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  2. Apparently this very same technology will be used to "transition our community to next-gen faster and more seamlessly than ever before", particularly when it comes to backwards compatibility for PS4 games. 
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  4. "Even though it will be fairly fast to boot games, we don't want the player to have to boot the game, see what's up, boot the game, see what's up", says Cerny.  "Multiplayer game servers will provide the console with the set of joinable activities in real time. Single-player games will provide information like what missions you could do and what rewards you might receive for completing them—and all of those choices will be visible in the UI. As a player you just jump right into whatever you like."
  5. Because more simplified game data is possible through the use of an SSD, the way that game downloads work will differ from the PlayStation 4. On the PS5, downloads will be more configurable, and parts even removable. "Rather than treating games like a big block of data," Cerny said, "we're allowing finer-grained access to the data."
  6. Similar to the "texture packs" PC gamers have been concocting for years, remastering by emulation could serve as a cost-efficient way to improve the graphics quality of older titles without remaking them from the ground up. Sure, it's a stretch to say this equates to the ability to play our PS4, PS3, PS2 and PS1 games on PS5, but even so, we can see how it would be interpreted as such. 

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Yani aslında PlayStation 5'in tam olarak hangi yeni özelliklerle birlikte geleceğini bilmiyoruz. Bu bilinmeyenlerin ortadan kalkması için Sony Mayıs ayında PlayStation 5'i resmen tanıtabilir As such, while we think it fair to say that the Xbox Series X will, from what we've heard in the next-gen console rumour mill, will technically have the most impressive specs of the next-gen consoles, the difference will actually be very minor and, in the grand scheme of things, won't make that much difference anyway.

Graphical Processing Units, or GPUs are up next. The PS5 GPU needs to be backwards-compatible with PlayStation 4 games, which it can do thanks to some awesome work from AMD. It is a custom RDNA 2 chip from AMD, which is optimised for performance. We have our own needs for PlayStation, says Cerny, and AMD helped with this when working on PS5.Whatever games we see, they're likely to break new ground in terms of realism and detail, thanks to the extra power of the PS5 and advances in software design. Those in the know say we're not far off having games that look as good as the best Hollywood blockbusters, and that get rendered in real time.Created Dec 14, 2010Filter by flair Mod Post OfficialArticle or BlogOpinionFan MadeDiscussionVideoSpeculationQuestionSOONYAs we inch our way closer and closer to new information, the release date and more from Sony. Let's not forget, too, that Mark Cerny himself has confirmed that the original PSVR headset will be compatible with the PS5.

PlayStation 5 para PS5. Todas las noticias, videos gameplay, imágenes, fecha de lanzamiento PS5 o PlayStation 5 es un hipotético hardware de entretenimiento o consola en desarrollo por parte. That doesn't mean Sony won't dabble in it though – it's partnered with an unlikely ally in Microsoft to work on next-generation streaming services. Expect a 'Netflix-for-games' platform to be among your options when the PS5 comes out. A cloud-based new PSP is also rumoured to debut as a companion console.We may know the console's design for sure on June 4. A recent report suggests that Sony has a full reveal event planned for early June, where Sony would reveal both the PS5's final design and its initial game lineup. This would sync up pretty well with what the company may have initially planned to do around E3 2020, before the show was canceled due to ongoing public health concerns.At CES 2020, Sony revealed the official PS5 logo, and as you can see above, it's not exactly much of a surprise. It's exactly the same as the PS3 and PS4 logos, but with a rather slick five at the end. 

"Even though it will be fairly fast to boot games, we don't want the player to have to boot the game, see what's up, boot the game, see what's up," Cerny said. "Multiplayer game servers will provide the console with the set of joinable activities in real time. Single-player games will provide information like what missions you could do and what rewards you might receive for completing them—and all of those choices will be visible in the UI. As a player you just jump right into whatever you like." PlayStation 5 uscirà nel 2020 a 499$, sì a retrocompatibilità e supporto 8K: le caratteristiche della nuova PS5. Tutto quello che c'è da sapere sulla prossima console Sony The PlayStation 5 will replace the PS4 and its slightly more powerful version of the PS4 Pro as well. Several industry experts have already weighed in on how powerful the upcoming PlayStation 5 is

Learn more. Next-generation. PlayStation 5: News, price, specs, rumors, and everything we While development on the PlayStation 5 has likely been going on for years, Sony has officially confirmed.. Best Xbox One games 2020: awesome Xbox games to play These are the best Xbox One games to play today. Fill your collection with great Xbox games Sony PlayStation 5 News, rumors, prices, release date, game news. All your latest PS5 information We recently got our first peek at PS5 live gameplay, thanks to an Unreal Engine V demo entitled Nanite in the Land of Lumen. While this was just a tech demo, not an actual title slated to come out, it showed us how at least one developer will leverage the PS5's powerful hardware for dynamic lighting and complex polygons. See the video below:

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According to a report from the Financial Times, sources familiar with Sony's plans have stated that the PlayStation 5 "might not represent a major departure from the PS4, and that the fundamental architecture would be similar." Mark Cerny, lead system architect of the console, went on to confirm as much in his interview with Wired. Play it on PlayStation. The biggest names of the gaming world come alive on PS4. Only on PlayStation. Exclusive games take you on incredible journeys, from critically acclaimed indies to..

PlayStation 5 rumors have circulated for years. Here's everything you need to know about the PS5, including games, internal specs, and potential new features Briefly, everyone’s ears are shaped somewhat differently, and that affects how our brains process sound. HRTF maps out an individual’s hearing based on a sound’s frequency, direction and volume. Running on a PlayStation 5, it was all real-time footage, captured while someone actually Epic Games just showcased the first real-time gameplay footage of PlayStation 5, and it looks extraordinary But what of PlayStation VR? In case there were any doubts, Mark Cerny confirmed PS5 compatibility for the original PSVR unit in his interview with Wired. However, he stopped short of suggesting a next-generation PlayStation VR headset is in the works. 

Cerny has also said, "VR is very important to us and that the current PSVR headset is compatible with the new console."Sony has patented a new, wireless VR headset however you should still not expect this headset at launch alongside the PlayStation 5. The PlayStation 5 (PS5) is an upcoming home video game console developed by Sony Interactive Entertainment. Announced as the successor to the PlayStation 4 in 2019.. ..ps, playstation plus trends in Consumer Electronics, Replacement Parts & Accessories, Computer & Office, Cellphones & Telecommunications with Sony Playstation 5 Pro and game storage, ps5, ps..

Also, based on a slip of the tongue from a Horizon Zero Dawn voice actor, it sounds as though a sequel to that PS4 smash hit is on the way. Horizon Zero Dawn 2 could well be one of the tentpole titles that launches alongside the PlayStation 5. A God of War sequel might well show up too.Having previously said that there will be no PS5 before May 2020, Sony has now confirmed that the PlayStation 5 is going to arrive in November or December 2020 – just in time for the holiday shopping season. A recent leak claiming PS5 was coming in October 2020 was quickly shot down by Sony. Respected Sony analyst Hideki Yasuda has previously pegged the launch date of the PS5 as November 2020.

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Also, in a recent Wired article, PS5 architect Mark Cerny (the man also responsible for leading work on the PlayStation 4) gave us a bumper of info about the upcoming PS5 specs, alongside hints about what we can expect from the PS5 price.  【速報】PlayStation 5のスペック詳細が公開. 1 ヶ月, 2 週間. ソニーがPS5の「技術解説動画」を3月19日の深夜1 PlayStation Will Not Be at E3 2020 - IGN Now In April, Sony unveiled its new DualSense controller, a curved, ergonomic replacement to the classic DualShock design. The two-tone controller presumably reflects Sony's as-yet-unrevealed final PS5 design, and concept artists have been having fun creating PS5 renders that match the gamepad's slick aesthetics.

The GPU, which is a custom variant of Radeon's Navi family, will support ray tracing, which is a huge win for Sony. Ray tracing is a rendering technique that models how light travels and interacts with virtual objects. Wired notes that this is something Hollywood employs in big-budget movies, but it has not made its way to any video games consoles yet (although it's becoming more common with PC games). Find Playstation 5 News Articles, Video Clips and Photos, Pictures on Playstation 5 and see more latest updates, news, information on Playstation 5. 'Playstation 5'- 28 Story Search Result(s)

The second innovation is something we call adaptive triggers, which have been incorporated into the trigger buttons (L2/R2). Developers can program the resistance of the triggers so that you feel the tactile sensation of drawing a bow and arrow or accelerating an off-road vehicle through rocky terrain. In combination with the haptics, this can produce a powerful experience that better simulates various actions. PlayStation 5 (PS5) is an upcoming developed by Sony Interactive Entertainment. On April 16, 2019, In an interview with Wired, system architect Mark Cerny revealed that he has been working on a successor to PlayStation 4 for almost four years According to Sony, the PlayStation 5 will officially launch in Holiday 2020. That will put it right up against Xbox Series X. 

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Sony's PlayStation 5 is coming out later this year and on this page we'll tell you everything you need to know about the console Sony's upcoming PlayStation 5 looks like it might be a mother of a console, a report from Wired indicated this morning. Featuring a solid state drive and—yes!—backwards compatibility with the.. A separate alleged look at the PS5's interface made the rounds on 4chan (and later on Reddit) earlier in January, with larger app and menu icons. However, this UI is believed to be that of the PS5 dev kits that have been showing up in leaked images left and right, and likely isn't indicative of how the final PS5 interface will look.In April 2020, Sony officially took the wraps of DualSense: a radically redesigned PlayStation controller that will accompany the PS5. While DualSense has a familiar button layout and brings back the touchpad from the DualShock 4, its two-toned black-and-white design looks nothing like any PlayStation controller before it.

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PlayStation 5 çıkış tarihi netleşmeye başladı. Sony yeni nesil oyun konsolunu önümüzdeki ay resmen tanıtacak! Ana sayfa Oyun PlayStation 5 çıkış tarihi ve fiyatı This was a real broadside blow to Microsoft's Xbox Series X, which got lambasted for hosting a much-hyped "gameplay trailer" stream mostly consisting of in-engine cinematics. Epic Games' Tim Sweeney reassuring gamers this was how next-gen consoles would look in action felt like a subtle jab to Microsoft. The biggest changes and advancements are found on the inside of the DualSense. The high points are:  Though you shouldn't expect a new VR headset to launch alongside the PlayStation 5, Sony has big plans for virtual reality going forward. Sony Global Head of R&D for PlayStation Dominic Mallinson wants the next headset to be lighter, easier to put on, and have fewer cables. A fully wireless headset is difficult to put on the market right now because it would be more expensive for consumers, but he believes that is the way the market is trending.

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The PlayStation 5 will adapt haptic vibration that will change based on the activity in the game. But it's nice to know I can officially start calling it PlayStation 5, which I was doing anyway Die PlayStation 5 kommt zu Weihnachten 2020 auf den Markt. +++ PS5 im News-Ticker +++: Microsoft will Preis der PlayStation 5 offenbar unbedingt unterbieten

There's good news for cross-platform compatibility too: Sony exec Shawn Layden has said that we're heading into a post-console world, where devices from Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo are more tightly integrated than ever before.The PS5 is a little less mysterious than before, thanks to a live stream from Sony On March 18. Mark Cerny, a lead systems architect at Sony, hosted a talk today that walked users through some of the salient points of the PS5’s hardware. The lecture was rather technical in nature — to the chagrin of some fans who were hoping for a more straightforward reveal event — but it did give us some solid information about how the PS5 might perform, and the hardware in place to make that performance possible.The PS5 is packing a custom 3D audio unit. Tempest 3D AudioTech is the official name for the idea, and the hardware is called the Tempest Engine. 

Some PC headsets already feature 3D audio, but eventually, Cerny wants the PS5 to deliver 3D audio, regardless of platform: TV speakers, headset or soundbar. The key to 3D audio lies in Head Related Transfer Function, or HRTF.New games like Ubisoft's Gods And Monsters are set to take advantage of the PS5's massive solid-state drives.

As far as when we'll learn about these games, E3 2020 was a good bet, up until organizers canceled the event due to health concerns. Daniel Ahmad, an analyst in the games industry, now believes that Sony may reveal a launch lineup sooner than originally anticipated. Since E3 was scheduled to take place on June 9, Sony could reveal a master list of games sometime within the next month — or it could continue to reveal PS5 components piecemeal in the meantime. Sony PlayStation 5. Consoles • 2020. Où acheter le Sony PlayStation 5 au meilleur prix ? Il n'y a pas d'offres pour le moment A big part of that GPU setup will be support for 8K resolutions and ray tracing in PS5 games. The latter is a technology that greatly improves the visual fidelity in games, as it mimics the way light moves and bounces from object to object, particularly reflective surfaces, and refraction through water, other liquids and glass. Given the proper optimizations, games could exhibit more realistic lighting and shadows as a result. In that same Wired interview, Cerny went on to say ray tracing isn't just about visuals, as it can yield audio enhancements for players and developers alike.

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The Share button, which Microsoft has kept, has been scrapped in favour of a “Create” button. No details have been released on what the Create functionality actually does, but most pundits report it'll be an extension of the Share feature, perhaps with in-built editing tools for social gamers and streamers to take advantage of. It's almost time: the PS5 and the Xbox Series X will finally be available to the general public later this year. The PS5 has been shrouded in secrecy for so long, we're desperate for any information we can get on Sony's console. 

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"It's tempting to add more, but flash certainly doesn't come cheap, and we have a responsibility to our gaming audience to be cost-effective when it comes to what we put in the console."When pressed on whether that means it will cost more than the PS4's launch price, he wouldn't give any further details, simply saying "that's about all I can say about it". 

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  1. The user interface on the PlayStation 4 is fast and works well, but it's also static and can not provide a ton of information. The PS5 is set to change this.
  2. PlayStation 5 oyun konsolu için oyuncuların bekleyişi devam ediyor. Oyunseverlerin merakla beklediği PlayStation 5 oyun konsolunun çıkış tarihi merakla araştırılıyor
  3. This means that players could choose to download either the single-player or multiplayer portion of a game depending on what they wanted to play, or they could download the entire game and delete one part of it, like the single-player.

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A sizeable chunk of new PlayStation 5 is upon us, including confirmation of the official name, a holiday 2020 release window and more details about the.. A patent has also led people to believe that the next PlayStation may offer backward compatibility with PS3, PS2, and even original PlayStation games. The patent appears to be for an emulation software that would allow the PS5 to mimic older consoles through the use of multiple processors. At this time however, PS3, PS2 and original PlayStation support remains unconfirmed. (Image credit: Sony) As the PS5 draws closer and closer, Sony continues to unveil the system in bits and pieces. Previously, we knew about its holiday 2020 launch, its impressive 8-core processors, its ray tracing capabilities and its ambitious SSDs. If the system works as advertised, it could drastically reduce load times while displaying more lifelike graphics than ever before. The Reddit home for PlayStation 5. Your hub for everything related to PS5 including games, news, reviews, discussion, questions, videos, and.. The PS4 hit shelves on November 15, 2013, and we expect Sony's console to arrive in stores around a similar fall window in 2020.

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  1. HTC Vive Cosmos review: the premium headset that could make you a VR believer
  2. In March 2020, a Facebook post from Canadian game retailer Play N Trade Vancouver suggests that the PS5 could cost around $396, which would be shockingly low given previous price reports. However, its possible that Play N Trade is taking pre-orders at a placeholder price, and will adjust accordingly when Sony announces an official MSRP.
  3. In the GDC-style presentation from Sony's Mark Cerny, he said the company has chosen to go with an 825GB SSD internal hard drive to try and keep costs low for the next-gen console, stating that:
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  1. Playstation 5 släpps år 2020 - allt om Sonys nya konsol. Bekräftat: Då släpps Playstation 5. Många har spänt gått och väntat på ett lanseringsdatum - nu har det äntligen kommit
  2. g and cloud technology together. Apparently Sony aims to use the "new partnerships to achieve growth and scale faster than ever before". 
  3. The TL;DR version is that it'll be backwards compatible with PS4; will have a disc drive; it's been in development for over four years; a number of studios are already working on PS5 games; it'll boast 8K graphics and support for ray tracing; and under the hood will be a custom made AMD CPU and GPU. All that, combined with the new information means there's actually quite a lot we do know now about the PS5, so here we go:
  4. It's admittedly disconcerting to think a next-generation console could be running on three-year-old hardware by the time it comes out. Fortunately, in June of last year, a few industry sources speaking with Forbes contributor Jason Evangelho emerged under the guise of anonymity to clear up some of the erroneous reports surrounding what's really under the hood of the PS5. Their forecast? At least for its graphics, the PS5 is going to harness the power of the last-generation Zen CPU architecture in conjunction with AMD's freshly revealed Navi graphics architecture. 
  5. Others have speculated — and Sony itself even indicated as much — that the company is waiting to see what Microsoft will price the Xbox Series X at before committing to a price for the PlayStation 5.
  6. Guerrilla Games, the team behind the Killzone franchise and Horizon Zero Dawn, appears to be working on a new PS5 title. A hastily deleted job posting on Twitter suggested that Guerrilla is on the lookout for a senior AI programmer focusing on "[making] our NPCs come to life." Whether this is a sequel to an existing Guerrilla game, or a new IP, or simply a job posting fluke, we'll have to wait and see.
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  1. We still don't have exact number details on the PlayStation 5 specs, but we'll keep you updated on all new info. Here's how it stacks up against the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 4 Pro based on what we know so far.
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  3. It has SPU-like architecture and GPU parallelism, meaning it can deal with complex audio processing and, crucially, can generate 3D audio affects for all gamers, regardless of how they are listening (headphones, soundbar, TV speakers etc).
  4. All things Playstation 5 all in one place. Learn about the Price, Specs, Games, Pictures and all things relating to the Playstation 5 here at the original and ultimate PS5 resource
  5. Aside from tech details, all we know right now that Sony's next-gen console is arriving sometime in the 'Holiday 2020' period, and a little about the unique specs and hardware that it'll bring with it, we're a little scarce on the specifics that really matter - aka price, games and what the PS5 design will be. However, it's interesting that the official Sony PS5 webpage is now live, as it makes us think something is happening soon.
  6. Son dakika PlayStation 5 haberlerini buradan takip edebilirsiniz. En son PlayStation 5 haberleri anında burada
  7. g for a 560-by-1,440 resolution with the PS5's new headset, alongside a 120-hertz refresh rate, and a 220-degree field of view. 
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Based on comments made by a former PlayStation boss, we're going to see physical discs remain part of the console experience for the next generation of hardware. According to the CEO of Ubisoft, we're going to see one more generation of traditional consoles before everything switches to the cloud. Cerny’s lecture on “revolution” was one of the most technically complex of his talk, focusing on the PS5’s custom RDNA2 AMD GPU, and the physical construction of the PS5’s CPU. The short version is that the control unit (CU) on the PS5 is 62% larger than the PS4’s, largely due to the amount of transistors present. This means the PS5’s CPU will be able to route more processes, more efficiently.While it’s not possible for the PS5 to account for every single individual’s HRTF (at least not at launch), Sony mapped out five different standardized HRTF profiles, and users will be able to select the one that best matches their preferences. If the HRTF is close to a user’s ear structure, he or she will hear sounds as though they were happening in real life, all around them, rather than coming from a speaker.

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For PS4 they tried to model for a worst case scenario in terms of heat and power draw. This works if the console is quiet and cool while playing, and doesn't if it is hot and loud. PlayStation 5 Still Set for Holiday 2020, Software Development Remains on Track. Software development for first-party have encountered no major issues

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The folks at Gizmodo were sent images of the alleged PS5 dev kit, which are reportedly identical to the patent images that have been circulating for months. What's more, the report claims that both the PS5 and Xbox Series X will pack integrated cameras for hassle-free livestreaming. Our approach to moderation will start loose at first and tighten up the more information is shared and the closer we get to the PS5 launch day.

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"With every new console, the processor and graphics get better, which is, of course, compelling, but we need to have unique elements too", explained Ryan in an interview with Business Insider. Apparently many of these "bigger differences" between PS5 and PS4 haven't yet been announced. Share All sharing options for: Sony confirms PlayStation 5 name, holiday 2020 release date. Sony has confirmed that its next-generation console will be called the PlayStation 5, and it'll be out next.. PS5 (or PlayStation 5) is the next-generation PlayStation, with a release date planned for late A recent report by Bloomberg claims that Sony will not be making as many PlayStation 5 consoles for..

Gamer Dan Kuhl showed off a system he had built in the PS4 creation game Dreams based off what has been widely reported as the PlayStation 5 devkit. The devkit first emerged in a Sony patent last year, and since then has been used as the basis for many concept renders and console designs. The most famous devkit render comes courtesy of LetsGoDigital. It's kind of shaped like a Roman numeral V for 5, so make of that what you will.News must be relevant. Articles, blogs and videos about news must have content beyond rehashing the news - they should have their own opinions or thoughts behind them.The Sony PS5 is going to support external hard disc drives. Cerny also confirms that the Sony PS5 will support modular M2 SSD drives, meaning people can increase their storage. These SSDs need to be as fast as the stock PS5 SSD though to work, so 5.5GB/s. M2 PCIe 4.0 SSDs are coming that support up to 7GB/s. However, Cerny says don't buy an M2 drive until later in the year to ensure compatibility. 

Mark Cerny confirmed PS5 will be able to run "almost all" PS4 games, confirming the new console will be backwards compatible to some extent. This means you won't have to throw out all your PS4 discs when your shiny new console turns up. However, it's based on PS5 not being able to incorporate the entirety of the PS4 architecture, so the games that won't run on the new console remain a mystery.As far as release date and games, we don’t have any more information than we did before. But this deep dive was a promising start, and could mean a substantially better moment-to-moment experience than the PS4 offers.

ABC Журнал. Статьи. Ждать PlayStation 5 или брать PlayStation 4 Pro Community posts that share your captures from your games or created content that is relevant to the PlayStation ecosystem. Sharing your creations are welcomed, but excessive self-promotion or posting with the intent to earn or gain anything is not. I'm the lady in charge of GamesRadar, but also getting all the reviews up on the website, so you can thank me for all those shining stars – or blame me for a lack of them. I also spend my time working my SEO magic to try and coax the Google Juice to flow in our favour.(It’s worth noting that in practice, load times are dependent on more than simply how fast a console can parse data, but if the PS5 can halve load times rather than increasing them tenfold, that will still have a big impact on how players go through games.)In the Road to PS5 developer talk, Mark Cerny said that out of the 100 most played PS4 games, the majority of them would be playable at launch. Sony later clarified this statement, noting that most of the 4,000-plus PS5 games should be ready by the console's release. However, the jury's still out on whether the PS5 will play games from older PlayStation generations, as was rumored several months ago.

The PS5 controller, AKA the DualSense, is the successor to the DualShock line. Sony abruptly revealed the controller in April after months of rumors and patents hinting at its functionality, and the DualSense lines up with a lot of what we've heard.  Playstation 5 modelleri, Playstation 5 özellikleri ve markaları en uygun fiyatları ile GittiGidiyor'da Both Cerny and PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan have stated that the PlayStation 5 will be backward compatible. Ryan even went so far as to see that the company plans to offer cross-generational play, where players can start a game on PS4, pick up where they left off on PS5, and hop back to PS4 if they wish. An official PlayStation 5 event took us under the hood on the PS5's specs and features, livestreamed on the In the PlayStation 5 specs reveal below, first broadcast in March 2020, lead system.. However, bit by bit, Sony has been revealing its PS5 secrets. An official PlayStation 5 event took us "under the hood" on the PS5's specs and features, livestreamed on the PlayStation Blog and YouTube. 

A report found on the PlayStation website revealed a series of slides presented by Sony CEO Jim Ryan at the very same aforementioned corporate strategy event the gameplay load times were shown off at. These slides focus on the company's long and short term future when it comes to PlayStation, and confirmed that PS5 streaming will go hand-in-hand with physical discs and digital downloads as a way to experience games going forward. The deck outlined "a massively enhanced PlayStation community where enriched and shared PlayStation experiences can be seamlessly enjoyed independent of time and place - with or without a console". Sony confirmed to Wired that the PS5 UI is getting "completely revamped" from what we know and love of the PS4's version. The idea is to give you instant access to what single-player missions you could do, or what multiplayer matches you could join without even having to boot up the game. One of the controller's big USPs is the haptic feedback technology, which allows the triggers to become more or less resistant depending on which in-game tasks you're using it for. Elsewhere, the controller has been made lighter and the rechargeable battery will be able to go for longer. 

The PS5 is going to be in direct competition with the Xbox Series X, which is coming also in Holiday 2020, and know we even know what it looks like. Your turn, Sony. Interestingly, PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan states that there's a lot more news to come about the PS5. He said that the console has a number of "unique elements" that'll make it stand out from its predecessors that have yet to be announced. On PS5 Sony has gone a different direction. It has a variable frequency strategy, which means the CPU and GPU are permanently run in boost mode, but the frequency changes. This means the power draw doesn't change, so the PS5 is always running at maximum capacity: as such, Sony doesn't need to guess at the worst case scenario in terms of power draw in games going forward.In practice, that seems to be the way things are working out, too. Cerny explained that the developers have tested the PS5 with the top 100 PS4 games (based on playtime), and discovered that most of them work beautifully. At launch, most of those 100 games will be playable. However, Cerny didn’t detail which games would get left out. He also didn’t elaborate on whether every PS4 game would be compatible until proven otherwise, or whether Sony would manage which games get the backwards compatibility treatment first.A Sony patent discovered in August 2019 could give us a clue about the PS5's potential design. The patent images show what looks like a chunky game console, complete with a slew of USB ports, a disc drive, and a unique V-shaped chassis that could help keep the system cool.  The PlayStation 5 will be coming at the end of the year, competing with the new Xbox Series X. Both represent the next step in gaming. This feature collates everything revealed about the PS5 so far..

This prediction lines up with a February 2020 report from Bloomberg, which claims that the PS5 will cost more than the PS4 did at launch due to expensive components such as DRAM and flash memory. Speaking to Bloomberg, Macquarie Capital analyst Damian Thong estimates that the PS5 price will land around $470.To that end, there are two key innovations with the PlayStation 5's new controller. First, we're adopting haptic feedback to replace the "rumble" technology found in controllers since the 5th generation of consoles. With haptics, you truly feel a broader range of feedback, so crashing into a wall in a race car feels much different than making a tackle on the football field. You can even get a sense for a variety of textures when running through fields of grass or plodding through mud.However, according to a US patent filed by Sony Interactive Entertainment and spotted by GearNuke, there is reason to believe the PS5 will offer games from the entire PlayStation bloodline. The patent, called "Remastering by emulation," appears to indicate a new method of implementing high-resolution art assets into legacy software "on the fly."

For a more specific idea of the PS5 release date, a new rumour has pegged the console's launch down for November 20 of next year, simultaneously stating that it'll be selling for the day one price of $499 in the United States. For comparison, the PS4's initial cost was $399, which brings us nicely onto our next point...However, considering that Sony is currently exploring and developing blockchain technology, a technology that has gaming applications, the PS5 could also usher in a new age of second hand digital game sales and trades. The idea that a gamer could lend or trade a digitally purchased  game licence is really exciting to us here at T3, and could finally help the industry move on from physical media.The more powerful PlayStation 4 Pro, on the other hand, launched with a price of £349.99/$399.99, matching the original PS4 on that score – though you can now get all kinds of bundle offers and discounts on various flavours of the PS4 console.The PS4 found big success by undercutting the Xbox One at launch with its $399 price tag, but the PS5 might not be quite as affordable. In his quarterly forecast (as reported by Twinfinite), Ace Research Institute analyst Hideki Yasuda predicts that the system will launch for $499, which is $100 more than what the PS4 and PS4 Pro sold for at launch.

Ray tracing doesn't just deliver visual benefits, though, according to Cerny. "If you wanted to run tests to see if the player can hear certain audio sources or if the enemies can hear the players' footsteps, ray tracing is useful for that," he said. "It's all the same thing as taking a ray through the environment."In fact, some older rumours suggest you'll be able to play any existing PlayStation game for any of the PS consoles, although that's looking increasingly unlikely. Sony itself has confirmed that PS4 gamers will be able to play against PS5 gamers too, so you can stay friends with players who haven't yet upgraded. As Sony confirmed before, DualSense will have haptic feedback and adaptive triggers, which will provide realistic, tactile rumble to simulate the feel of, say, driving through mud or firing a bow and arrow. The controller's Share button has been replaced by a new Create button, which Sony says will provide even more ways to capture and share your favorite gameplay moments. E3 has given us a host of other upcoming titles that are likely to make it to Sony's next-generation games console: The Elder Scrolls 6, the intriguing-sounding Starfield, and Beyond Good & Evil 2.

COVID-19 has caused untold devastation around the globe, with entire industries shutting down in the wake of the virus. Here's how coronavirus is affecting the tech industry.One bright spot, at least, is that the PS5 will offer both PS4 Pro and regular PS4 compatibility modes, so games that were optimized for the PS4 Pro will not get left behind.Jennifer Locke has been playing video games nearly her entire life. If a controller's not in her hands, she's busy writing about everything PlayStation. You can find her obsessing over Star Wars and other geeky things on Twitter @JenLocke95.Perhaps we will never achieve the purest form of this video game vision. At least not for years to come. But it seems plausable that now more than ever we may get a chance at attempting such a game with the upcoming consoles.The PS5's custom chips has the logic and feature set that the PS4 and PS4 Pro used, meaning that backwards compatibility is definitely in the new console.They tested the top 100 games played on PS4 by play time and they all ran perfectly on PS5. That's great news!

Cerny thought that for the PS5 launch, it was important to balance the concepts of evolution — backwards compatibility and familiarity for developers — and revolution — new features and higher efficiency.Comments from Sony Chief Executive Officer Kenichiro reported by the Wall Street Journal suggest that the PS5 will focus on top-tier AAA games rather than indie titles in an attempt to appeal to hardcore gamers – though we hope  both blockbusters and indies will be supported by the console.This patent isn't the only sign we have that backward compatibility for older PlayStation games is on its way, either. A more recently discovered Japanese patent describes a technique that enables Sony hardware to "determine whether an application is a legacy application or not," and was actually authored by PS5 lead architect Mark Cerny. Moreover, the patent examines the potential for putting imitation legacy chipsets inside newer hardware. In doing so, Sony could avoid the obstructive hurdles that often thwart emulation efforts. However, we've had several readers contact us to mention Danish gamers pay premiums for technology, meaning the price may not be reflective of the final product. As such, the big question is whether Sony can hit the £449.99/$499.99 price point or lower with the PlayStation 5. We also wouldn't be shocked to see a version of The Elder Scrolls VI and Cyberpunk 2077 land on Sony's next-generation hardware. And since they release like clockwork, expect new Madden, NBA 2K and FIFA titles around the PS5's launch window.

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