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  1. g during the civil rights movement.
  2. Ethos, Pathos and Logos are the 3 main forms of Rhetoric according to Aristotle where as according to him is the ability in each particular case, to see the available means of persuasion
  3. The successful implementation of ethos, pathos, and logos in writing or speech depends on the effectiveness of different rhetorical strategies. There are many different rhetorical strategies (and rhetorical fallacies!) that can strengthen or weaken an argument. A few of the more familiar strategies to students include:
  4. 9. ETHOS, PATHOS, and LOGOS - AS YOU ANALYZE AN ARGUMENT - Ask yourself: • Is the 15. Example of Pathos. 16. Logos appeals to the left side of the audience's brain. The audience finds..
  5. While Aristotle’s three persuasive appeals make appearances throughout the book, there is so much more to Words Like Loaded Pistols. Leith goes into depth regarding the five parts of rhetoric and the three branches of oratory. He also spend considerable time explaining the different figures, also known as the ‘flowers of rhetoric, which can be thought of as the literary weapons you can use in your war of words. If you have an interest in making your own presentations or speeches better, or in understanding the techniques a speaker is using when you are in the audience then this book is definitely worth the read. In the meantime check out our post on Wartime Rhetoric for some inspiration.
  6. Learn how to say "good morning" in Japanese! Even if it's not a mode of persuasion, it's just good manners.
  7. Emotional appeals are extremely effective, but they can be tricky. There may or may not be a place for pathos in your research paper. For example, you may be writing an argumentative essay about the death penalty.

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Ethos, Logos and Pathos: The Structure of a Great Speec

By appealing to our emotions and making us feel sad, this advertisement encourages us to act. That’s a classic use of ethos—it influences our feelings through the one-two punch of sad music and imagery, encouraging us to perform the desired action.To persuade an audience, we typically use a combination of the three rhetorical appeals. In academia, logos and ethos—reasoning and authority—tend to be given more weight than pathos: an academic paper based primarily on pathos, for example, probably wouldn’t be taken seriously. By the same token, if you only present the cold, hard facts, you could quickly lose students’ attention. And if your arguments are overly emotional rather than factual, you could lose your credibility.

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  1. What’s important in this image is the combination of the doctor in the image and the line “doctor recommended.” This doctor might not be famous, but he does have authority, making this an example of ethos.
  2. Seeing a doctor might make you tempted to think the answer is logos, but there’s no appeal to logic here.
  3. The methods of Ethos,Logos and Pathos can hold up strong discussions that can lead to changing ideals. Barkley13 Năm trước +164. Did he just persuade me to use Ethos, Logos, and Pathos
  4. The three modes of persuasion can be used in any form of communication. Next time you write an article, post on social media, record a podcast, or give a presentation at work, remember to use ethos, pathos, and logos to better persuade your audience.

Pathos. Pedantic. Pentameter. Pathos. Pentameter. Persona He called these logos, ethos, and pathos. These three rhetorical appeals are at the heart of Ethos is the appeal to the authority and reputation of the speaker or writer. Let's say you want to know more..

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  1. You can always combine the modes of persuasion with literary devices to make your arguments even stronger!
  2. g (22 pages), 30 Mental Models to Add to Your Thinking Toolbox (6 pages), and a printable Plus Minus Next journal template.
  3. 1 Pathos, Ethos, and Logos. 2 Logos Logos: (LOGIC) Logos refers to any attempt to appeal to the intellect: the logical argument. Yes, these arguments will call upon the writers' credibility and try to..
  4. However, take a look at that statistic. Whether it’s true or not, a hard statistic like that suggests that this ad is using logos to appeal to viewers. You can draw out an argument from there—75% of users lose weight within weeks. You’re a user. Therefore, you will likely lose weight within weeks.

Ethos: appeal to authority

What Is Ethos, Pathos, Logos, and How to Use Rhetoric Means? Ethos, pathos, logos: Check the definitions. These terms are known as the three central categories of rhetoric This is the figure, called paromologia in the Greek, where you concede, or appear to concede, part of your opponent’s point. It turns what is often necessity to advantage, because it makes you look honest and scrupulous, takes the wind out of your opponent’s sails, and allows you to shift the emphasis of the argument in a way finally favorable to you. It’s the equivalent of a tactical retreat, or of the judo fighter using an opponent’s momentum against him. Download do Resumo - 648 - Ethos, Logos, Pathos e o Diálogo Aberto. Neste cenário onde até bom dia leva patada, o que é que podemos fazer para conseguir conviver com quem pensa diferente Bunlar ethos, logos ve pathos adı altındaki şu üç ilkedir. Millet olarak en sevdiğimiz aşama pathos aşaması. Yani diğer bir ifadeyle duygusallığın tavan yaptığı ikna ve etkileme yöntemi

But before we get into the specifics of the three modes, we need to decide on the structure of our argument itself. How? By doing the work required to have an opinion.So if you’re a politician and you’re speaking about reforming the legal system, it’s great to be a lawyer or a judge, but it’s even better to be a lawyer or a judge who comes from the same community as your audience. Between two speakers with identical credentials, the more closely relatable one will win the audience.A great way to enhance students' understanding of effective arguments is to teach the Aristotelian concepts of Ethos, Pathos, and Logos. This requires a basic working knowledge of rhetoric. A key to strong persuasive writing is the ability to dissect and validate, or debunk, the rhetoric of other arguments.By recognizing the tactics of a persuasive argument, students learn to utilize it themselves and recognize these tactics in daily life. One excellent way to teach and review the concepts of ethos, pathos, and pathos is through a storyboard.One of the most famous examples of pathos used in a speech is “I Have a Dream” by Martin Luther King.

Statistics are a huge clue that an argument is using logos. But logos can also just be a logical argument, such as that if plants need water, and it’s hard to remember to water them, you should buy an automatic plant waterer. It makes perfect sense, making you more likely to buy it, rather than changing your habits to remember to water your plants more frequently. SBN - Ethos, Logos, Pathos. Damion Isam. 5 years ago|11 views. PDF Ethos Pathos and Logos The Best of the Advocates Society Journal 1982 X020132004 Free Books From Ancient Greek ἦθος (êthos, character; custom, habit). Cognate to Sanskrit स्वधा (svádhā, habit, custom). (UK) IPA(key): /ˈiːθɒs/. (US) IPA(key): /ˈiːθoʊs/. ethos (plural ethe or ethea or ethoses). The character or fundamental values of a person, people, culture, or movement. (rhetoric)..

Unlike pathos and logos, your ethos as a speaker is primarily established before you speak your first words. For example, either you have expertise about your topic, or you don't. Ethos is about your.. Healthy friendships offer far more than a reliable person to share a beer with. Research shows they can make us healthier, wealthier, happier and overall more successful. Here’s how. *** Is friendship important for our survival? At first glance, the answer isn’t obvious. Other relationships get more play: romantic partners, parents and kids, families, professional […]

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He identified three main methods of rhetoric: ethos (ethics), pathos (emotional), and logos (logic). He also broke rhetoric into types of speeches: epideictic (ceremonial), forensic (judicial) and deliberative.. Ethos, pathos, and logos manifest not only in substance but also in the style a speaker or writer chooses when delivering an argument: choose your words and tone deliberately The structure of a great oral argument has been passed down through the ages, starting with Aristotle. Not only is it an incredibly valuable skill to have, it’s important to know how you’re being persuaded when you’re a part of the audience. So using Sam Leith’s Words Like Loaded Pistols as our guide, let’s discuss Aristotle’s three modes of persuasion: Ethos, Logos, and Pathos.You can even invoke pathos by admitting a wrong. (We all make mistakes…) This can be a clever way to put your opponent off balance.

… the joke can do more than just perk up a drowsing audience. It can be a powerful rhetorical tool. It participates in the pathos appeal inasmuch as it stirs an audience’s emotions to laughter – but more importantly, it participates in the ethos appeal, inasmuch as laughter is based on a set of common assumptions. As Edwin Rabbie argues in ‘Wit and Humour in Roman Rhetoric,’ ‘Jokes usually presuppose (even rest on) a significant amount of shared knowledge.In the following example storyboard, each concept is briefly explained and then shown in action. When students create a definition-example board like this, classroom concepts are reinforced, and students have the chance to demonstrate them creatively.An ethos-based argument will include a statement that makes use of the speaker or writer’s position and knowledge. For example, hearing the phrase, “As a doctor, I believe,” before an argument about physical health is more likely to sway you than hearing, “As a second-grade teacher, I believe.” Under the rubric of teaching students about Pathos, or appeal to emotion, in the Aristotelian Pathos/Ethos/Logos triangle, she briefly described denotation as the literal meaning and connotation..

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Pathos: appeal to emotions

There are two types of ethos: extrinsic (your expertise or experience) and intrinsic (your ability to speak or write). Even if you know the subject matter inside-out, if you mumble, don’t make eye contact and project a lack of confidence, students may question your credibility. Ethos, Pathos, Logos has been proven to work. And now that you fully understand what and how it works, now you can consciously and strategically exploit it to persuade even the most skeptical..

Logos: appeal to reason

Logos. Eating too quickly will result in a stomach ache. Pathos. If you love me, you'd want to make me happy. Ethos. The Surgeon General warns smoking can adversely affect your health. Logos Celebrities are often a dead giveaway that an argument is using ethos. But authority figures, such as doctors, dentists, or politicians, can also be used to appeal to ethos. Even regular, everyday people can work, particularly when combined with pathos, to appeal to you based on a mutual connection you have.By using similitude, the new version builds rapport with the audience, thus increasing the credibility of the speaker as part of the medical community:

Ethos, Pathos, Logos, Kairos: The Modes of Persuasion and How to

  1. Ethos, logos, and pathos are means of persuading others to believe a particular point of view. Read on to discover their meanings and see examples of using these appeals to sway an audience
  2. Ethos, Logos and Pathos. By Shawn Coyne. Ethos is all about the bona fides of the arguer. Does the writer have the character and background to be someone worthy of trust
  3. While you need to take care with the syllogisms you use — false syllogisms can lead to obvious logical fallacies — they can be a powerful tool for helping your audience draw certain conclusions.
  4. In addition to authority figures and celebrities, according to Aristotle, we’re more likely to trust people who we perceive as having good sense, good morals, and goodwill—in other words, we trust people who are rational, fair, and kind. You don’t have to be famous to use ethos effectively; you just need whoever you’re persuading to perceive you as rational, moral, and kind.
  5. By incorporating the visual elements of a storyboard as well as text, even students who struggle creating organized written thoughts can demonstrate mastery of the subject. Additionally, teachers can immediately see and respond to inaccuracies, allowing them to use class time to assess and correct, rather than handing back graded work a day or two later.

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Ultimately, the three modes of persuasion are interconnected. It’s helpful not to think of them in a linear way but more like three overlapping circles. If you can create something with ethos, logos, and pathos peppered throughout, and tie it all into your audience’s belief system, you will have a very strong argument. Ethos. Sim, o termo ética é derivado dessa palavra, o que já é bastante explicativo. Uma redação carregada de empatia (ou pathos) não possui qualidade se não tiver ethos e logos Pathos can also include emotions such as fear and guilt: images of a starving child persuade you to An advertisement using logos will give you the evidence and statistics you need to fully understand..

Though this commercial doesn’t go out of its way to tell you the benefits of M&Ms, it does forge a connection between M&Ms and Christmas, encouraging people to purchase them around the holidays.Need help understanding the historical context for The Great Gatsby to perfect your kairos-based argument? Ethos, Pathos, and Logos. Here are some tricks of the trade - A.K.A. Rhetorical Devices - you can use when trying to bring readers around to your point of view

The most obvious one is to use credentials, either yours or by being introduced by a prominent authority in the field who can vouch for your expertise. The perceived power of credentials is partly why people care so much about their job titles. We tend to unconsciously apply unofficial rubrics to evaluate a person’s credibility based on apparent qualifications. And this is also why a job title may often not be enough to establish your ethos. is that ethos is the character or fundamental values of a person, people, culture, or movement while zeitgeist is the spirit of the age; the taste, outlook, and spirit characteristic of a period Epic, Epic Games, the Epic Games logo, Fortnite, the Fortnite logo, Unreal, Unreal Engine, the Unreal Engine logo, Unreal Tournament, and the Unreal Tournament logo are trademarks or registered..

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Ethos, Pathos, and Logos -- The Three Rhetorical Appeal

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  2. The company Pathos Pro Spearfishing was originally born from Angelos Michalopoulos desire to create an innovative speargun
  3. Improve your language arts knowledge with free questions in Identify appeals to ethos, pathos, and logos in advertisements and thousands of other language arts skills

Classic Logo Long Sleeve - White $34.95. Classic Logo Long Sleeve - Black $34.95. Rainbow Blue Tie Dye Tee $34.95 Logos, pathos, ethos brings you some of the best quotes, speeches, and rhetorical tips. As its name suggests, this multilingual website is inspired by the long-standing European tradition of the art of.. Print. Share to Edmodo Share to Twitter Share other ways. logos/pathos/ethos. by Karen Cameron Suppose that, instead of punishing them, the teacher instead tries to inspire calmness in them by putting on some soothing music and speaking in a more hushed voice. He could also try reminding them that if they get to work, the time will pass quicker and they’ll be able to go outside to play.You may be surprised to learn that much of your life consists of constructing arguments. If you ever plead a case to your parents—in order to extend your curfew or to get a new gadget, for example—you are using persuasive strategies. When you discuss music with friends and agree or disagree with them about the merits of one singer compared to another, you are also using strategies for persuasion.

Take a look at these rhetorical strategies in use:

Anyone can start a Facebook page. Lady Gaga may have 50 different fan pages, and each page may contain duplicate "fans." The fan page argument is probably not very sound (even though it seems logical). Ethos refers to the credibility of the person posing the argument or stating the facts. Green-Eyed Cowboy is Out in the Wild! Logos, Pathos, Ethos, & Awesome Art

If we reverse the claim and say that all women pick their noses, and Kelly is a woman, therefore Kelly must pick her nose, that would be more sound logic. Still not necessarily true—not all women pick their noses—but a more sound example of inductive reasoning. Pathos, logos & ethos. Most people are able to drive a car without fully understanding Ethos, Pathos, and Logos are three strategies commonly employed when attempting to persuade a reader

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The Argument's Best Friends: Ethos, Logos, & Pathos

In high school, the ELA Common Core State Standards require students to develop formal writing skills, creating essays and arguments that are well-thought-out and syntactically varied. They also require students to effectively use persuasive writing strategies to defend a claim or point of view. The modes of persuasion, often referred to as ethical strategies or rhetorical appeals, are devices in rhetoric that classify the speaker's appeal to the audience. They are: ethos, pathos, and logos, and the less-used kairos

Ness Labs provides content, coaching, courses and community to help makers put their minds at work. Apply evidence-based strategies to your daily life, discover the latest in neuroscience research, and connect with fellow curious minds.Aristotle outlines emotional dichotomies in Rhetoric. If an audience is experiencing one emotion and it’s necessary to your argument that they feel another, you can counterbalance the unwanted emotion with the desired one. The dichotomies, expanded upon after Aristotle, are:Think of this as the logic behind your argument. You want your points to seem so straightforward and commanding that your audience can’t conceive of an alternative.

In effect, kairos means choosing the correct rhetorical device to match the audience and space in which you’re attempting to persuade. If you wanted to persuade people to go vegetarian, the middle of a hot dog-eating contest is probably not the right time. Likewise, you’re probably not going to persuade a room of data-driven scientists of something by appealing to pathos or ethos; logos is probably your best bet.Even if you write an academic paper on a topic that is outside your area of expertise, you can improve your credibility—using ethos to persuade—by coming across as a professional by citing credible sources and making your writing error-free and concise. En la retórica de Aristóteles, el pathos, el ethos y el logos son los tres pilares fundamentales. Hoy en día, estas tres categorías son consideradas distintas formas de convencer a una audiencia sobre un.. Active learning techniques range from quick-and-simple interventions to semester-long redesigns of course structure and…

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Reveal Correct Response Spacebar. Ethos, Pathos, Logos. No teams 1 team 2 teams 3 teams 4 teams 5 teams 6 teams 7 teams 8 teams 9 teams 10 teams Custom Finally, you obviously need for your message to make sense—or at least to seem logical. Unfortunately, it is possible to use the three modes of persuasion to convince an audience of something wrong. It’s more evident than ever in today’s world where false information spreads like wildfire by misusing ethos (apparent authority), pathos (emotional storytelling), and logos (superficial logic).Ethos (ηθος) is the use of ‘ethics’ — which, unlike our modern usage of the word, refers to your credibility or authority on a subject. As an instructor, you likely have some inherent Ethos, but you could also draw on the ethos of others, such as citing results from a research paper.

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Because these commercials have been running for such a long time, there’s also a nostalgic attachment to them. Just as people look forward to new Budweiser advertisements during the Super Bowl, others look forward to seeing M&Ms or the Coca-Cola polar bear during the holidays. This site is in no way associated with or endorsed by Webzen Inc.. Read this Ultimate Guide to gain a deep understanding of Bloom's taxonomy, how it has evolved over the decades and how…Ethos is the credibility of the speaker or writer. In order to engage an audience on a particular topic, the person presenting the information must first establish him or herself as someone that can be trusted, or as someone who has a lot of experience with the topic. This is also known as ethics.Pathos is possible, but despite having a heavily made-up model, this ad is far less about sex appeal than the previous one.

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Ethos, Pathos, and Logos | Source. Have you ever wanted to get your way? Perhaps you have an issue about which you are passionate As a master of logical reasoning, Aristotle believed that logos should be the most important of the three modes of persuasion, but he admitted that in reality it’s not enough to use logos only. Does the audience respect you? Does your message evoke emotions? Does it make sense? If you can answer yes to all three questions, you’re well on your way to persuade your audience.

Ethos, Pathos, & Logos are vital skills for speaking & persuasive writing. The Rhetorical Triangle: Ethos, Pathos, Logos. By Katherine Docimo and Kristy Littlehale This ancient art, often employed by writers, advertisers and politicians, can also be used in the classroom to inform, educate and persuade — and help you better connect with students and the material you’re teaching.

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It is more likely people will care about what you have to say if you seem to care. Showing passion and emotion can greatly impact your audience’s mindset.Logos (λογος) is the use of logical argument and empirical evidence to support your point of view. You appeal to students’ sense of reason by drawing upon facts, research, statistics, credible sources and even inherent logic itself.Contact us to book an online walk-through of our platform. We can answer your questions and set up your course on Top Hat.Another important aspect to bolster your credibility is to create a sense of mutual identification with your audience. Between two speakers with the same achievements and credentials, people will tend to trust the one they can connect with at a deeper level.

В профиле THESEUS BLACK в Instagram 3,220 фото и видео Aposiopesis – a sudden breaking off as if at a loss for words – can be intended to stir pathos. And even where something appears merely decorative – a run of alliteration or a mellifluously turned sentence – it serves to commend the speech more easily to memory, and to give pleasure to the audience. Delight is an end, as well as a means.

Ethos, Pathos, Logos . Önceki Winally. İletişim ve Künye The facts provided by the American Lung Association are probably more persuasive than those provided by fan pages since the American Lung Association has been around for more than 100 years. At first glance, you might think that your own credibility is out of your control when it comes to posing academic arguments, but that is incorrect.“We employ rhetoric whether we’re conscious of it or not, but becoming conscious of how rhetoric works can transform speaking, reading, and writing, making us more successful and able communicators and more discerning audiences. The very ordinariness of rhetoric is the single most important tool for teachers to use to help students understand its dynamics and practice them,” according to a paper by The College Board.2 You should become familiar with pathos, logos, and ethos for two reasons: First, you need to An example of an argument that relies on logos is the argument that smoking is harmful based on the..

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Pathos Investigation Ethos is seen by many scholars as the most important of the three appeals (ethos, pathos and logos), both in modern and antique practice. There are different understandings of ethos and pathos, since.. The goal of kairos is to achieve exactly that. Effective use of kairos strengthens your persuasion ability by considering how people are already feeling based on context. How can you influence or counteract that? Or maybe pathos isn’t the right approach—maybe cold hard facts, using logos, is more suited. Kairos works in conjunction with the other modes of persuasion to strengthen your argument, so as you’re putting a persuasive piece together, consider how and when it’ll be deployed!

Study 3 Logos, Pathos, Ethos flashcards from Ashley B. on StudyBlue. Ethos. Credibility, trust. -personal branding -confidence in delivery -cites, credible sources. Pathos An example of an argument that relies on logos is the argument that smoking is harmful based on the evidence that, "When burned, cigarettes create more than 7,000 chemicals. At least 69 of these chemicals are known to cause cancer, and many are toxic," according to the American Lung Association. Notice that the statement above uses specific numbers. Numbers are sound and logical.If an argument tries to change your emotions, whether by making you sad, happy, angry, or something else entirely, it’s a good indicator that it’s using pathos. Sex appeal is one of the biggest examples of pathos in advertising, appearing everywhere from makeup ads to car commercials to hamburger advertisements.If the argument is based on a specific day or context, such as Valentine’s Day or appealing only to a select group of people, such as people with dogs, it’s more likely to be kairos.

Capt. Ajit Vadakayil April 1, 2015 at 8:06 AM. Dr. usha kapuria April 1, 2015 at 7:33 AM oh it is wonderful.You got revealed to me at this very point of time.Your topics are great.My stories also veer.. Ethos, Pathos, Logos Statement Analysis Worksheet KNOWLES 2013 Section A For Section A: Read through the statements and identify which appeal is being used The problem is that we can’t prove that all men eat apples—some do, some don’t. Some might eat an apple once but never again. But based on our arguments, the conclusion that Socrates must eat apples is valid.

When you write a research paper, write a speech, or participate in a debate, you also use the persuasion strategies mentioned above. You come up with an idea (a thesis) and then construct an argument to convince readers that your idea is sound. 1. Pathos 2. Ethos 3. Logos. This seems very accurate to me based on the people of each type that I know of Pathos refers to appealing to a person by influencing his emotions. Pathos is involved in the strategy of convincing the audience by invoking feelings through their own imaginations. You appeal through pathos when you try to convince your parents of something. Consider this statement: Thank you for hinting at Obama's top 10 speeches, according to his speechwriters. Certainly, it would be needed[...]Your use of commonplaces is also a good point to interject pathos, as many of these common beliefs can illicit an emotional response. Let’s dig into pathos.

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While ethos is focused on you, logos is focused on the message, and pathos on the audience. The three modes of persuasion are deeply intertwined and work best when used together.You’ll even see a reverse ethos appeal at times, an attack on an opponent which questions their credentials and trustworthiness and serves to alienate them from the audience. To head that off, it’s best to establish your ethos early on, both to give your attackers more of a challenge and to create a hook for your logos to hang on. Ethos: the source's credibility, the speaker's/author's authority. Logos: the logic used to support a An appeal to pathos is an appeal to emotions. For example: Ethos: 75% of the people present were near..

Customized learning experiences, diverse content delivery mechanisms and data leveraged to improve student outcomes will…Another example would be that Kelly picks her nose. Kelly is a woman, therefore all women must pick their nose.

Keywords: logos, ethos, pathos, rhetoric, rhetorical analysis, persuasive, argumentation, persuasion, argument. Instructional Component Type(s): Lesson Plan, Unit/Lesson Sequence, Worksheet.. The ad seems pretty intent on making us look at certain things—the woman’s lips and chest in particular. What is it trying to make us feel?In essence, kairos asks you to consider the context and atmosphere of the argument you’re making. How can you deploy your argument better considering time and space? Should you wait, or is time of the essence?The three rhetorical appeals — ethos, pathos, logos — were defined by Aristotle hundreds of years ago, but they’re just as relevant today as in ancient times.Your audience needs to know (or to believe, which in rhetoric adds up to the same thing) that you are trustworthy, that you have a locus standi to talk on the subject, and that you speak in good faith. You need your audience to believe that you are, in the well-known words, ‘A pretty straight kind of guy.’

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Ethos, pathos, logos, and kairos all stem from rhetoric—that is, speaking and writing effectively. You might find the concepts in courses on rhetoric, psychology, English, or in just about any other field!This pricing structure is only available to academic institutions. Storyboard That accepts purchase orders.An everyday example of an appeal to logos is the argument that Lady Gaga is more popular than Justin Bieber because Gaga's fan pages collected 10 million more Facebook fans than Bieber's. As a researcher, your job is to find statistics and other facts to back up your claims. When you do this, you are appealing to your audience with logic or logos. The three rhetorical appeals — pathos, ethos, logos — were defined by Aristotle hundreds of years ago, but Cicero, a Roman master of rhetoric and of the rhetorical modes of pathos, ethos and logos Though you may not have heard the term before, ‘ethos’ is a common concept. You can think of it as an appeal to authority or character—persuasive techniques using ethos will attempt to persuade you based on the speaker’s social standing or knowledge. The word ethos even comes from the Greek word for character.And it all starts with knowing your audience. What makes them tick? What do they value? What beliefs do they hold? In order to construct a convincing argument and persuade people to think in a different way, you not only need to know what your point is, you need to know who you want to persuade. Only then, you can use the three modes of persuasion to appeal to authority, emotions, and logic.

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