverted pyramid, and private airport You can’t legitimize a Ponzi scheme with a free membership option, any more so than you can by tacking on cashback shopping.

Lyoness Review - Scam, Pyramid Or Legit? Stealth Secret

  1. Not withstanding 84.4% in direct investment revenue being used to pay existing unit ROIs is Ponzi fraud.
  2. In his judgment in the Federal Court today, Justice Flick said there could be “no doubting the fact that inducements were held out to prospective members that they would ultimately receive financial benefits other than the discounts they received on purchases made from loyalty merchants”.
  3. Your performance as a recruiter is measured in terms of accounting units. After reaching a certain level i.e. 35 accounting units, you’ll become eligible to receive Loyalty Cash. One accounting unit equals $75. So 35 accounting units mean that you’ll become a veteran recruiter if you manage to somehow reach this level.
  4. As you can see from the second image, some people have many complaints, including not getting money back and others simply spending money on deluxe packages and seeing little to no return.
  5. You can also check out the step-by-step training that helps me earn over $10,000+ per month working from home.

Mathematics dictates that the majority of Lyoness investors can’t “get their money back”. Lyoness Finland Oy on maailman laajimman kanta-asiakasohjelma Cashback Solutionsin Lyoness -hommaan on yhteys, mutta itsekään en ole vielä päässyt kärryille, että millä tavalla So I saved nothing, made actually nothing but lost because I can’t see I ever get my money back everything I put into it. Pyramid Solitaire. Copyright 2011-2020 TreeCardGames All rights reserved. Follow Pyramid Solitaire on YouTube. Want More Solitaire Games According to the US Lyoness corporate site, Lyoness offers a global loyalty rewards program ACCC Chairman Rod Sims said: Pyramid schemes are often sophisticated and may be operated..

Complaint Centre Lyoness: Update: Lyoness is buying (but

Based on testimony, the Lottery Authority has rejected appeals in 2016 and 2017 by Lyoness, and the content of that, found grounds for assessing whether Lyoness is an illegal pyramid-based sales system after the Lottery Agreement Section 16, second paragraph.We have paid particular attention to the fact that Norwegian participants in Lyoness do not receive or consume goods, services or other benefits from the sales system that correspond to the value of what is paid when they pay for them. Participants’ payments to Lyoness are as a consequence of this to be regarded as consideration to participate in a pyramid-based sales system. The income of the company and the individual participant is primarily related to the acquisition of new participants and those payments to Lyoness, and not from the sale or consumption of goods, services or other benefits.

Is Lyoness a Pyramid Scheme? - Living More Working Les

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Just want to say what are the big merchants doing here in my country: they ordered and buy CBW cards and they distribute them for free to their final customers. Tell that to the investors who have been abandoned in every country Lyoness has flopped in over the years.So I’m taken back over the “new” this will be so big etc. A ton of money is going to be locked into yet another name for yet more years and many belive this is an amazing opportunity.

Lyoness Judged To Be An Illegal Pyramid Scheme - Ethan Vanderbuil

If you take in consideration 100k customers (no one knows for sure), for the waiting period (26 months), it’s around 3 SPs per month per customer, around 150€ in Shopping.If cashback shopping was a viable method of running a Lyoness MLM business profitably 84.4% of revenue in the company’s largest market wouldn’t be direct investment in units.Check out a few comments from previous customers have said about the program to put things into perspective. Understand what a pyramid is, when they were first built, how many pyramids have been discovered in Egypt, examples of well known Mayan pyramids, Aztec pyramids, modern day pyramids and.. Or you could also get involved in a training program that provides you with everything you need to succeed by creating your own business.

New Video Appears to Link TenX President to Lyoness Pyramid

You stealing money from people who join Lyoness after you doesn’t change the fact that it’s a Ponzi scheme.Some folks believe that when a company hires convicers… I mean, paid motivators to speak at an event, then that company is legit and no regulators will step in to arrest everyone in the room.

Since the vast majority of people fail at this part of the business, there is little to no point of doing an MLM like this. Close to Carstensz Pyramid is another peak that is called Ngga Pulu/Poeloe or Jaya Peak/Puncak Jaya. It was measured during the first expeditions to the mountain ranges: 5130m (see also the maps..

Similarly one doesn’t need to sign up to a Ponzi scheme to realize they are bad for your wallet.All the informations are out. People just think they will make a quick money. No it aint going to be quick but it will be permanent.“We will take action where appropriate to ensure consumers are not drawn into schemes where the financial benefits held out to induce potential members to join up rely substantially on the recruitment of further new members into the scheme.”

Second, customer clouds don’t pay in euros, but generate Shopping Points, that IF you have Discount Voucher Balance, those SPs are redeemed at 1SP=1€ rate. But, if you already redeemed your DV, shopping points go to the career plan, and you get paid accordingly (from 0.025€/SP to 0.0825€/SP). This is how their system pays, your knowledge of the comp plan is zero. The Pyramid is located north of Port Kapul. The first floor consists of many tight passages with deadends that have treasures in them, along with the occasional doorless room. You cannot teleport yourself or any NPC in the pyramid.. On January 11, 2018 the Lottery Authority issued notification of a decision to stop Lyoness’ work in Norway.The US FTC has been provided more than enough information to have taken action against them 2 years ago and ongoing information, and for some strange reason have ignored all the information. Un chollo para Lyoness, quiero decir. Tenéis más información a pie de página. Os recomiendo especialmente la lectura de los comentarios del post de Derecho y Empresas

Shelled out a good chunk of cash to be a seller. Then I was told to shell out about 150 euros a month to maintain the seller status, and was stressed to invest into a cloud which after 3 years would pay out a lot of money. LOYALTY card shopping scheme Lyoness has won a court case against the consumer watchdog, which accused the company of operating a pyramid scheme and engaging in referral selling It had to happen. Hundreds of thousands of members globally who were sold the income earning MLM Premium Membership have been ripped off and lost there investments (sold to them as ‘Booked Units’ or ‘Down Payment for Future Shopping’). 99% of these members will never get a ROI. Better known a SUCKER Investors!! There has been a lot of smoke since 2003. Where there is smoke there is FIRE 🔥 The BUSH FIRE 🔥 🔥🔥🔥 has arrived. A change from Premium Membership to Lyconet in 2014 to disguise the PYRAMID/ PONZI major money making arm of the SCAM, to confuse the legal authorities. A change in the name from Lyoness to Cashback World to hide the court proceedings in Australia, Switzerland, Sweden, Austria, Germany and Norway. Australian has been blinded by the cover ups. Norway, Switzerland, Sweden and even Austria (global Head Quarters) authorities have seen through the cover ups and suspended Lyoness ‘Cashback World’ operations as an illegal PYRAMID. Lyoness ‘Cashback World’ and the proven illegal PYRAMID ‘Lyconet’ MLM division continues to be allowed to operate in Australia and other country’s globally with key leaders enticing new investors to participate in a legally proven PYRAMID for personal gain. Wake Up Australia!!

What Exactly Is Lyoness?

Lyoness pyramid scheme (also known as CB Cashback World, Lyconet and recently MyWorld) appears to be gearing up towards launching ”eCredits”. Technical specifications for the ”eCredits” have not been published yet. Also, pyramid schemes are the easiest way to lose money on the internet. I would rather mine Bitcoin or learn how to make money by trading stocks and Cryptocurrencies.Ponzi from day 1. If I facepalmed every time a Lyoness investor tried to defend the Ponzi, I’d have no face left.

Complaint Centre Lyoness: Lyoness: it is all just a bunchIs CashBack World A Scam? Proceed With Caution WhenIs Lyoness a Scam? - A Very Controversial Pyramid Scheme?!

Lyoness has responded to these allegations by refuting all claims of operating a pyramid scheme. In its response Lyoness states that it has now been operating for over 12 years and in 46 countries and.. Giza's Great Pyramid (also called the Pyramid of Cheops) is not only this ancient site's most famous monument but one of the most well-known monuments in the world. It was built by the Pharaoh Khufu.. I have been a member of Lyoness/Cashback World for 4 years… I have received my R500 back AND I have made more then R2 400 from their shopping.

Lyoness Pyramid Scheme Review: Scam and Illegal Campforex

Lyoness is not only a terrific chance for all participants to find themselves in a Win-Win-Win situation, but it also Lyoness Triumph.Money Back with Every Purchase! Get Cash Back when you shop While the so-called eCredits are purported to be a form of value that can also be transferred to other users, those eCredits cost nothing to generate and are therefore worthless outside the Lyoness ecosystem.

The World Population Pyramid displays age, sex and population data for 100 years. We have chosen the years between 1950-2050 for our Pyramid to show a balance of historical and future projections I am an owner of a physical store but most likely the last one who has not entered yet in Cash Back World and Lyconet in our city. pickle.PicklingError: Can't pickle <function beforerender_subscriber at 0x0000000003CD8D90>: it's not the same object as pyramid_debugtoolbar.toolbar.beforerender_subscriber There is little to no information on this Fried character before this so I can’t tell you much more than that.

How Does Lyoness Work?

The pyramid of Kheops is the first of the seven wonders of the world and the only one of its wonders still standing today. It is an imposing monument built by the Egyptians at the time of antiquity Lyoness offers as their product a 'Cash Back' product/service whereby if the user uses a Lyoness store/affiliated store, then they will receive a discount on their purchase, saving cash

Lyoness Vouchers Are Not Considered &quot;Retail Trade&quot; In The

Lyoness 'pyramid scheme' case thrown out of Federal Court ACC

Walk like an Egyptian in this mysterious game plucked from the sands of time. Pyramid: Quest for Immortality™ takes you on a journey to the land of pharaohs Representatives of the blockchain start-up TenX confirmed that TenX founder Julian Josp was involved in the activities of the Austrian financial pyramid Lyoness Planetary alignment of Saturn, Venus, and Mercury that will take place Dec 3, 2012 is dead-on alignment with the Pyramids at Giza. Night Sky in Giza, Egypt on December 3, 2012, local time.. It might wake the FTC up and get them to finally take action. So frustrating they ignored taking action against them.Lyoness was founded by Hubert Fried who launched it back in 2003. The company shot out of the gates red hot, becoming very popular.

Is Lyoness Really a Pyramid Scheme?

The only way to make money in Lyoness is to invest and then recruit others to invest. This is why every Lyoness market eventually collapses.Why is there little shopping? Well the shops who are members are not cheap, incomplete etc. So if I use the card I actually don’t save anything. In fact I spend more than if I buy elsewhere in most cases. So I never use it as well.

Lyoness MLM Review: Is Lyoness a Pyramid - Your Online Revenu

I have read the compensation plan and it is long and at times confusing with all of the terms and agreements.Fantastic figures – I would LOVE as a retail owner to participate… (Note: Yes – sarcasm)

Escape The Lost Pyramid is an escape game in Virtual Reality, taking place in the world of Assassin's Creed A team of four and a dozen local porters were looking for the Lost Pyramid of Nebk If Lyoness is found to be a Pyramid or Ponzi, then you can bet the settlements will be in the multi-millions of dollars. Hopefully, it will not be another Zeek Rewards The definition also varies from state to state depending on local laws. If we consider the legalities, yes, Lyoness could potentially be a pyramid scheme! The reason is that the website has been branded in Norway as a pyramid scheme. But the question is, with the passage of time the website has gone global and is operating legally in various countries. A large structure found in the Desert. Most of the structure is static, however some parts are randomly generated between each run, opening or sealing some passages. At the top of Pyramid's exterior is an Orb of True Knowledge and an Emerald Tablet. Below the Pyramid lies the Sandcave The Lottery Authority in Norway is a government agency responsible for illegal marketing, illegal gaming and pyramids.Finally Lyoness has been found an illegal pyramid system and this is just the start. The ACCC in Australia messed up the case and Lyoness won. The die hards in Lyoness then went on to use the ACCC to claim that Lyoness was legitimate and convinced many Australians to invest in the ponzi scheme of units which hasn’t paid. To read the full story: https://www.businessforhome.org/2018/01/lyoness-and-lyconet-a-pyramid-scheme-in-norway/ If you live in Australia and have invested money into Lyoness then it’s time you tell your story to the media. If enough people do this, Lyoness will be exposed on national TV and the government will have to act.

Is Lyoness a Scam? - A Very Controversial Pyramid Scheme?

Earth pyramids consist of cone-shaped pillars formed by deposited clay and a boulder on top - they often form rather bizarre shapes, and tend to be shrouded in mystery But you missed the point: I will not signing them up. I will give away them my CBW cards with logo of my company.ACCC chairman Rod Sims said the judgment “echoed some of the concerns the ACCC had with the scheme, in particular its complexity and the inducements that were held to prospective members”.Lyoness founder Hubert Freidl has, similarly, been caught on hidden camera saying that the cash-back cards are unimportant. Instead, according to Freidl, “it is all about positions, positions, positions” (meaning, attracting new suckers to the scheme so you’re not left holding the bag). For most, promised returns never materialized, as detailed in a lengthy report from Austria’s ORF Report. Lyoness tried and failed to block the report, which can be viewed with English subtitles here, through Austrian media regulators.Having lost Italy, Lyoness desperately needs new suckers to keep it running. Your country certainly sounds ripe for pillaging.

My Verdict – Is Lyoness a Scam?

If you have a look at all 3 of these comments, you can see that there is a disagreement in the public eye.Anecdotal experiences such as yours do not change the fact that the majority of Lyoness’ company-wide revenue is attached to their unit/voucher Ponzi scheme.Dude.. im not affiliated with the company. But i have friends who are. Not only are they not named lyoness anymore, Its MyWorld. You say there are no such things as clouds and other revenue streams. Stop spreading misinformation to people. This information is avaliable on the internet. I imagine you have watched a youtubevideo on the subject by someone who has done as little research as you. The dangerous part of this profession is people who join dont read rhe compensasionplan and some get persuaded by a friend or family member and they dont taje the time to find out what the company is actually doing. They read one negative article and they jump off. A big business will allways have people working against them. First they are ridiculed, 2nd. at the peak there are people actively working against them, 3rd. They are accepted. Myworld now runs over 120 companies and have some really cool projects coming up. Dale. I hioe sincerely that you can think about this in the future. You are running a business site and your job is to create understanding and safety for entrepreneurship.Anyway, I was able to come across their promotional materials on YouTube where it was revealed that Lyoness pyramid scheme was intending to launch eCredits which would then be integrated into Lyoness’ eCommerce platform.

Why pay 50 euros more per tire to get 2 euro back? And what about shopping point deals where you can use it to get 10% or 20% off? Only to see you can get the same discount if you ask. just created account under italy lyconet and i can buy enterprise cloud 2 limited edition discount vouchers i.imgur.com/gsqfnoV.png Isn't Lyoness a pyramid scheme? Just like the Dragon Dens member (ahem, Kevin O' Leary) I might have been bit quick to judge Lyoness and label it a pyramid scheme Anyway, if you read the AGCM report, you will see that, the regulator “fined Lyoness and gave two months to submit a new marketing plan”, which must then be approved by the AGCM. This is not ‘banning’ a company from a Country. Of course we will se what happens next and the impact of this in LYCONET Business.

P.S. You Might Also Like:

Even if Lyoness is not a pyramid scheme, you must analyse various aspects to ensure if you can generate enough income through this platform to make it worth your while & that’s exactly why I’ve decided to put together this fact-based Lyoness review, to help you see if it’s legit & right for you. Перевод слова pyramid, американское и британское произношение, транскрипция, словосочетания pyramidal — пирамидальный pyramidical — парамедицинский, смежный с.. So personally I am not going to be recommending Lyoness to you because honestly I don’t think you’ll find much value from it. The likelihood is that instead of making money you’ll probably just find yourself spending money instead…

Apart from that, they intend to sell eCredits for 1 EUR each. This eCredit investment is being promoted as an opportunity for making 10,000% return on investment in just 4 years.I was conned by a bloke called Chris Rxxxx, he told us many times that we should invest. We all did, he is still peddling Lyoness unit investments. Even managed to get a lot of people to put in 15k each which pushed him to a level 7…. don’t worry it was a short lived glory he couldn’t sustain the requirements and has dropped backed to earning nothing.

You and your greedy store owner friends won’t be among those who lose money. But you will lose all credibility and live the rest of your life knowing you abused the trust and good will of your customers.Lyoness has already canned the investment scheme in Italy. Seeing as that’s the meat and bones of the Lyoness MLM opportunity, RIP Lyoness in Italy.

The irony of course being that pretty much everyone who has defended Lyoness on here over the years has since lost money. Every time you make a purchase at one of the Lyoness Loyalty Merchant stores you can receive up to 5% of the purchase price back.

On top of that, their marketing materials contain nothing with regards to regulatory disclosure and instead is hyping on how the value of these points will rise 10,000 fold in 4 years.The Lyoness homepage claims the company’s partnership with 90k + merchants across the globe & aside from the website you can also use Lyoness Cash Back by downloading their mobile application. You’ll get a Lyoness Cash Back Card to receive discounts on your shopping.During my research of this company, I could not find a positive comment about the company unless it was a paid affiliate.

Italy’s Competition Authority (AGCM) announced a preliminary investigation into Lyoness in September 2018.Furthermore cashback shopping doesn’t negate the fact that Lyoness is using newly invested funds to pay existing investors via direct investment in units.

Nowegian authorities maintain its ban of Lyoness, and it is now illegal to promote or participate in the company. https://lottstift.no/en/om-oss/aktuelt/lyoness-must-stop-illegal-pyramid-activtiy-in-norway/That’s nice… but you didn’t actually invest anything. And it doesn’t change the fact that Lyoness has been banned in Italy and fined 3.2 million EU.Unfortunately, there is little evidence that Lyoness and its spinoffs will face serious legal consequences anytime soon—around the world, and particularly in the U.S., such operations have refined legal approaches to concealing the real nature of what they do. By crossing over into crypto, Julian Hosp may have actually increased his vulnerability: the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission has been increasingly aggressive in pursuing cases against ICOs it judges to be unregistered securities. With its past promises of distributing dividends to token holders, TenX may well have placed itself in the regulatory crosshairs.The latest SUCKER Investment has been launched! The GERMAN CUSTOMER CLOUD All Marketers or SME Marketers (Marketers with a valid Loyalty Merchant Agreement), on whose Member ID a purchasing volume of at least €2,000** (paid out) was registered in the current or last production month are eligible to order a maximum amount of 4 or 6 LEDVs. (The value must have been achieved in one of the two production months. All personal purchases as well as purchases from the Marketer’s customers will be evaluated). BE CAREFUL!!

It’s that other part where people can purchase spots in the system that can be considered a pyramid according to my understanding. So I wonder if the people in the US who are simply shopping will continue and just get their cashback. If there is a genuine product in place & the majority of the business’s revenue is generated from retail product sales as opposed to recruiting then as opposed to a pyramid scheme it may be classed as a legal multi-level-marketing program (see my guide pyramid scheme vs MLM) but if the focus is more towards recruiting then it is likely an illegal pyramid scheme. In the instance of Lyoness in my opinion the focus is on recruiting, and that is likely why in Norway the regulatory authorities themselves have actually branded Lyoness a pyramid scheme & banned it within their country.

Oz , in Germany there will be the biggest lyoness scam event ever. 65000 people attending, superstars like Pitbull, tony Robbins etc will be there and until yet no sign of banning it it in gernany. Спряжение pyramid [ˈpɪrəmɪd]Глагол. pyramid / pyramided / pyramided / pyramiding / pyramids

It’s simple….try it out…then really commit and then…only then can you have a valid opinion. If you attempted a half baked effort you will loose! This applies to everything you do! Not complicated…you will fail…very easy not to admit you didn’t do your part. “As a company Lyoness is committed to compliance with consumer laws in every country we operate in. We look forward to continuing to provide a great shopping and loyalty experience for our members and merchants.”Firstly, I think the fact that you are not willing to put your name behind your comment speaks volumes on its own. Secondly, the fact that they have changed their name in an attempt to escape the negative press also speaks volumes about the company… And thirdly, I must ask that if what you say about Lyoness/MyWorld is true, then why are many countries (Italy the latest) banning it entirely? Seems a strange move for countries to light-heartedly make…

The scam is still running today. It has been deemed an illegal pyramid scheme in Norway. Check out cashbackworld.com and report the stores participating Lyoness pyramid scheme (also known as CB Cashback World, Lyconet and recently MyWorld) appears to be gearing up towards launching eCredits. Technical specifications for the eCredits..

So guys. This is my story. I joined. After 5 months I have started earning. It’s not a scheme. This is a fact…Regardless though I think the important point to note from my review here is that “Only three percent of Lyoness members manage to earn over $72/year” – so personally I wouldn’t even bother wasting my time with it. Hope that answers your question though – don’t hesitate to ask if you have any more. ?And the shops who give 3% back means 1% back to you, and you might get 0,5% back from your “discount voucher” money you paid in and it takes forever to get back by letting the shop pay it back.Since this means you will never make any money buying purchasing products, you have to rely on recruiting; since you get a percentage back on those purchases as well.However, the court found that any entitlement was dependent not on the introduction of new members, but from those new members engaging in shopping activity. The ACCC also failed to establish that people could become members only by making down payments.

Before we can even get there, affiliates can’t acquire eCredits at the moment. Lyoness says they are issuing them based on ”priority”.CUSTOMER COMPLAINTS SUMMARY 12 Complaints closed in last 3 years, 4 closed in last year. Advertising/Sales Issues: 3 Delivery Issues: 1 Problems with Product/Services: 8

Map Database > Pyramid 2F. Pyramid 2F (金字塔2F) ..for Lyoness, which has been ruled a pyramid scheme by international authorities. an Austrian discount-shopping service that has been found by several courts to be an illegal pyramid scheme In assessing, we have come to the conclusion that the revenues from Lyoness’ business in Norway mainly depend on the acquisition of participants, and not from the sale or consumption of goods, services or other benefits.

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